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Protease Inhibitors

Subtype B
Gene PR
Mutation K43R
Rx >= 1 PI
IncludeMixtures No
References 37
Patients 126
Isolates 154
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# PIs WksPIMajorDRMs PIMinorDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Cabana (1999)Cab-eE35AF102294IDV, RTV36 G73SL10I, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, V77I, I93LB
  E37AF102295IDV, RTV, SQV44 G73SL10I, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, V77I, R87I, I93LB
Bacheler (2000)LB3-P89P89-1 IDV1  K43R, L63PB
  P89-72 IDV72V82T K43R, L63P, A71T, I72T, I93LB
  P89-96 IDV96V82T, L90ML10FK43R, L63P, A71I, I72T, I93LB
Baxter (2000)GART-NG59GART-59 PI, NFVNAD30NL33F, N88DN37D, K43R, L63P, A71AT, V77IB
Belec (2000)nr51nr51_m12AF204366IDV52M46L L10I, K43R, L63P, V77I, I93LB
 r56r56_m12AF204372IDV52  N37D, K43R, A71TB
Sevin (2000)SA-270788cSA-270788cAF226133SQV73  K14R, N37E, K43R, L63T, I64M, A71V, I72T, I93LB
 SA-240766dSA-240766dAF226132SQV179I84V, L90LM L10I, N37D, K43R, I62V, L63PS, I64X, A71V, V77I, Q92RB
 SA-141123dSA-141123dAF226112SQV55  K43R, L63P, A71V, I93LB
Eshleman (2001)A062AF357761AF357761NFV24  T12I, Q18H, N37DE, K43R, L63P, I93LB
  AF357815AF357815NFV47  T12I, Q18H, N37DE, K43R, L63P, I93LB
Gonzales (2001)CA1492CA4268AY030618IDV69V82A I15V, K43R, Q61E, I62V, L63P, I72V, I93LB
 CA1581CA4511AY030680SQV, IDV, NFV, RTV153M46I, I84VL24I, T74PL10I, K43R, D60E, I62V, L63Q, I64V, H69R, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 CA3983CA9562AY030982SQV, IDV, NFV158D30DN, L90MN88DR41K, K43R, K45R, L63P, A71V, I72V, V77I, I85IV, Q92KB
 CA4067CA9782AY031062NFV, UnknownNA  N37D, K43R, I62V, L63P, A71T, V77I, I93LB
 CA4374CA10787AY031232IDV, NFV, SQV135  I13V, K43R, L63LP, I64IVB
 CA4405CA10819AY031261NFV, APV112M46L, I54V, V82A, L90MQ58EL10I, K20R, E35D, M36I, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, A71V, I93LB
 CA4788CA11832AY031448NFV D30N, M46I N37D, K43R, L63S, A71V, I72T, V75I, V77I, I93LB
 CA5092CA12655AY031660Unknown, IDV>6M46I, I54IV, L76V L10V, I13V, I15V, K20T, N37D, K43R, R57K, I62V, L63P, I66F, A71V, I72IKB
 CA5117CA12687AY031685IDV, NFV169M46I, L90MG73TL10I, I15V, L19I, N37S, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, I64V, C67Y, I93LB
 CA5153CA12737AY031720IDV178V32I, M46I, I47V, V82A E35D, N37D, K43R, L63P, V77I, I93LB
 CA5260CA12902AY031817NFV42  N37S, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 CA5410CA13306AY031964IDV, SQV, NFV171D30NN88DL10I, K43R, Q61E, L63P, T74S, V77I, I93LB
 CA5755CA14294AY032145NFV100M46I, L90MT74PK43R, I62V, L63P, A71V, I72T, V77I, Q92QR, I93LB
 CA5769CA35532AY798439IDV153M46MI, I54IV, V82ATL10FIR41K, K43R, L63P, I93LB
  CA14315AY032159IDV181M46MI, I54V, V82T M36MI, R41K, K43R, L63P, A71V, I85IV, I93LB
 CA6403CA16166AY032358RTV, NFV154M46L, I54V, V82A, L90ML33F, G73SQ7QH, R8X, L10V, T12K, G16A, R41K, K43R, L63P, A71VB
