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Protease Inhibitors

Subtype B
Gene PR
Mutation L63C
Rx >= 1 PI
IncludeMixtures No
References 40
Patients 209
Isolates 238
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# PIs WksPIMajorDRMs PIMinorDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Molla (1996)RTV-305RTV305W12 RTV12V82T I15V, N37E, L63CB
Craig (1998)Craig-pt1616W44 SQV44L90M L10I, T12A, K14R, D60E, L63C, I64V, A71V, I93LB
Murphy (1999)ACTG347_0129129_PR_w12 APV12  L10LV, K14R, R41K, D60E, I62V, L63CB
Atkinson (2000)BA20BA20AF247865NFV16D30N, M46IN88DM36I, K45R, L63C, I64VB
Balotta (2000)CB-142CB-142AF251962SQV, RTV M46MI, I54IV, V82M, L90MQ58EI13V, M36I, G52GS, I62V, L63C, I64VB
 CB-161CB-161AF251978SQV, RTV, IDV M46I, I54V, V82A, I84VL24IL10I, E35D, M36I, I62V, L63C, I64V, A71AV, N83NIKMB
Baxter (2000)GART-NG69GART-69 PI, IDVNAI54IV, V82A L10I, R41K, L63CB
Sevin (2000)SA-140860dSA-140860dAF226106SQV121L90LM L19E, N37NS, D60DE, I62IV, L63C, A71V, T74TA, V77I, I93LB
Delgado (2001)ED_V16ED_V16AY016827SQV   K14R, L19I, N37S, L63C, V77IB
Fitzgibbon (2001)JF-11JF11-M5AF442163IDV, NFV   N37D, I62V, L63C, T74S, V77IB
  JF11-M13AF442173IDV, NFV M46I, L90M I13V, N37D, I62V, L63C, T74S, V77IB
Gonzales (2001)CA798CA1440AY030428SQV, IDV96I54V, V82F, L90MG73CL10I, I15V, K20I, E35D, M36I, R57K, Q61N, I62V, L63C, T74SB
 CA1171CA3179AY030477SQV, NFV56D30N I15V, M36I, L63C, A71V, I93LB
 CA1259CA3027AY030488IDV, SQV, RTV65M46L, G48V, I54V, V82AQ58EL10I, L63C, A71V, V77I, Q92K, I93LB
 CA1440CA3850AY030578SQV, NFV, RTV, IDV, APV13G48V, I54T, V82A, L90ML33F, F53FLL10I, I13V, E35D, M36I, N37Q, R41K, I62V, L63C, I64V, A71T, T74TS, V77I, I93LB
 CA1545CA4418AY030662IDV115  N37T, R41K, L63C, I64V, I93LB
 CA1867CA4997AY030771SQV, IDV152M46L, G48V, I54V, V82A L10I, L19I, R41K, K55R, L63C, V77I, I93LB
 CA2099CA7749AY030806IDV, SQV, NFV99M46L, I54V, V82AL10FI, L24LII15V, K20R, E35D, M36I, R41K, R57K, I62V, L63C, A71V, L89M, I93LB
 CA2193CA7963AY030818NFV, IDV84M46I, V82AL24I, Q58EL10LI, L63C, I64V, T74R, V77IB
 CA3955CA9513AY030953IDV54M46L, V82T K20I, L63C, A71AV, V77IB
 CA3966CA9729AY030964NFV, UnknownNA  I15IV, E35D, M36I, N37D, I62IV, L63CB
 CA4088CA9790AY031082IDV, NFV140M46L, V82AL10FI, L24I, Q58QEI15V, M36I, L63C, I64V, T74TSB
 CA4125CA9832AY031114IDV, SQV, NFV138M46I, I54V, V82AL10F, F53LL63C, L89MB
 CA4888CA12084AY031528NFV49D30DN, M46MIL10LF, T74TPI15V, E35D, N37S, D60E, I62V, L63CB
 CA4990CA12578AY031565SQV, IDV156I54M, L90M L10I, E35D, N37D, D60E, I62V, L63C, A71T, V77I, I93L, C95FB
 CA6790CA17078AY032523SQV, RTV17  E35D, R41K, L63C, H69Q, V82IB
Kempf (2001)DK-594DK-594 SQV, IDV, NFV, RTV150M46I, L90MG73SL10LI, K20X, I62IV, L63C, H69X, A71V, V77I, I93LB
Kantor (2002)CA2193CA10793AY047447NFV, IDV, SQV111M46I, V82A, I84IVL24I, Q58EL10I, L63C, I64V, T74R, V77IB
