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Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Subtype D
Gene RT
Mutation H221Y
Rx >= 1 NNRTI
(+/- NRTI)
IncludeMixtures No
References 15
Patients 40
Isolates 40
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# NRTIs NNRTIsNRTIDRMs NNRTIDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Non-B Workgroup (2005)UK1972UK1972AY901372AZT, DDI, 3TC, D4TNVPM41L, D67N, M184V, T215YG190AK32I, L34I, V35T, T39A, K49R, K104KR, S117A, S162CY, S163ST, D177E, I178F, T200R, Q207E, H208Y, R211K, W212R, H221YD
Baxter (2006)12-22582258-30721DQ880135NRTINNRTIM41L, D67E, T69S_VG, L74V, M184VK101H, Y181CF, Y188LV60I, D121Y, K122E, T139K, D177E, I178L, V189I, T200AV, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, T240A, V245KD
von Wyl (2007)801797997EF449958NRTINNRTIM184VY181CK20R, V35T, K49R, V60I, D121Y, K122E, D123E, I135V, T139V, T165TAIV, E169D, D177E, I178L, G196E, T200A, E204K, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221YD
Hawkins (2009)Q967ZZQ967FJ931372D4T, 3TCNVPD67N, K70R, M184V, K219QY181CL34I, V35T, T39M, V60I, D123E, I135T, D177E, I178V, Q207K, R211K, F214L, H221Y, V245K, D250E, A272P, K277R, T286A, E297K, K311R, I329VD
Burda (2010)07BDHS4007BDHS40GQ344972D4T, 3TCNVPM184V, N348IY181CV35T, T39A, E40D, K49R, V60I, V106I, I135T, S162C, R172K, N175H, D177E, I178L, Q197R, T200E, K201I, E204K, Q207E, F214L, H221Y, V245K, A272P, T286A, I293V, E297K, Q334E, G335S, T338S, Y339W, R356K, K374Q, T377R, K390R, A400T, T403M, V435ID
Ndembi (2010)15845D_P115845GQ409579AZT, 3TCNVPM184VV108I, Y181C, G190GAP4T, V35T, K49R, V60I, D121Y, K122E, I135T, D177E, T200A, E204K, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221YD
Sigaloff (2011)HIV102998HIV102998JN132334AZT, 3TCEFVM41L, D67N, T69D, K70R, M184V, L210W, T215FK103N, V108I, Y181C, G190AK32R, V35T, T39M, K43KQ, K49R, V60I, I135T, D177E, T200TI, Q207E, H208HY, R211K, H221Y, V245E, D250E, L282C, L283I, I293VD
 HIV103131HIV103131JN132339D4T, 3TCNVPK65R, M184VK103N, Y181CL34I, V35T, T39L, V60I, S68G, T200A, Q207E, H221Y, V245T, D250E, A272P, K277R, T286A, E297KD
Hamers (2012)CP076304820CP076304820JQ480239AZT, 3TCEFV K103NV35T, T39A, E40D, V60I, D121Y, K122E, D123E, S162C, F171Y, D177E, I178M, T200A, Q207A, R211S, H221Y, V245E, D250E, A272P, K277R, L282C, L283I, I293VD
Kouri (2012)CU1270-09CU1270-09JQ585285NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, K219QY181C, G190GAV8VAIT, K20R, V35T, T39A, E40D, K49R, V60I, T69TN, K101KQ, V106I, K122E, I135R, E169D, D177E, T200TA, I202V, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221Y, V245Q, D250E, A272P, T286A, K311R, I329V, G335DD
 CU1209-09CU1209-09JQ585279NRTINNRTIM41L, V75M, M184V, T215YA98G, V106M, G190AL12L*, Q23Q*, V35T, T39A, K43E, E44D, V60I, P97PR, K102KN, L109W, D121H, K122E, I135IL, D177E, I178L, V179I, G196E, T200A, I202V, E203D, E204A, Q207E, L210S, H221Y, V245T, D250E, A272S, K277R, T286A, E297K, P313S, V317A, I329V, G335D, E344DD
