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Author Adojaan (2005)
Title Predominance of a rare type of HIV-1 in Estonia.
Citation JAIDS
SelectedGene IN
SelectedSpecies HIV1
SelectedGroup M
SelectedType Clinical
NumIsolates 4
NumPts 4
Subtype CRF06_cpx, A


Clinical IN Isolates

EE0359 EE0359 None   L74M K14R, S17N, S24N, V31I, L63I, V75I, L101I, T112V, I113V, T124A, T125A, G134N, K136T, V201I, T206S, T218I, L234I, D256E, S283G  
EE0369 EE0369 None    K14R, S24N, V31I, L63I, L74I, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, K136T, V201I, T206S, L234I, D256E, D270E, S283G D279E 
EST2002-1169 2002-1169 None    S24N, V31I, L45Q, M50KR, L63I, L74I, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, G134N, K136I, V201I, T206S, L234I, D256E, S283G H51P, G52W, Q53T, T218R 
EST2002_394 2002_394 None    D3E, R20K, V31I, I72V, L74I, T112V, I113V, T124S, T125A, G134N, K136Q, D167E, V201I, T218I, D232N