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Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Subtype B
Gene RT
Mutation V75T
Rx >= 1 NRTI
(but no NNRTI)
IncludeMixtures No
References 13
Patients 32
Isolates 36
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# NRTIs NNRTIsNRTIDRMs NNRTIDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Hammer (1997)ACTG320_353353 AZT, DDINoneM41L, V75T, T215F, K219Q K20R, A98S, K102R, S156SL, P176PS, D177G, G196E, K277KR, I293V, P294T, E297K, I326IMT, G359S, A371AV, A376S, T377S, A400T, E404ED, A446AS, K451R, D460N, H483HYB
Balotta (2000)CB-160CB-160AF251977D4T, 3TC, DDC, AZT, DDINoneM41L, D67N, T69D, V75T, F77FL, L210W, T215Y, K219R K20R, I31IL, V35I, R83K, Q91QK, A114AE, S117S*PQ, V148G, K166R, Q207QE, H208Y, R211K, K223QB
 CB-183CB-183AF252036DDC, AZT, D4T, 3TC, DDINoneM41L, L74I, V75T, M184V, L210W, T215Y K20R, E44D, S68G, R83K, V118I, D123E, S162CY, R211KB
Coakley (2000)EC26EC26F D4T, DDINoneV75TV179DD123E, D177E, V245M, A272S, K277R, I293V, G333E, Q334H, T338S, M357I, T377L, A400T, T470N, K512I, E516K, V548IB
 EC28EC28F D4T, DDINoneV75TV179DI135R, S162C, Q207E, R211K, K277R, I293V, E297K, V317A, I326V, Q334L, R356K, M357V, T377M, T403M, T419A, E432D, F440V, A445T, A446P, R448M, K451P, G453V, A455P, S468P, L469I, L491SB
Falloon (2000)JF10JF10-(-)1wAF227723AZT, DDI, DDC, D4T, 3TC, PFANoneM41L, D67N, T69D, L74LI, V75T, M184I, L210W, T215C, K219RV108IV118I, K122E, I178M, G196E, E203K, R211E, F214FILB
  JF10-12wAF227724AZT, DDI, DDC, D4T, 3TC, PFA, ABCNoneM41L, D67N, T69D, L74LI, V75T, M184I, L210W, T215C, K219RV108IV118I, K122E, I178M, G196E, E203K, R211EB
Albrecht (2001)ACTG364_12121212 DDI, AZTNoneA62V, D67E, K70R, V75T, T215TI, K219Q K20R, T27S, I37L, S68G, V118I, K122E, E203D, F214L, L228H, A272P, Q278QE, T286AB
 ACTG364_28662866 DDI, AZT, 3TCNoneM41ML, A62AV, K70KR, L74V, V75T, M184V I31IL, I37IL, V90I, I135LM, S162A, Q197R, V245M, A288S, I293V, E297KB
 ACTG364_39073907 DDI, AZTNoneM41L, A62V, V75T, T215YL100LIV21I, I178IM, Q197QP, R211K, D218E, A272PB
 ACTG364_45094509 DDI, AZT, 3TCNoneM41L, V75T, M184V V35I, K43E, S68G, L80LP, R83K, I178M, R211K, T286AB
 ACTG364_51025102 DDI, AZT, 3TCNoneV75T, M184V, K219KR I37L, K49KR, K101Q, R143R*, S162D, K166R, T200I, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221HY, K277RB
Eshleman (2001)A043AF357645AF357645AZT, DDINoneM41L, L74V, V75T, K219Q G18C, K64R, V106VI, V118I, K122KT, D123E, I142T, D177E, I178M, R211K, F214L, L228H, V245VM, E248ED, D250DE, E291D, E297KB
 A068AF357669AF357669AZT, DDINoneM41L, D67N, T69D, V75T, L210W, T215Y, K219KQ K20R, K64H, V106I, D123E, I142V, D177E, I178L, E203K, Q207E, R211K, K223KE, Q278QH, K281KR, T286A, E297KB
Gonzales (2001)CA789CA1423AY030425AZT, DDC, D4T, 3TCNoneA62V, V75T, M184V I37L, K122E, D123N, P133PHLR, D177DE, I178IM, T200TA, E204ED, Q207DN, R211K, S268SR, I270IMB
 CA1388CA3636AY030542AZT, 3TC, DDI, D4TNoneA62V, V75T, M184V, L210LW V8I, D123E, I135V, S162C, R211K, V245MB