 CA6555CA16479AY032461NFV57  T12X, I13IV, K43R, I62V, L63P, C67CY, A71V, I72T, V77I, I93LB
 CA6839CA17011AY032571IDV132M46I, L76V, V82A L10IV, N37D, K43R, R57K, I62V, L63P, A71V, I93LB
Kempf (2001)DK-2415DK-2415 IDV, RTV134M46I, I54V, V82A I13V, Q18H, K20I, E35G, M36I, N37S, R41K, K43R, L63P, H69K, A71T, P79PA, L89X, Q92QKB
Brindeiro (2002)TVSP3TVSP3AY145805Unknown, RTV>60  T12K, I15V, E35D, N37E, K43R, V82IB
 TVSP7TVSP7AY145808RTV, NFV34D30NN88DT12A, I13V, L19I, M36I, R41K, K43R, L63P, A71V, I93LB
Gibb (2002)DMG100100_w17 NFV17  E35D, N37D, K43R, L63P, I64V, I93LB
  100_w41 NFV41M46MI, L90M E35D, N37D, K43R, Q61QE, L63P, I64V, I93LB
  100_w73 NFV73M46I, L90M E35D, N37D, K43R, I62IV, L63P, I64V, H69HY, V77VI, I93LB
 DMG3939_w19 NFV19  G17GE, L19I, N37D, K43R, D60E, L63P, C67Y, H69KB
  39_w44 NFV20L90M I13V, L19I, N37D, K43R, D60E, L63P, C67Y, H69K, A71V, V77VIB
Kantor (2002)CA1492CA11757AY047432IDV, SQV, NFV130L90MT74PI15V, K43R, Q61E, I62V, L63P, I72V, I93LB
Margot (2002)MM-3073367623073367621 PINA  K43R, R57K, I62V, L63P, V77I, I93LB
 MM-2331365782331365781 PINA  K43R, I62V, L63P, I93LB
Podzamczer (2002)16BAA139815 NFV8 G73GSL10I, R41K, K43R, D60E, I62V, L63PS, V77I, I93LB
Venturi (2002)GV-9GV-9.1AF517261SQV   L10LI, I13V, I15V, G16E, K20M, M36I, R41K, K43R, I72RB
Monno (2003)ML_Pat85ML_Pat85 PINAM46I, V82VA, L90MG73SL10I, I13IV, I15IV, R41K, K43R, K45KR, I62V, L63P, A71V, I72M, V77I, I93LB
Saah (2003)AS-35AS-35 NFV52L90M K20I, M36I, K43R, R57K, L63P, A71VB
Shafer (2003)A384_31743174b NFV61  I13V, I15V, E35D, R41K, K43R, L63P, I72IV, Q92KB
 A384_36383638bEF548795NFV1  K43R, I62V, L63P, I72E, V77I, I93LB
 A384_17441744bEF548751NFV48  T12A, I13V, E35D, K43R, I62V, L63P, L90LF, I93LB
Weber (2003)1CIRIS1C-48AY140808IDV52  K43R, I62V, L63P, A71T, V77I, I93LB
Wu (2003)CA1492CA13222AF544489IDV, SQV, NFV147M46I, L90MT74PR8RG, I15V, D25DV, A28AP, K43R, Q61E, I62V, L63P, I72V, I93LB
Colonno (2004)RC-007-027-444027-44421 NFV19D30NV11II15V, G16A, K43R, L63P, H69K, I93LB
Gomez-Carrillo (2004)101573101573AY365642PINAM46L, I54V, V82A L10I, R41K, K43R, L63P, I93LB
 104137104137AY365693PINA  K43R, L63P, E65D, I72VB
 111825111825AY365853PINAL90LM T12E, R41K, K43R, R57K, L63P, A71V, I72IT, I93LB
 122425122425AY366011PINA  I13V, I15V, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63T, V77IB
 126443126443AY366054PINA  T12S, E35D, N37D, K43R, R57K, I62V, L63T, I64V, H69R, A71T, V77IB
 126444126444AY366055PINA  I13V, L19I, K43RB
Gulick (2004)RG290RG290w33 NFV27  P39Q, K43R, I62V, L63Q, A71T, I72V, V77I, F99XB
Kagan (2005)175236175236 PINAV32I, I47A, L90ML33F, G73AI13V, R41K, K43R, K45R, L63P, A71T, V77I, I93LB
Rhee (2005)CA1264CA4188AY796571SQV, NFV, RTV106G48V, I54V, V82AV11VIL10I, I13V, I15LV, G16GA, K20T, E35D, N37D, K43R, L63P, I64V, V77IB
 CA1269CA3047AF085131SQV, IDV53  L10I, I13V, L19I, K43R, L63P, I64V, E65DB
