Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.


Author Aulicino (2005)
Title Sequence analysis of a south American HIV type 1 BC recombinant.
Citation ARHR
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 1
NumPts 1
Subtype C


Clinical IN Isolates

ARE195FL ARE195FL None   F121L D25E, V31I, S39N, L45I, M50I, H78R, L101I, T112V, K136Q, K160N, R199G, V201I, Q214H, T218I, L234I, I251L, A265V, R269K, D278A, V281M H16R, S57I, A76APST, A91P, S123I, T124D, R187T, D207H, E212E*KQ, K240I