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Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Subtype A
Gene RT
Mutation T69S
Rx RTI-naive
IncludeMixtures No
References 10
Patients 21
Isolates 21
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# NRTIs NNRTIsNRTIDRMs NNRTIDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Lwembe (2007)NYU7979MFEB03 NoneNone  V35T, T69S, D121H, K122E, I135T, K173A, Q174K, V179I, Q207A, R211SA
Ndembi (2008)IAEM078IAEM078EU306794NoneNone  V35T, K49R, I50V, V60I, T69S, D121H, K122E, D123S, I135T, I142V, T165I, E169D, K173S, Q174K, T200A, Q207A, R211K, F214LA
Nyombi (2008)TBK023TBK023EU251729NoneNone  V35T, V60I, T69S, K122E, D123S, I142V, K173A, Q174K, D177E, V179I, T200A, I202IV, Q207A, R211N, D250E, A272P, E291D, I293V, E312D, Q334L, G335D, P345S, M357R, R358K, G359S, A371V, I375VA
 TMS119TMS119EU251819NoneNone  K11T, V35T, I50IV, T69S, V106VI, K122E, D123N, I135T, K173S, D177E, V179I, I202V, Q207A, R211S, V245M, T286A, I293V, P294T, E312NT, V314M, G335D, M357K, G359S, K366KR, A371V, I375V, A376V, T377MA
Vercauteren (2009)pt9357651373154GQ400089NoneNone  E6D, E28K, K32DE, V35T, T39TA, T69S, K122E, D123S, I135T, I142V, S162H, K173S, D177E, V179I, Q207A, R211K, P243A, V245Q, T286A, E291D, V292VI, I293V, E312D, I326VA
 pt7568621913674GQ400268NoneNoneK219Q E36K, I37F, E40D, V60I, T69S, K101R, V118I, K122E, D123N, I135T, I142T, K173LS, Q174K, V179I, T200A, Q207A, R211S, F214L, V245RA
 pt7038877010072GQ400321NoneNoneK219Q K30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, E40D, E53ED, V60I, T69S, V118I, K122E, D123N, I135T, K173S, Q174K, D177E, V179I, T200A, Q207A, R211S, F214LA
Hamers (2011)CP076302253CP076302253HQ993767NoneNone  V21I, V35T, T39A, E40D, K49R, V60I, T69S, K122E, I135T, I142V, K173S, Q174K, D177E, V179VI, T200A, Q207E, R211AGST, F214FL, V245E, D250E, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293VA
 CP076302260CP076302260HQ993826NoneNone  I5IV, E6EK, V35T, V60I, T69S, K122E, D123S, I135T, K173S, Q174K, D177E, V179I, T200A, Q207A, R211S, V245KQ, D250DE, T286A, E291D, V292VI, I293V, P294T, E312DN, G335DA
 CP076302293CP076302293HQ993841NoneNone  K20R, V35T, V60I, T69S, K122E, I135T, E169D, K173S, Q174K, D177E, V179I, G196E, I202V, Q207A, R211S, F214FL, V245I, D250E, A272P, K277R, L283LI, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, L295M, E297K, E312D, S322AA
 CP076301880CP076301880HQ995009NoneNone  K11A, V35I, T69S, K102Q, K122E, D123S, I135T, I142V, K173S, D177E, V179I, G196K, T200A, Q207A, R211S, V245Q, E248D, E291D, V292VI, I293V, P294PT, E297KA
 CP076302004CP076302004HQ995017NoneNone  K32I, V35T, T39K, T69S, K122E, D123N, D177E, Q197QK, Q207E, V245EK, E248D, D250E, K281R, T286A, E291D, I293V, P294TA
 CP076302062CP076302062HQ995025NoneNoneA62V P4S, K20R, V21I, V35I, T39N, T69S, K122E, D123N, I135L, S162C, K173S, Q174K, D177E, V179I, G196E, T200A, I202V, Q207A, R211K, V245Q, E248D, R284K, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, P294T, L295M, E297KA
 CP076303001CP076303001HQ995069NoneNone  V35T, T69S, K122E, D123N, K173S, Q174K, I178L, T200A, Q207A, R211K, V245Q, A272P, T286A, I293V, P294TA
 CP076301921CP076301921HQ995393NoneNone  V35T, V60I, T69S, K122E, I135T, I142V, S162H, K173S, Q174K, D177E, V179I, T200A, Q207A, R211S, V245T, D250E, S251R, A272P, K275R, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, P294T, E297DA
 CP076301933CP076301933HQ995400NoneNoneK70Q K20R, V35T, T39L, K43R, V60I, T69S, V106I, D121H, K122E, D123S, I135T, I142V, D177E, I178L, T200I, Q207A, R211K, F214L, V245T, S251D, A272AP, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, P294T, E297DA
Fernandez-Garcia (2012)RUA001RUA001JQ292893NoneNoneA62V K11T, V35I, E36D, T39K, T69S, D123N, A158S, K173V, Q174K, D177E, Q207A, R211S, V245T, E248D, A272P, K277R, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, P294T, E300EK, I326V, E328EK, Q334L, G335D, R356K, M357K, R358G, G359S, E370A, A371V, I375V, K390R, V435I, L452I, D471E, Q480H, L491S, K512R, E516EK, L517I, S519N, Q520K, Q524K, K527E, K530R, A534S, A554Y, K558RA
Billong (2013)MR139MR139KF192234NoneNone  K11T, V35T, T39N, E40ED, K49R, T69S, D121DY, K122E, D123DN, I135V, T139A, I142IN, S162C, S163SG, K173S, Q174QK, D177DE, G196GE, T200A, Q207E, R211RK, V245Q, Y271F, A272P, K281KR, T286A, A288G, I293V, E297KA
Hassan (2013)RS09000941RS09000941HQ441683NoneNone  E6D, V35T, E40D, K49R, V60I, K64KR, T69S, K122E, D123S, I135T, S162C, K173A, Q174K, D177E, I178L, V179I, Q207A, R211AT, V245E, E248D, D250E, A272P, K275Q, E291D, I293V, P294IV, E312DA
Kiptoo (2013)SNH044SNH044KC516964NoneNone  V35T, T39A, E40D, G45GE, S48T, V60I, T69S, D121HY, K122E, I135T, I142V, K173L, Q174K, D177E, V179I, T200A, Q207A, R211S, V245K, E248ED, D250E, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293V, P294T, E312DA
Rusine (2013)729H729HKC841751NoneNone  I31FL, V35T, T39M, S48T, V60I, T69S, K122E, D123N, I135T, I142V, K166KR, K173S, D177E, V179I, Q207A, R211K, V245E, E248N, K277R, I293V, P294A, E312N, D324DEA