 CA3955CA11046AY047457IDV, NFV72M46I, V82AT K20I, K55KR, L63C, A71AITV, V77I, I93ILB
Margot (2002)MM-2420366222420366221 PINAG48V, I54V, V82A L10I, E35D, L63C, I64VB
 MM-4341366504341366501 PINA  T12A, I62V, L63CB
Romano (2002)MZ-pt26pt26-t0AF493361RTV, SQV, NFV, IDV   Q7R, K14V, L19Q, L24LV, L63CB
  pt26-t1AF493400RTV, SQV, NFV, IDV, LPV G48V, I54A, V82AL33FL10I, K14I, I15V, G16E, L19Q, K20M, E35D, M36I, N37D, I62V, L63C, I64V, T74A, I85VB
Tural (2002)880723880723 IDV29  L10V, E35D, N37D, L63CB
Shafer (2003)A384_17691769bEF548774NFV24  L63CB
 A384_39183918cEF549181NFV19  L10I, T12S, N37C, I62V, L63CB
Wu (2003)CA798CA35544AY798445SQV, IDV123I54V, V82F, L90MG73CL10I, I15V, K20I, E35D, M36I, R57K, Q61N, I62IV, L63C, T74SB
  CA13183AF544420SQV, IDV, RTV146I54V, V82F, L90MG73CL10I, I13IV, I15V, K20I, E35D, M36I, R57K, Q61N, I62V, L63C, T74SB
 CA1545CA7721AF544500IDV130  N37T, R41K, L63C, I64V, I93LB
 CA1867CA12603AF544520SQV, IDV204M46L, G48V, I54V, V82AF53FLL10I, L19I, R41K, K55R, L63C, A71AT, V77I, I93LB
 CA4125CA16200AF544549IDV, SQV, NFV184M46I, I54V, V82AL10F, F53LR41RK, K43KE, L63C, T74S, L89MB
 CA7088CA17556AF544603SQV, IDV, NFV188D30N I15V, K20R, E35D, M36V, N37S, D60E, I62V, L63CB
Ceccherini-Silberstein (2004)1308-563A1308-563AAY855454PINA  G16E, E35ED, M36I, L63C, H69KB
 1824-944A1824-944AAY855368PINAD30N L10V, T12N, I15V, E35D, M36V, N37E, R57K, D60E, Q61D, L63C, I72ITB
 901-333A901-333AAY855475PINA  K14X, I15V, L19Q, L63C, C67CSB
Dumans (2004)222222AY390040RTV19  L63C, E65G, I72V, V77IB
 225225AY390056NFV, SQV, RTV, APV83  L10I, I13V, N37S, R41K, L63C, I64V, V77IB
 250250AY390042NFV125L90M N37C, L63C, V77IB
 197197AY390041SQV, RTV65  N37S, L63C, I64V, V77IB
Gomez-Carrillo (2004)9427394273AY365497PINA  L10I, T12TP, I13V, I15V, T26TP, T31TP, M36I, L63C, I64V, H69QB
 9881798817AY365582PINAD30N N37A, R41K, L63C, V77IB
 9905599055AY365594PINA  L33V, N37S, L63C, I72V, L89MB
 107168107168AY365765PINAM46L, I54IV, V82TL10FT12K, I15V, G16E, L19I, L63C, I64V, H69HR, T74AS, V77I, I85VB
 113575113575AY365879PINAD30N E35D, M36I, N37T, R41RK, L63C, I64V, A71V, I93LB
Rhee (2004)CA1171CA2659AF085128SQV, NFV66D30N I15V, M36I, L63C, A71V, I93LB
Rhee (2005)CA798CA9536AY796479SQV, IDV131V82F, L90MG73CL10I, I15V, G16E, K20I, E35D, M36I, R57K, Q61N, I62V, L63C, C67Y, T74SB
  CA23644AY796480SQV, IDV, RTV, LPV218I54V, V82A, L90MG73CL10I, I15V, G16E, K20M, E35D, M36I, R57K, Q61N, L63C, T74S, I85V, I93LB
 CA1259CA13627AY796562IDV, SQV, RTV, NFV169M46I, G48V, I54V, V82A, I84VQ58EL10I, L63C, H69HY, A71V, V77I, Q92K, I93LB
  CA37783AY796563IDV, SQV, RTV, NFV, LPV336M46L, G48V, I54V, V82A, I84VQ58EL10I, K20R, M36I, L63C, A71V, Q92K, I93LB