 CU1708-09CU1708-09JQ585308NRTINNRTIM184VV108VI, Y181CV8I, V35T, T39A, E40D, K49R, N54ND, V60I, S68G, I135V, Q161QL, E169D, D177E, Q207E, H221Y, V245T, A272P, K277R, T286A, V292I, E297A, K311R, E312G, P313Q, I329V, G335ED
Reynolds (2012)E0580E0580-2JN652206AZT, 3TC, TDF, DDINVPM184VV108I, Y181CL34I, V35T, E40D, K49R, V60I, K101Q, D121H, K122E, E169D, D177E, I178L, G196E, T200I, E204K, Q207D, R211K, H221Y, V245K, D250E, T253TA, K277R, L282C, L283I, T286I, A288S, I293V, E297AD
 G0772G0772-1JN652195D4T, 3TCNVPM184VY181CV35T, T39LS, K49R, S68G, T69N, D86E, D121Y, K122E, I135T, S162SC, V179I, T200I, Q207X, R211K, H221Y, V245N, D250E, A272P, K277R, L282C, T286A, A288TD
Aghokeng (2013)HJ3116HJ3116JX982985NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215FK103N, V108I, Y181CK20R, K49R, V60I, K102N, V118I, I135T, R172K, D177E, I178L, V179I, Q182S, T200A, E203D, E204K, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221Y, L228R, V245T, A272S, L283I, T286A, I293V, E297K, R307K, V317A, I329V, Q334E, Y339W, I341V, R356K, G359S, A371V, I375V, T377I, K390R, A400T, T403MD
 HJ3051HJ3051JX982983NRTINNRTIM184V, N348IY181CK20KR, V35T, K49R, V60I, D123E, I135T, T139TAIV, R172K, D177E, I178L, G196E, E204K, Q207E, F214L, H221Y, V241I, V245K, A272P, T286A, A288S, E297K, I329V, G335N, T338S, Y339W, G359GS, A376C, K390R, A400TD
Pircher (2013)B1142B1142JX110241D4T, 3TC, AZTNVPM184VV108VI, Y181CK32R, V35T, E36ED, K49R, V60I, V118I, D121C, K122E, I135T, K166R, E169D, D177E, I178L, V179I, T200I, E204K, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221Y, V245Q, E248N, D250ED
Sigaloff (2013)JCR011_0JCR011_0JX181983NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215YY181CE6D, V35T, E44D, V60I, V111I, K122E, I135L, K166R, D177E, I178M, V179I, E203K, Q207D, H208Y, R211K, H221Y, V245Q, D250E, A272P, K277R, L282C, E297AD
Kekitiinwa (2017)28255_28228255_282KY237817NRTINNRTIK70N, L74I, Y115F, M184VK103NV35T, V60I, D121Y, K122E, D177E, I178M, E194D, T200I, Q207EG, R211K, H221Y, P225R, T240K, V245K, D250E, A272P, K275R, K277KR, Q278H, L282C, T286A, I293VD
 65530_90765530_907KY237890NRTINNRTIL74V, Y115F, M184VY181C, G190AK49R, V60I, E138T, S162C, V179I, T200L, E203K, Q207D, R211K, H221YD
 65537_38965537_389KY237893NRTINNRTIL74V, Y115F, M184VL100I, K103N, V108IK49R, V60I, D121HY, K122E, I142V, S163T, T165I, D177E, I178M, T200TA, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, L228QD
 65490_29365490_293KY237876NRTINNRTIM184VK101KE, Y181CK49R, V60I, D121Y, K122E, T131S, P133PL, I135R, E169D, D177E, I178L, T200I, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221YD
 41433_28241433_282KY237844NRTINNRTIK70N, L74I, Y115F, M184VK103NV35T, V60I, D121Y, K122E, T165TA, D177E, I178M, E194D, T200I, Q207G, R211K, H221Y, P225R, T240IK, V245K, D250E, A272P, K275R, K277R, Q278H, L282C, T286A, I293VD
 65740_25365740_253KY237908NRTINNRTIK70KR, L74V, Y115F, M184VY181CK49R, V60I, D177E, Q207E, R211KT, H221YD
 28179_30928179_309KY237807NRTINNRTIL74V, Y115F, M184VY181CE29EG, V35T, T39TA, E40D, K49R, V60I, V90VI, K101R, K122E, I135MT, T165TI, K173S, Q174K, D177E, V179I, E194N, G196E, T200I, Q207D, R211K, H221Y, V245E, D250E, A272P, L282C, L283I, R284K, V292ID