 CA1442CA3853AY030580D4T, 3TCNoneA62V, V75T, M184V D123E, I135IT, S162C, T200I, R211RKB
 CA4001CA9258AY030999AZT, 3TC, D4T, DDINoneM41L, D67N, T69D, K70R, V75T, T215F, K219Q K20KR, T39N, K104Q, V118I, D123E, I142V, K166R, D177E, F214LB
 CA5433CA13168AY031985D4T, 3TCNoneV75T, Q151M, M184V S68G, I142V, S162C, E203D, R211K, F214L, Y232YF, E233EQ, D237DEHQ, T240TPB
 CA6425CA15931AY032379DDC, D4T, 3TCNoneM41L, A62V, V75T, M184V K32N, D123E, I135R, V179I, T253TA, R284K, I293VB
Katzenstein (2001)ACTG302_14441444RT_f1 DDI, AZT, 3TCNoneA62V, L74V, V75T, M184V I37L, V90I, I135M, S162A, Q197R, V245M, A288S, I293V, E297KB
 ACTG302_29792979RT_f1 DDI, AZT, 3TCNoneA62AV, V75T, M184V I37L, K49KR, K101KQ, S162SDGN, K166K*R, T200I, Q207E, R211K, F214LB
 ACTG302_35853585RT_bl AZT, DDINoneD67N, T69D, K70R, V75T, K219Q K102R, K104R, V106I, D123E, S162Y, K173KE, A272S, I293VB
 ACTG302_36203620RT_bl AZT, DDINoneD67N, K70R, L74V, V75T, K219Q V35I, R83K, K104N, D123E, S162C, I178L, G196E, Q207R, F214FL, A272P, K277RB
Roge (2003)ehh6ehh6-F1AY222062ABC, D4T, DDINoneD67N, K70R, V75T, T215AV, K219Q K64Y, D123E, D177E, G196E, T200I, H208Y, R211KB
  ehh6-F2AY222063ABC, D4T, DDINoneD67N, K70R, V75T, T215V, K219Q K64Y, D123E, D177E, G196E, T200I, H208HY, R211K, D218EB
Gulick (2004)RG12RG12w140 ABC, AZT, 3TC, TDFNoneD67N, K70R, V75T, M184VV108IK30R, D123E, I142V, T165L, D177E, R211Q, K277R, K281R, T286AB
Montes (2004)MB_patFRE00_FRE705AJ577893AZT, DDI, DDC, D4T, 3TC, ABCNoneV75T, Y115F, M184V K11R, E53D, V118I, D123E, I135T, S162Y, T200I, R211G, F214LB
Rhee (2005)CA789CA20223AY800704AZT, DDC, D4T, 3TCNoneM41L, A62V, V75T, M184V, T215Y I37L, S68G, K122E, D123N, I178M, T200A, E204D, Q207D, R211K, A288S, I293VB
 CA3888CA34583AY801184D4T, DDINoneD67N, K70E, V75T K11A, V35T, D86E, V106I, I135V, I142V, G196E, Q197K, Q207E, A272P, I293V, E297V, G333E, Q334H, M357I, A376T, T386I, V435E, D460N, R461K, L469I, L491S, L517I, S519N, Q520K, K527N, A534TB
 CA5433CA34379AY801578D4T, 3TCNoneV75T, Q151M, M184V, K219E I5IV, K11KR, K20KR, A33V, S68G, V111I, I142V, S162Y, E203D, R211RK, F214L, V245E, D250DE, V292I, I293VB
 CA8050CA20184AY801930AZT, 3TC, D4T, DDINoneM41L, A62V, V75T, M184V, L210W, T215Y K122E, K173KR, V245E, K281R, I293VB
 CA8329CA21029AY801958D4T, 3TCNoneK70N, V75T, M184V K20KR, K122E, I142V, T165I, R211K, F214L, V245E, A272P, I293VB
 CA9773CA23996AY802107AZT, DDI, D4T, 3TCNoneM41L, A62V, D67DN, V75T, M184V, T215Y I31IL, V90I, K102R, D123E, I142V, V179I, Q207N, T286A, I293V, E297K, E300E_E, I329L, A360T, A376T, T386I, A400V, D460N, V467I, L491S, S519N, A554T, I556V, V559IB
 CA14191CA34315AY8022603TC, D4TNoneA62AV, K70N, V75T, Q151M, M184V K11KT, V35VAIT, T39A, S68G, A98S, D123N, E169D, D177E, I178L, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L, V245E, A272P, K277R, T286A, E297A, Q334L, M357T, E370D, A376T, T386TI, A400T, V435A, D460N, R461K, K512QB
Rosen-Zvi (2008)5200p52-1 AZT, DDC, D4T, DDI, ABC, 3TCNoneD67N, K70R, V75T, K219Q V35I, K43Q, K64Y, K102KR, K103R, V118I, L210F, F214L, D218DE, L228H, K277R, T286A, A288T, I293VB