 CA2193CA37795AY796883NFV, IDV, SQV, APV, LPV324M46MI, V82VA, I84IVL24LI, Q58QEL10LI, R57RK, L63C, I64IV, T74TR, V77VIB
 CA3955CA33338AY796962IDV, NFV, SQV, RTV, APV207M46IL, G48GV, V82A, I84V, L90LM L10I, K20I, L63C, A71V, V77I, T91TSB
 CA3966CA16231AY796966NFV, Unknown, APV>34  I15IV, E35D, M36I, N37D, I62V, L63CB
  CA33312AY796967NFV, Unknown, APV>34  E35D, M36I, N37D, I62IV, L63CB
 CA4125CA34059AY797022IDV, SQV, NFV, RTV, APV319M46I, I54V, V82AL10F, F53LN37D, L63C, T74S, L89MB
  CA40820AY798426IDV, SQV, NFV, RTV, APV371M46I, I54V, V82AL10F, F53LN37D, L63C, T74S, L89MB
 SWC-0835P835-823 IDV27M46L, V82A L10I, L63C, I72VB
  0835-2529 IDV, NFV, Unknown>93  L63C, V77I, I93LB
 SWC-66596659-1914 IDV, Unknown>6  N37S, L63C, I64V, E65DB
 SWC-3834P3834-170 IDV24V32I, M46I, I47V, V82A T12K, L19I, E35D, N37E, L63CB
  P3834-368 IDV36V32I, M46I, I47V, V82A T12K, L19I, E35D, M36MI, N37E, L63CB
  P3834-641 IDV, SQV, RTV53M46I, G48GV, I54IV, V82A, L90M L10I, L19I, E35D, M36MI, N37E, L63CB
  P3834-871 IDV, SQV, RTV, NFV67M46I, G48V, I54IV, V82A, L90MI50IML10I, T12K, L19I, E35D, M36MI, N37E, L63C, C67RB
  3834-1270 IDV, SQV, RTV, NFV93M46I, I54V, V82A, L90M L10I, T12K, L19I, E35D, M36I, N37E, I62V, L63C, I93L, C95FB
  3834-2248 IDV, SQV, RTV, NFV150M46I, I54V, V82A, L90M L10I, T12K, L19I, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37E, R41K, I62V, L63CB
 CA6883CA17061AY797480IDV, NFV113D30NL10LF, N88DK14R, I15V, E34D, M36I, N37D, R57K, L63C, A71VB
 CA8082CA20621AY797691SQV152L90LM L10LI, I15V, G16E, L63C, T74TA, V77I, I93LB
  CA33584AY797692SQV, APV214I54ILM, V82AQ58QEL10I, I15V, G16E, K20KT, R41RK, L63C, T74TAEK, V77I, I93LB
 CA9942CA24592AY797945IDV, SQV, RTV66  L63C, A71TB
  CA42731AY797946IDV, SQV, RTV66  E35ED, L63C, A71TB
 CA18431CA43009AY798306IDV123  L63CB
Baxter (2006)12-11431143-30403DQ876028PINA  L10LI, G16GE, K20KR, E35D, L63C, I64VB
 12-21002100-30613DQ876031PINAV32VI, M46I, I54L, V82VAIT, I84VQ58EL10I, T12K, I15V, G16A, L19I, K20R, M36I, N37A, G51A, L63C, I66F, A71V, T91SB
 12-30033003-30219DQ876097PINAM46I, I54V, V82A, L90MV11I, G73SL10I, I15V, G16E, L19Q, K20I, E35D, M36I, N37E, K55R, I62V, L63C, A71I, I72R, I93LB
 12-18291829-30529DQ876388PINAM46ML, I50IV, V82VAL23LIL10LV, T12K, L19LI, R41K, L63C, A71AV, V77VI, I93LB
 12-21962196-30630DQ876436PINAM46I, G48V, I54T, V82S L10V, I15V, G16GE, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37S, P39PS, R41K, R57K, I62V, L63C, A71V, I72V, T74S, V77I, I93LB
 12-19691969-30626DQ876454PINAD30N, V32I, M46I, I47V, I54L, I84V, L90ML10F, L33F, F53L, N88DI13V, E34Q, I62V, L63C, T74E, V77I, P79A, L89MB
 12-22142214-30722DQ876457PINAM46L, I54V, V82VA, I84IV, L90ML10FI13V, K20I, L24*, E35D, M36I, I62V, L63C, I64V, T74S, L89I, T91SB
 12-13551355-30527DQ876495PINAM46L, I54V, V82AV11I, L24I, L33F, F53L, G73SL10I, I13IV, I15V, G16E, M36ML, N37S, K55R, I62V, L63C, A71VB