 35369_25335369_253KY237841NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, L74I, Y115F, M184V, T215F, K219QV108IV35T, K49R, V60I, K64N, D177E, I202V, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, V245K, D250E, L282C, T286A, I293VD
 79391_30379391_303KY238004NRTINNRTIL74V, Y115F, M184VV108VI, Y181CK49R, V60I, K101R, D121HY, K122E, D177E, I178M, V179I, G196GE, T200M, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, K238RD
 79386_29279386_292KY238000NRTINNRTIK65R, Y115F, M184VV108I, Y181CK49R, V60I, V90I, K122E, I135V, S162C, E169K, K173E, D177E, T200M, Q207E, R211K, H221YD
Kityo (2017)8318683186KY061742NRTINNRTID67DE, M184V, L210W, T215YA98G, Y181CK43E, K49R, V60I, T69S, D121Y, K122E, I135L, D177E, I178IM, V179VI, T200K, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, L228LHD
 8318383183KY061739NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215YY181CK43Q, V60I, V111VIM, D121Y, K122E, I135T, S162A, D177E, I178IM, G196GE, T200MR, E203EK, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, K238RD
 8323283232KY061787NRTINNRTIM41L, T69D, M184V, L210W, T215YK103N, V108I, M230L, L234IK43E, S48T, K49R, V60I, D177E, I195L, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, L228HD
 2836328363KY061374NRTINNRTIM41L, T69D, M184V, L210W, T215YK103N, V108I, M230L, L234IV35T, E36D, T39R, K43E, S48T, K49R, V60I, D177E, I195L, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, L228H, V245K, D250E, A272P, L282C, L283I, R284K, I293VD
 8343783437KY061991NRTINNRTIM41L, V75I, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219RK103N, F227LE44D, V60I, W88C, V111I, K122E, I132L, I135T, D177E, I178IM, V179VI, T200K, E203D, Q207E, H208HY, R211K, H221Y, P225Y, L228FD
 8293382933KY061497NRTINNRTIL74V, Y115F, M184VL100I, K103NK49R, V60I, S68G, K102Q, D121F, K122E, R125K, E169D, D177E, T200IR, Q207E, R211K, H221YD
 8318483184KY061740NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215YV108I, Y181CK43Q, E44EAD, K49R, V60I, A98AS, K102KR, D123E, S162D, D177E, I178L, G196E, E203K, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, L228RD
 8292982929KY061493NRTINNRTIM184V, L210LW, T215YV108I, Y181CK49R, V60I, S68SG, K122E, I135T, G196R, T200I, Q207EG, R211K, H221YD
 8308183081KY061639NRTINNRTIK70Q, M184IY181CK49R, V60I, V90VI, D121HY, K122E, D123E, P133PL, P170PL, D177E, I178L, E203K, Q207E, R211K, H221YD
 8301183011KY061573NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, V75I, M184I, L210W, T215Y, K219RV108I, Y181CK43E, E44D, K49R, V60I, V90I, V118I, D121H, K122E, S162N, T165I, D177E, I178V, V179VI, G196GE, I202V, Q207A, R211RK, H221YD
 8301683016KY061577NRTINNRTIM184VK103N, Y181C, P225HP59PS, V60I, S68G, K122E, D123N, I135T, E169ED, P170PL, D177E, I178L, G196K, Q207E, R211K, H221YD
 8351083510KY062064NRTINNRTIM184V, K219RV108I, Y181CV60I, D121H, K122E, I142V, D177E, I178IM, V179VI, T200I, Q207E, R211K, F214L, H221Y, L228HD