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Protease Inhibitors

Subtype D
Gene PR
Mutation L33I
Rx PI-naive
IncludeMixtures No
References 22
Patients 29
Isolates 30
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# PIs WksPIMajorDRMs PIMinorDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Fonjungo (2002)CM11CM11AF406731None  L33IE35D, M36I, R41K, L63P, I64M, H69Y, I72T, I93LD
Pandrea (2002)IP_97CIRMF0897CIRMF08AY140611None  L33IL10I, I13V, M36I, R41K, Q61N, L63S, I64V, C67YD
 IP_97CIRMF2797CIRMF27AY140614None  L33IE35D, M36I, R41KD
Vergne (2002)LV19LV19AJ313419None  L33IQ18L, L19I, E35D, M36I, P39S, R41K, Q61H, L63P, H69Y, I72VD
Yang (2004)99KE58899KE588AY492789None  L33II13V, L19I, E35D, N37S, R41K, L63Q, I64V, E65D, H69YD
K'Aluoch (2005)OK_TC005903TC005903DQ079858None  L33II13V, K20R, N37Q, R41K, I64VD
Niama (2006)ARV32ARV32FM164886None  L33IT12N, L19I, M36I, R41K, Q61H, H69Q, V82I, L89FD
Baker (2007)1056KP01-1056KPAY803469None  L33II13V, I64VD
Caron (2008)1345Gab1345PEU556459None  L33IE35N, M36I, R41K, Q61H, L63P, K70E, I72VD
Nyombi (2008)TMS106TMS106EU251809None  L23I, L33II13V, D25DV, M36T, L38LS, P39S, R41K, D60E, I62V, L63H, I64VD
Somi (2008)KM-05-058KM-05-058JQ616958None  L33II13V, G16E, K20R, M36I, R41K, I62V, L63S, H69QD
Eshleman (2009)J45014W308-101543FJ389117None  L33II13V, G16E, M36I, R41K, I64V, I72IVD
Steegen (2009)BV232BV232-1EU872131None  L33II13V, L19IV, K20KM, M36I, R41K, K43KR, R57K, Q61E, L63P, I64V, E65ED, I72IV, I93LD
Hamers (2011)CP076300841CP076300841HQ994957None  L33II13V, K20M, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63Q, I64V, I72VD
 CP076301883CP076301883HQ995011None  L33IT12P, I13V, K20M, M36I, R41K, L63S, I64VD
 CP076301946CP076301946HQ995411None  L33II13V, G16E, M36I, R41K, R57K, L63P, I64V, I72VD
Ndembi (2011)AICPS269AICPS269HQ702646None  L33II13V, M36I, R41K, I64V, K70RD
Reynolds (2012)B0715B0715-0JN652141None  L33II13V, M36T, P39S, R41K, I62IV, L63LFPS, I64VD
  B0715-1JN652173None  L33II13V, M36T, P39S, R41K, L63LFPS, I64VD
Kiptoo (2013)SNH011SNH011KC516933None  L33II13V, M36I, R41K, D60E, I64V, V75ID
Lee (2014)MBA1265MBA1265KJ906958None  L33II13V, L19V, K20R, M36I, R41K, I64V, E65DD
Budambula (2015)MK107MK107KP792101None  L33II13V, R41K, H69K, A71T, I93MD
Castley (2016)P080161585P080161585KT228475None  L33II13V, G16E, N37T, P39S, R41K, R57RK, D60E, L63P, I64VD
 R040297757R040297757KT229262None  L33II13V, M36L, R41K, D60E, I62IV, I64V, H69QD
Kityo (2016)JCR073JCR073m0KT347949None  L33II13V, M36T, R41K, D60E, I62V, L63V, I64V, E65D, K70RD
 MBA026MBA026m0KT348126None  L33II13V, K20R, R41K, D60E, I64VD
 MBA034MBA034m0KT348134None  L33IQ18QH, M36I, R41K, R57K, I62V, I64V, A71TD
Reynolds (2016)E055178R16E055178R16KX944671None  L33II13V, M36T, I62V, L63P, I64VD
Kityo (2017)JFP023JFP023m0KT348015None  L33IL10V, T12S, I13V, K20M, M36I, R41K, D60E, I64VD
 JFP060JFP060m0KT348051None  L33II13V, M36T, P39Q, D60E, I62V, L63P, I64LD