 12-21082108-30619DQ876636PINAM46I, I54V, L76V, V82A, I84V L10I, I15V, K20R, M36I, N37D, K43S, Q61QK, I62V, L63C, H69R, A71V, I72T, T74AS, I93LB
 12-21752175-30730DQ876674PINAI54V, V82A, L90M L10I, K20KLMQ, N37D, R41K, D60E, I62V, L63C, I64V, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 12-20172017-30701DQ876696PINAM46L, I54V, V82FG48E, F53LL10I, E35D, M36V, N37H, R41N, L63C, I64V, V77I, I93LB
 12-23422342-30730DQ876709PINAM46I, I54V, V82A, L90LML10F, L33F, T74PI13V, I15V, G16E, L19I, K20T, E35G, M36I, P39T, R41RK, R57K, I62V, L63C, A71V, I72T, I93LB
 12-20942094-30717DQ876931PINAM46L, G48V, I54CST, V82A L10I, N37ND, R41RK, L63C, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 12-31513151-30815DQ877161PINAV32VI, M46MI, I47IV, V82VAIT, I84VL10LF, Q58QEI15V, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37D, K45KI, L63CB
 12-31733173-30812DQ877202PINAM46I, I84V, L90M L10I, I62IV, L63C, I64V, V77VI, P79ADNT, L89MB
 12-30343034-30306DQ877214PINAM46L, V82AL24IL10I, K55R, I62V, L63C, T74S, L89MB
 12-30663066-30407DQ877225PINAM46I, I54V, I84V, L90ML10F, V11VI, Q58E, G73TL19IT, K20I, M36I, I62V, L63C, I64IV, H69R, A71V, V77VI, I93LB
 48-10121012-30618DQ877260PINA  L63C, V77VIB
 48-32153215-30514DQ878125PINAV32I, M46I, I47V, I54M, I84V, L90ML10F, L33F, F53L, T74P, L89VI13V, L19V, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37D, L63C, I66F, A71VB
 48-32363236-30526DQ878143PINAI54LV, V82F, L90ML33F, Q58EL10V, I13V, I15V, G16E, K20R, E35D, M36I, R41RK, K55Q, I62V, L63C, I64V, V77VI, I93LB
 48-33103310-30909DQ878214PINAM46L, I54V, V82AL24IL10I, I15V, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37D, K55KR, I62V, L63C, I64V, T74SB
 48-60386038-30428DQ878637PINAM46MI, G48AV, I54V, L76V, V82SL24I, L33F, F53FL, Q58EL10I, I13V, G16E, R41RK, K55R, L63C, V77I, L89MB
 48-61366136-30924DQ878717PINAV32I, M46L, I47IV, I54M, V82A, L90MV11VI, K43T, L89VL10I, I15V, G16A, N37D, L63C, A71V, I72M, G73D, I85V, Q92KB
 48-70177017-30716DQ878900PINAV32I, M46I, I47V, I54V, V82A, L90ML33F, F53L, G73SL10V, I13V, K14R, G16E, K55R, L63C, A71V, I72IK, V77IB
 48-71577157-30604DQ878995PINA  I15V, N37C, I62V, L63C, V77IB
 48-71627162-30609DQ879000PINAV32I, M46I, I54V, V82A, L90ML33F, F53L, T74PL10I, I13V, K43I, K55R, L63C, A71V, T91SB
 48-71757175-30806DQ879012PINAM46I, I54V, L76V, V82A L10I, I13V, G16E, K20R, M36I, L63C, L89I, I93ILB
 48-72047204-30829DQ879029PINAG48V, I54T, V82A, L90ML33FL10I, G16GE, K20R, E34Q, E35D, M36I, N37E, R41K, I62V, L63C, A71V, I93LB
 48-91399139-30925DQ877733PINAM46L, G48A, I54V, V82S L10V, G16A, K20R, E35D, M36I, I62V, L63C, A71V, T74S, I93LB
 48-72317231-30930DQ879044PINAI54AV, V82AL24I, L33F, F53LL10I, I13V, G16E, E34EQ, M36L, N37NS, K55KR, I62V, L63C, A71AV, I72V, T74A, L89IB
