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Author Das (2004)
Title Roles of conformational and positional adaptability in structure-based design of TMC125-R165335 (etravirine) and related non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors that are highly potent and effective against wild-type and drug-resistant HIV-1 variants.
Citation J Med Chem
SelectedGene RT
SelectedType Lab
NumIsolates 6
Lab Parent Strain LAI

Lab RT Isolates (including Susceptibility Data)

IsolateNRTIDRMsNNRTIDRMsMethodDrugFold Res.
100I  L100I Antivirogram DLV 220 
     Antivirogram EFV 38 
     Antivirogram ETR 3.0 
     Antivirogram NVP 7.5 
103N  K103N Antivirogram DLV 106 
     Antivirogram EFV 39 
     Antivirogram ETR 1.0 
     Antivirogram NVP 29 
106A  V106A Antivirogram DLV 140 
     Antivirogram ETR 2.0 
     Antivirogram NVP 28 
181C  Y181C Antivirogram DLV 84 
     Antivirogram EFV 2.0 
     Antivirogram ETR 7.0 
     Antivirogram NVP 63 
188L  Y188L Antivirogram DLV 12 
     Antivirogram EFV 140 
     Antivirogram ETR 5.0 
     Antivirogram NVP 79 
190A  G190A Antivirogram DLV 1.0 
     Antivirogram EFV 11 
     Antivirogram ETR 1.0 
     Antivirogram NVP 41