 CA1581CA10737AY796785SQV, IDV, NFV, RTV187  L10I, K43R, D60DE, Q61E, I62V, L63Q, C67Y, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 CA4067CA41314AY797006NFV, UnknownNA  N37D, K43R, I62V, L63A, A71T, T74A, V77I, I93LB
 CA4301CA33394AY797038IDV, SQV, RTV, NFV274  N37D, K43RB
  CA48559AY797041IDV, SQV, RTV, NFV, LPV, ATV341  N37D, K43RB
 CA4398CA34034AY797078IDV, SQV, RTV, APV, LPV316L90M L10I, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, H69Y, A71T, I72E, V77VI, I93LB
 SWC-1640P1640-1864 SQV, RTV34M46I, G48V, I54V, V82T, I84V K43R, I62V, L63P, A71NT, I93LB
  1640-2222 SQV, RTV, NFV55M46I, I54V, V82A, L90M K43R, I62V, L63P, A71T, I93LB
  1640-2968 SQV, RTV, NFV88M46I, I54V, V82A, L90M K43R, I62V, L63P, A71I, I93LB
 SWC-3927P3927-942 SQV, RTV103  N37D, K43R, I62V, L63P, V77IB
 CA4788CA13923AY797153NFV M46MI N37D, K43R, D60DE, L63S, A71V, I72AT, V75VI, V77I, Q92QP, I93LB
  CA37738AY797154NFV, UnknownNA  N37D, K43R, L63S, A71V, I72T, V75I, V77I, I93LB
 CA5153CA42583AY797248IDV, NFV410V32I, M46I, I47V, V82VA E35D, N37D, K43R, L63P, V77VI, I93LB
 CA5410CA23556AY797319IDV, SQV, NFV270D30NN88DL10I, I13IV, K43R, Q61E, L63P, T74S, V77I, L89LM, I93LB
 CA6555CA33980AY797418NFV57  T12TA, I13IV, K14KM, L19LI, K43R, Y59YH, I62V, L63PS, E65ED, C67CY, A71V, I72T, V77I, I93LB
  CA37698AY797419NFV57  K14M, K43R, I62V, L63S, E65D, A71V, I72T, V77I, I93LB
 CA6839CA21381AY797455IDV, RTV, APV167M46I, L76V, V82A, I84V L10I, T12TS, L19LI, N37D, K43R, R57K, I62V, L63P, A71V, I93LB
  CA34211AY797456IDV, RTV, APV, LPV259M46I, I54V, L76V, V82A L10V, N37D, K43R, K55KR, R57K, I62V, L63P, A71V, I93LB
  CA37843AY797457IDV, RTV, APV, LPV263  T12S, K43R, R57K, I62V, L63P, A71T, I93LB
 CA8084CA20626AY797693IDV232  I15V, R41K, K43R, R57K, I62V, L63P, A71T, Q92QR, I93LB
 CA8437CA21411AY797758RTV180I54V, V82LL33FM36L, P39Q, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, A71V, I93LB
  CA42645AY797759RTV, LPV336M46I, I47V, I54V, V82LL33F, F53LM36L, P39Q, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, A71V, I93LB
 CA9746CA23911AY797837IDV, APV248  E35D, N37D, K43R, L63PB
 SWC-11331133-3014 IDV104  N37D, K43R, L63P, V77I, I93LB
  1133-3956 IDV, APV, RTV156M46I, I54IM L10I, N37D, K43R, L63P, V77I, V82VIB
  1133-4246 IDV, APV, RTV173M46I, I54IM L10I, N37D, K43R, L63P, V77IB
 CA16354CA38862AY798229IDV, NFV, RTV254L90M I13V, L19I, K20T, E35D, M36L, K43R, I62V, L63P, A71I, T74S, V77I, Q92K, I93LB
Baxter (2006)12-24152415-30821DQ875948PINAM46MI, I54V, V82VF, L90MF53L, G73TL10I, L19I, K43R, I62V, L63P, I66IL, A71AV, V77I, I93LB
 12-10241024-30319DQ875958PINA  E35D, N37D, K43R, L63P, I64VB
 12-21272127-30729DQ876029PINAV32I, M46I, I47V, L90MG73A, L89VI13V, N37T, K43R, R57K, L63P, I64VB
 12-18071807-30710DQ876297PINAI54V, V82A, I84V, L90ML10FV, V11I, Q58E, G73CI15V, G16A, Q18H, K20L, M36I, K43R, Q61N, L63P, A71T, I72IV, I85V, Q92KB