Mo (2006)HM_V4HM_V4 SQV, RTV M46L, I84V L10I, L63C, V77I, P79ASB
Eyer-Silva (2007)BRSQ4804BRSQ48EF042653LPV35  K14R, G17E, N37S, L63C, V77I, L89F, I93LB
von Wyl (2007)1374822140EF449869PINA  T12V, I15V, R41K, L63C, V77I, I93LB
 1405868658EF449959RTV, PINA  T12M, I15V, R41K, L63C, V77I, I93LB
Riddler (2008)RG1791RG1791w74 LPV74  I15V, R41K, L63CB
 RG29397RG29397w32 LPV32 L33FI13V, K14KE, D60E, L63C, V77IB
  RG29397w44 LPV44 L33FI13V, D60E, I62V, L63C, V77IB
Waleria-Aleixo (2008)08RJ06050908RJ060509FJ591701PINA  I13V, M36I, N37D, D60E, I62V, L63C, I64L, H69RB
 RES5RES5FJ591824PINA  I3V, I62V, L63C, I64IM, K70KTB
 08RJ05042108RJ050421FJ591640PINA  I15V, G17E, P39T, L63C, A71V, I72T, I93LB
Banke (2009)U2301U2301GQ335277PINA  P9PA, E35Q, N37D, R41K, L63C, A71VB
 U2624U2624GQ335271PINA  L19I, N37S, I62V, L63C, K70KIR, I72V, V77I, I93LB
 U2680U2680GQ335270PINA  L19I, N37S, I62V, L63C, A71AV, I72V, V77I, I93LB
 U2160U2160GQ335268PINA  L19I, N37C, I62V, L63C, I72V, V77I, I93LB
 U2707U2707GQ335249PINA  G16GE, N37C, R57RK, L63C, V77IB
 U2387U2387GQ335185PINA  I15V, G16E, E35D, M36I, I62V, L63CB
 U2509U2509GQ335151PINA  L10I, I13V, R57RK, L63C, A71T, I93ILB
Cardoso (2009)3115BRGO3115FJ638453PINAM46I, I54V, L76V, V82AL24I, Q58EL10I, T12P, I15V, G16E, K20M, E35D, M36I, N37NK, Q61D, L63C, L89MB
Dau (2010)05502A05502AGU581665PINA  K20R, M36I, I62V, L63C, V82IB
 06167A06167AGU581714PINAI84V, L90ML33LI, G73SL10I, I15IV, K20I, M36I, R41K, I62V, L63C, A71V, I72L, I85IVB
 06549A06549AGU581758PINA  I13V, I15V, G16E, N37S, L63CB
 07314A07314AGU581836PINAM46I, I54V, L76V, V82A, I84V L10I, I15V, K20R, M36I, N37D, K43S, I62V, L63C, A71V, I72T, T74A, I93LB
 12960A12960AGU582068PINAI54V, V82A L10V, I15V, K20R, M36I, N37D, I62IV, L63C, H69R, K70R, A71V, I93LB
Margot (2010)2121HM116822PINA  E35D, M36I, I62V, L63CB
Rangel (2010)HIV247pHIV247pGU807506PINAD30NN88DL10I, I13V, K20R, E35D, M36I, R57K, I62V, L63C, I64MV, I66F, A71V, I72VB
Jones (2012)128054128054JN669448PINA  L63C, V77I, I93LB
 141149141149JN669596PINA  K14R, K20R, M36I, N37D, I62V, L63C, H69HRB
 143731143731JN669645PINAM46I Q7H, L10V, I13IV, E34D, M36I, L63C, I64V, V77I, I93LB
 144783144783JN669649PINA  I15V, G16GE, Q18QE, E35D, M36I, L63C, I72VB
 148401148401JN669712PINA  T12K, L63C, V77IB
 155276155276JN669837PINA  K20R, M36I, N37D, L63CB
 165823165823JN670116PINAM46L, V82TL10FT12K, I15V, G16E, L19I, K55R, L63C, I64V, T74A, V77I, I85VB
 169084169084JN670193PINA  G16E, K20KR, R41RG, I62V, L63C, I72M, V77VIB
 172624172624JN670295PINA  K14R, K20R, M36I, N37D, I62V, L63CB
 177499177499JN670448PINA  T12N, I15V, G17E, L19M, K20M, M36I, N37E, L63CB
 181333181333JN670573PINAV32I, M46L, I47V, I54M, V82A, I84IVL24I, K43TL10Y, I15V, G16E, L19I, K20R, E35D, M36I, I62IV, L63C, I64V, A71V, V77VIB
 182834182834JN670626PINAV32I, M46I, I47V, I54M, V82AL10F, K43TK14R, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37D, K55R, R57K, L63C, I64V, A71V, I72TB
 185252185252JN670699PINAI54V, V82CL33FT12K, I13V, K14N, G16A, Q18H, L19I, K20KR, M36I, I62IV, L63C, I72IV, T74A, L89MB
 193241193241JN670889PINAI54L, I84V L10V, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63C, A71V, I72T, I93LB
 197151197151JN671062PINA  L10V, T12TAEK, E35D, M36MI, R41K, L63C, A71V, I72IT, V77I, I93LB
 201914201914JN671243PINA  L10V, I15V, E35D, M36I, L63CB
 203290203290JN671306PINAM46L E35D, N37H, R41K, I62IV, L63C, I64VB
 207625207625JN671441PINA  K14R, M36I, R57K, L63C, I64IVB
Mollan (2012)MK104MK104w25 RTV, ATV25  L19I, E35D, L63C, V77I, I93LB
 MK247MK247w116 RTV, ATV116  I15IV, E35ED, M36I, L63CB
Grossman (2014)16951695KC213607LPV52  I15S, G16R, M36IL, I62V, L63CB
de Lourdes Teixeira (2015)9RJ1201629RJ120162 PINA  I15V, G17D, E35D, P39T, L63C, A71V, I72T, I93LB
Diaz (2015)RenG16164RenG16164KT747192PINAM46I, L90M L10R, K20I, K55KR, R57RK, I62V, L63C, I64V, A71AV, I72V, V77I, L89LM, I93LB
 RenG16608RenG16608KT747636PINA  T12TP, K14R, I15IV, G16A, L63C, K70E, I72VB
 RenG16879RenG16879KT747907PINA  M36I, R41K, L63C, I64VB
 RenG15584RenG15584KT746612PINA  T12N, L19I, N37S, L63C, I64VB
 RenG15812RenG15812KT746840PINAI54V, V82AQ58EL10I, E35D, M36I, N37E, I62V, L63C, I64VB
 RenG16392RenG16392KT747420PINAV32I, M46I, I47V, I54V, I84V, L90ML33F, F53L, L89VW6L, I13V, I15V, Q18I, D25DE, Q58K, L63C, I66F, A71V, V77IB
 RenG17314RenG17314KT748342PINA  K14R, I15V, G16E, E35D, N37T, R57RK, D60E, Q61E, I62V, L63C, I64V, V77IB
 RenG16554RenG16554KT747582PINA  R41K, L63CB
 RenG16308RenG16308KT747336PINA  L10I, E35D, N37NT, L63C, I64IVB
 RenG16168RenG16168KT747196PINA  I15V, M36I, I62V, L63C, I64V, E65DB
 RenG16581RenG16581KT747609PINA  L10I, E35D, M36I, N37D, I62V, L63C, T74S, I93LB
 RenG16252RenG16252KT747280PINAM46I, I54V, V82AL24I, Q58EL10I, I15N, G16R, G17D, L19I, K20KR, N37Y, K55R, R57K, I62V, L63C, I64V, I72V, T74K, L89MB
 RenG15899RenG15899KT746927PINAM46I, I54V, L76LV, V82ASL24I, K43TL10I, I15V, L19I, K20M, E34EK, M36MIV, I62V, L63C, I64V, T74S, L89MB
 RenG17159RenG17159KT748187PINAV32I, M46I, I47V, I54IM, I84VL10F, Q58EK20R, E35D, M36V, N37D, L63C, A71V, I93ILB
 RenG16141RenG16141KT747169PINA  L10I, I15V, G16E, M36I, N37K, P39S, L63C, I93LB
 RenG15833RenG15833KT746861PINAM46I, I50V, I54V, V82A, L90ML33FI13V, I15IV, G17D, K20T, E35D, M36V, K55KR, L63C, A71V, T74S, V77I, L89I, I93LB
 RenG16264RenG16264KT747292PINA  K14KR, I15IV, R41K, L63C, K70RB
 RenG15664RenG15664KT746692PINA  T12S, I15IV, L19I, D25DN, L63CB
 RenG15800RenG15800KT746828PINA  G17D, N37S, L63C, V77IB
 RenG16769RenG16769KT747797PINA  K14R, I15V, I62IV, L63C, V77IB