 12-16201620-30317DQ876516PINA  T12A, R41K, K43R, L63P, A71V, I72IM, V77I, I93LB
 12-24932493-30821DQ876597PINAV32I, I47V L10I, I15V, L19I, E35D, N37D, K43R, R57K, D60E, L63P, H69QB
 12-11391139-30318DQ876600PINAV32I, M46I, I47V, I54M, V82VA, L90ML33F, F53L, G73NS, L89VL10I, I13V, E34EQ, R41K, K43R, I62IV, L63P, H69Y, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 12-17591759-30716DQ876872PINAI84V, L90LMN88NDL10LI, R41K, K43R, L63P, A71V, I72V, V77I, Q92RB
 12-11921192-30228DQ876952PINA  N37D, K43R, L63AS, A71V, I72IM, I93LB
 12-20702070-30609DQ877034PINAM46MIL, I50V L10V, I15V, L19I, K43R, L63P, A71AV, Q92QKB
 12-24622462-30819DQ877042PINAM46I, I54L, V82FQ58EL10I, I13V, N37C, K43R, I62V, L63P, I64V, I93LB
 48-11391139-30814DQ877399PINAM46L, G48V, I54T, V82AL24IL10I, K20R, E35D, M36I, N37DE, R41K, K43R, R57K, Q61N, L63C, T74S, L89MB
 48-16041604-30929DQ877833PINA  R41K, K43R, Q61E, I62V, L63P, A71T, I72V, V77I, I93LB
 48-16061606-30929DQ877835PINA T74TPE35D, M36I, N37D, K43R, R57RK, L63P, H69K, A71AT, I93LB
 48-41014101-30331DQ878331PINAG48V, I54V, V82A, L90M R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, A71V, I72V, T74S, I93LB
 48-42504250-30526DQ878483PINAI54V, I84V, L90ML89VL10I, I13V, Q18QH, L33M, R41K, K43R, Q61H, L63P, A71V, I72M, I93LB
 48-42774277-30626DQ878501PINA  L10I, I13IM, L19LP, N37D, K43R, D60DE, Q61QE, I62V, L63S, I93LB
 48-43914391-30625DQ878531PINAI54V, V82A, L90MQ58EL10I, L19I, K43R, L63P, A71V, I72V, V77IB
 48-50495049-30929DQ878571PINA  T4S, I13V, Q18I, L19I, K43R, L63P, Q92KB
 48-93379337-30922DQ877297PINAM46I, I54V, L76V, V82A L10I, K14R, I15V, N37E, K43R, R57K, I62V, L63P, A71V, I93LB
 48-90639063-30820DQ877476PINA  K14R, R41K, K43R, L63P, K70R, A71ATB
 48-91859185-30901DQ877533PINAV32I, M46L, V82A L10I, I13V, I15V, K20R, M36I, K43R, L63P, I64V, A71VB
Santos (2006)053053PR_RTAY275743RTV, IDV9  T12S, L19I, K43R, L63S, A71V, I72M, I93LB
von Wyl (2007)60758484EF449913PINA  E35D, M36I, N37D, K43R, L63P, A71T, I93LB
Riddler (2008)RG28049RG28049w31 LPV22  K43R, I62V, L63P, V77I, I93LB
Rosen-Zvi (2008)2201p22-1 SQV, IDV130L90M L10I, K20I, M36I, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, A71V, I72T, T74A, I93LB
 2400p24-1 IDV117V32IL10FM36I, K43R, I62V, L63P, G73V, Q92EB
  03p24-2 IDV, SQV, LPV252  K43R, L63P, Q92KB
 6901p69-1 IDV, RTV, NFV254D30NN88DI13V, N37D, K43R, L63P, V75IB
 8102p81-1 RTV, SQV125V82A, L90M L10I, T12P, K14R, K43R, L63P, V77I, I93LB
Cardoso (2009)3092BRGO3092FJ638441PINA  K14R, I15V, L19I, E35D, R41K, K43R, L63PB
Rhee (2009)CA23906CA57927FJ983522NFV27L90LM K43R, I62V, L63P, V77I, I93LB
 CA25596CA59468FJ983534NFV117M46I, L90M N37T, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, I64V, H69Y, V77I, Q92K, I93LB
Dau (2010)06694A06694AGU581769PINA  R41K, K43R, Q61E, I62V, L63P, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 06858A06858AGU581790PINAI54IV, V82VA, L90LM E35D, N37E, K43R, L63P, I64IV, A71T, V77I, I85IV, I93ILB