 RenG15731RenG15731KT746759PINA N88NDI13V, I15V, L19HQ, N37C, L63C, I64V, V77IB
 RenG17462RenG17462KT748490PINAM46I, L76V, I84VQ58EL10I, I13V, G16GE, L19I, K20R, E35D, M36I, I62V, L63C, I64V, V82I, L89MB
 RenG16974RenG16974KT748002PINAV32VI, I84VT74PL10I, G16E, K20KR, L33LV, E35D, M36MV, N37E, R57K, Q61N, L63C, C67FY, A71AV, Q92QKB
 RenG15390RenG15390KT746418PINA  L10I, M36I, R41K, K45KR, I62V, L63C, A71V, I93LB
 RenG14411RenG14411KT745439PINA  I13V, G16E, M36I, N37DE, L63CB
 RenG15448RenG15448KT746476PINAM46MIL, I54V, L76V, V82AL33LF, K43TL10V, T12K, I15V, L19I, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37E, R41K, I62V, L63C, T74S, L89IB
 RenG13966RenG13966KT744994PINA  I15V, Q18I, K20M, E35D, M36I, N37DE, R57K, L63C, I72V, T74TSB
 RenG13559RenG13559KT744587PINA  L10V, G17D, E35D, N37Y, L63C, I72V, L89LIB
 RenG14969RenG14969KT745997PINA  I15V, G16E, E35D, M36I, I62V, L63C, I64V, E65DB
 RenG13819RenG13819KT744847PINA  K14R, G17D, N37S, I62V, L63C, V77I, L89F, I93LB
 RenG15355RenG15355KT746383PINAV32I, M46MI, I47V, I54L, V82M, L90ML33F, K43T, F53L, T74PL10V, I13V, I15V, K20T, E35D, M36I, N37E, R57K, I62V, L63C, A71V, V77IB
 RenG15177RenG15177KT746205PINAI54V, V82T, N88S L10S, I15V, G16E, K20I, E35D, M36I, N37DE, I62V, L63C, I64V, A71V, T74S, I85V, Q92QK, I93ILB
 RenG14766RenG14766KT745794PINAM46MIL, I50L, V82AL33LFG17E, N37H, I62V, L63C, A71V, I72V, I93LB
 RenG12382RenG12382KT743410PINAM46MI G17E, N37Y, R57K, L63CB
 RenG12754RenG12754KT743782PINA  Q18I, M36I, L63CB
 RenG13428RenG13428KT744456PINA  L63CB
 RenG13160RenG13160KT744188PINA  E35D, D60E, L63C, I64VB
 RenG12111RenG12111KT743139PINAI50IL K14R, G17E, N37Y, K45KQ, R57K, L63C, I64V, H69YB
 RenG13526RenG13526KT744554PINAV32VI, M46I, I47IV, I54IV, V82AL33LF, K43ITL10V, L19I, E35D, N37ND, L63C, I64V, A71V, I93LB
 RenG12387RenG12387KT743415PINA  L10V, M36I, R41K, L63CB
 RenG12562RenG12562KT743590PINA  N37H, R41K, I62V, L63C, I64V, K70T, I72Q, V82IB
 RenG12878RenG12878KT743906PINA  T12I, R41K, K43R, L63C, V77VIB
 RenG12064RenG12064KT743092PINAM46I, I54V, L76V L10I, T12K, L19Q, K20I, E35D, M36I, R41K, I62V, L63C, I64V, E65D, I72V, T74TS, I85VB
 RenG12496RenG12496KT743524PINA  T12K, L19LV, K20KM, M36I, L63CB
 RenG12308RenG12308KT743336PINA  L19V, N37S, L63C, V77IB
 RenG12404RenG12404KT743432PINA  L10V, M36I, R41K, L63C, I93LB
 RenG12330RenG12330KT743358PINA  L10I, I15V, E35D, M36I, N37D, R41K, I62V, L63C, C67S, H69Y, I93LB
 RenG12587RenG12587KT743615PINAL90MQ58EE35D, N37DE, I62V, L63C, I64VB
 RenG11846RenG11846KT742874PINA  I15V, G16E, M36I, I62V, L63CB
 RenG11016RenG11016KT742044PINA  T12A, I15V, M36MI, L63CB
 RenG10021RenG10021KT741049PINA  I13V, I15V, K20T, E35D, M36I, R41K, L63C, T74S, V77VI, I93LB
 RenG10233RenG10233KT741261PINA  E35ED, M36I, I62V, L63C, I64VB
 RenG11649RenG11649KT742677PINAM46MI K14KR, I15V, Q18L, L19E, K20R, M36I, I62V, L63C, H69Y, I72TB
 RenG10272RenG10272KT741300PINA  L10V, E35D, M36MI, N37NK, R41N, Q61Q*, I62IV, L63C, A71ATB
 RenG11050RenG11050KT742078PINAG48M, I54S, V82A, L90ML33F, K43TL10I, G16A, L19I, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37Q, R41K, R57RK, Q61HN, I62IV, L63C, C67CY, A71V, I72V, T74S, L89LF, Q92QK, I93LB
 RenG11754RenG11754KT742782PINA  T12IMR, I15V, G16E, E34EA, M36I, N37E, R41RK, I62V, L63C, I72VB
 RenG10962RenG10962KT741990PINA  L10V, E35D, M36I, R41K, R57K, Q61N, L63C, H69Y, I72V, I93LB
 RenG10245RenG10245KT741273PINAG48Q, I54V, V82A, I84VL33F, F53L, Q58EL10I, G17D, K20M, E34Q, N37Y, R41K, Q61D, I62V, L63C, A71V, I72V, P79H, I93LB
 RenG10421RenG10421KT741449PINAM46L, G48A, I54A, V82A, L90ML33F, Q58QEL10I, I13IV, I15IL, E34Q, M36ML, N37NH, I62V, L63C, I64V, A71V, T74S, V77VI, T91S, I93LB
 RenG10675RenG10675KT741703PINAM46I, I54V, L76V, V82AL10FI13V, G16E, L63C, I64V, H69HR, I72V, T91AB
 RenG10832RenG10832KT741860PINA  L10I, T12TR, I15V, G16E, M36I, N37E, R41RK, I62V, L63C, H69QB
 RenG10393RenG10393KT741421PINAM46I, V82AL24I, Q58EL10I, K55R, I62V, L63C, I64V, H69Q, V77I, I93LB
 RenG10073RenG10073KT741101PINA L33FI13V, I15V, E35D, N37E, L63C, I64V, V75I, V77I, Q92KB
 RenG11277RenG11277KT742305PINA  L10I, I15IV, E35D, M36I, R41K, R57K, I62V, L63C, C67X, I72IVB
 RenG11605RenG11605KT742633PINA  I15V, G16E, L19I, E35D, L63C, H69R, V77IB
Lopez (2016)2003-2162003-216KT374843PINAM46I, L76V, I84VQ58QEI15V, G16A, L19LI, E35D, N37E, K55R, Y59YDFV, D60E, L63C, P79A, L89MB
 2002-1532002-153KT374617PINAI54V, L90MF53LK20R, E35D, M36I, N37D, R57K, D60E, I62V, L63C, A71VB
 2002-1202002-120KT374587PINA  I15V, G16E, L19I, K20M, N37S, L63C, F99FLB
 2002-1032002-103KT374572PINAI54V, V82VA K20R, E35D, M36I, L63C, I64VB
 2002-0402002-040KT374519PINAM46L, G48V, V82A, L90LM L63C, H69HY, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 2002-0332002-033KT374514PINA  E35ED, K45KQ, R57KT, L63CB
 2014-0792014-079KT386246PINA  K14R, I15V, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37D, P39Q, L63C, I64V, I72VB
 2014-0332014-033KT386205PINA  L63C, I64VB
 2014-0132014-013KT386186PINA  K14R, I15V, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37D, P39Q, L63C, I64V, K70KR, I72V, F99FLB
 2013-2212013-221KT386158PINA M46VK20L, M36I, I62V, L63C, T74S, I93LB
 2013-0472013-047KT385992PINA M46VK20L, M36I, I62V, L63C, T74S, I93LB
 2013-0292013-029KT385975PINA  N37S, L63CB
 2013-0162013-016KT385963PINA  L19IV, M36I, L63C, I93LB
 2012-0202012-020KT385933PINA  N37S, R41K, I62V, L63C, I72VB
 2011-0282011-028KT385906PINA  E21ED, M36MI, L38L*EV, L63C, I64VB
Ndahimana Jd Riedel (2016)21322132KT982483LPV   K14R, I15V, L19I, R41K, I62V, L63C, G68E, A71V, I72T, I93LB