 07715A07715AGU581864PINA  K43R, Q61E, L63P, A71AT, V77I, I93LB
Rhee (2010)CA25655CA84315GQ213176PI, Unknown, RTV, APV>74M46ML, I54V, V82C, L90ML10F, L33F, G73S, L89VI13IV, N37S, R41K, K43R, K55R, R57K, I62V, L63P, I64IM, A71V, I93LB
Barber (2012)4270442704JQ361692LPV L90LM L10I, K43R, R57K, L63P, C67S, I93LB
Jones (2012)117545117545JN669428PINA  T12TI, I13IV, K14KR, R41K, K43R, R57K, Q61N, I64V, I72M, V77IB
 127899127899JN669445PINAL90MG73SK43R, I62V, L63P, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 129132129132JN669461PINA  E35ED, N37S, P39PS, R41KQ, K43R, L63T, A71V, I72T, V77I, I93LB
 140903140903JN669593PINA  I15L, G16GA, R41K, K43R, R57K, Q61N, L63P, H69YB
 141054141054JN669595PINAI54ILM, L90LML33LFI13IV, N37DE, K43R, D60DE, L63P, A71AVB
 156893156893JN669876PINAV32I, M46I, I47V, I54M, L90ML33LF, G73S, L89VL10R, E34EQ, K43R, Q61QH, L63P, A71IV, I72T, V77I, I93LB
 158832158832JN669934PINAM46I, V82T, I84VL24IL10I, I15IV, K20IM, K43R, L63P, I64V, I66IV, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 169082169082JN670191PINAL90MG73SL10Y, I13V, L19I, N37D, K43R, K55R, L63P, A71V, I93LB
 169379169379JN670198PINAI50L, V82AQ58QEI15V, K20R, E34K, M36I, R41K, K43R, Q61D, L63T, E65D, I72T, T74SB
 173423173423JN670328PINAM46MI, I54M, L90LML33F, Q58QEI13IV, N37D, K43R, L63PB
 175787175787JN670374PINA  T12N, L19I, E35D, M36I, R41K, K43R, R57K, Q61N, L63LP, I72IATVB
 176775176775JN670413PINAI54IV, V82VF, L90LML33LIT4S, L10I, I13IV, G16E, L19I, K20I, M36I, K43R, Q61H, L63T, I64V, A71AT, P79PHQ, I85IV, Q92KB
 177130177130JN670426PINA  L10V, K14R, I15V, N37NS, K43R, L63PB
 180112180112JN670536PINA  T12S, L19I, E35D, R41K, K43R, L63P, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 180346180346JN670544PINA  T12S, I13V, L19I, N37S, R41K, K43R, Q61H, L63T, I64L, I72TB
 181666181666JN670578PINA  L10I, L19I, R41K, K43R, L63SB
 182065182065JN670598PINA  L10I, I15V, N37D, K43R, L63P, E65DB
 190495190495JN670799PINA  L10I, N37D, K43R, R57K, Q61N, L63A, I64M, I72V, I93LB
 194684194684JN670948PINA  N37D, K43R, R57K, Q61N, L63A, E65DB
 195722195722JN670998PINAL90M R41K, K43R, I62V, L63S, A71V, V77I, I93LB
 198263198263JN671112PINAD30NN88DL10Y, I13V, K43R, L63P, V77VI, I93LB
 201519201519JN671228PINA  L10I, I15V, E35D, M36I, N37D, R41K, K43R, R57K, Q61D, I93LB
 201859201859JN671238PINA  R41K, K43R, I62V, L63S, A71V, V77VL, I93LB
 202734202734JN671291PINA L33FT4S, L10I, K43R, R57K, I62V, L63P, C67S, H69Y, I72VB
 204185204185JN671333PINA  I13V, I15V, E35D, N37D, K43R, L63P, A71TB
 207206207206JN671425PINA  N37E, K43R, K55R, Q61E, I62V, L63P, H69N, V77IB
Kouri (2012)CU1288-09CU1288-09JQ585288PINAV32I, M46L, L76V, V82AL33LF, L89VL10I, I13V, K20R, M36I, N37D, R41K, K43R, Q61N, L63P, A71V, Q92KB
Mollan (2012)MK156MK156w48 RTV, ATV48  M36MI, R41K, K43R, I62V, L63P, I93LB