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Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Subtype C
Gene RT
Mutation K101R
Rx >= 1 NNRTI
(+/- NRTI)
IncludeMixtures No
References 14
Patients 28
Isolates 29
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# NRTIs NNRTIsNRTIDRMs NNRTIDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Johnston (2003)TC-62TC-62 D4T, DDI, AZT, 3TCNVP, EFVM184VG190AP4S, V21I, V35T, E36A, T39E, S48T, W88C, K101R, K122E, E138A, K173I, Q174K, D177G, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214P, V245Q, E248DC
Soares (2003)BR57BR57AY2757943TC, D4T, AZTEFV  I50L, K101R, K122E, D123S, T200A, Q207E, R211KC
Non-B Workgroup (2005)TK2006TK2006 AZT, DDI, 3TC, D4TEFV  V35T, E36A, T39D, S48T, K101R, K122E, D123G, I135IV, S162Y, K166KR, K173A, Q174K, D177E, G196M, T200A, Q207E, L209LF, R211K, V245Q, D250E, A272P, K277R, E291D, I293V, V317AC
  TK2006a AZT, DDI, 3TC, D4TEFVM184VK103KN, V179FL, Y188LV35T, T39D, S48T, V90I, K101R, K122E, D123G, S162Y, K166KR, K173A, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, F214L, V245Q, D250E, A272P, K277R, I293V, E297K, V317VAC
Seoighe (2007)PL12906_PL129V2EF382074NoneNVP K103KN, Y181YC, G190GAK32R, V35T, E36EA, T39E, S48T, V60I, K101R, K104KR, K122E, D123GS, K173A, Q174QK, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, A272AP, I274IV, K275KQ, K277KR, Q278N, T286A, V292I, I293VC
von Wyl (2007)1485055699EF449802NRTINNRTIM184V, T215FYA98G, G190EV35T, T39E, K43R, K101R, K122E, D123S, I135T, K173A, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211KC
Deshpande (2009)Pat110238RTFJ530831NRTINNRTIK219RA98GV35T, T39D, K43R, S48T, V60I, W88S, G93GR, K101R, D121Y, K122E, I135R, S162A, K166R, K173A, D177E, T200A, Q207E, K220N, V245QC
 Pat037344FJ530904AZT, 3TCNVPV75I, M184VK103N, P225HV35T, T39N, V60I, K101R, K122E, D123S, I132L, K173A, Q174K, D177G, T200E, Q207E, R211K, L228LIPT, V245EC
Wallis (2009)TJC2455335TJC2455335 D4T, 3TCEFVK65R, V75A, F77L, F116Y, Q151MG190E, P225HK20R, V35T, T39E, S48T, S68G, T69TI, K73M, W88S, K101R, K122E, E138A, P157A, R172K, K173A, V179G, T200A, Q207E, F214L, V245Q, A272P, T286A, V292I, I293VC
Kebe (2013)SNA3-220SNA3-220HM002517NRTINVPT69D, M184VV108I, Y181CV35T, E36A, T39E, K49R, A98S, K101R, D123N, K166Q, R172K, Q174K, D177E, I178L, T200A, Q207E, R211K, H221Y, E224D, V245Q, D250E, A272P, K277RC
Manasa (2013)RES315RES315KC951771D4T, 3TC, TDFEFVK65R, T69~K103N, Y181C, Y188HK20R, V35T, T39E, E40D, K101R, K173A, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, A272P, K277R, L283I, A288S, E291D, V292I, I293VC
 RES371RES371KC951824D4T, 3TCEFVM184VK103NV35T, E36A, T39E, S48T, V60I, K101R, K122E, D123S, I135M, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245K, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293VC
 RES040RES040KC951661D4T, 3TCNVPM41L, M184V, T215FV108I, Y181CV35T, T39A, S48T, V60I, K101R, K122E, D123S, I135T, K173I, Q174K, D177E, I178M, V179I, T200A, Q207D, R211K, H221Y, V245K, D250E, K277R, E291D, V292I, I293VC
 RES369RES369KC951822D4T, 3TC, AZTEFVM184VG190EV35T, E36A, T39E, E40D, V90I, I94L, K101R, I135T, S162Y, K173A, Q174K, D177E, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, E248D, D250E, A272P, T286V, E291D, I293V, P294T, E297KC
 RES017RES017KC951642D4T, 3TCEFVM184V, K219NG190EV35T, E36A, T39E, W88C, K101R, K103R, K122E, D123G, I135V, E138A, K173T, T200A, Q207T, R211K, F214L, L228R, V245E, V261I, A272S, K281R, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293VC
Theys (2013)8087780877KC219003NRTI, TDFNNRTI K103N, G190GRST39A, S48T, K101R, K122KE, K166R, K173A, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245QC
Van Zyl (2013)1076214KC423646D4T, 3TCEFVK65R, L74I, Y115F, M184VK103N, V106MV35T, T39E, S48T, S68G, W88C, V90I, K101R, V118I, K122E, D123S, T139K, I142T, S162A, T165I, K173A, Q174K, T200A, E204Q, Q207E, R211K, F214LC
 17242983KC423918D4T, 3TCEFV  V35T, E36A, T39E, S48T, E53D, V60I, K101R, K104N, K122E, D123N, K166R, K173A, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245QC
 6682113KC423626ABC, 3TCEFVK65R, M184VK103N, P225H, K238TV35T, T39E, S48T, V60I, K101R, K122E, D123N, L168LS, K173T, Q174K, T200A, Q207E, V245QC
 748195KC423530AZT, 3TCEFVD67N, K70R, M184V, K219EG190EV35T, T39K, S48T, V60I, K101R, K122E, I135V, K173A, Q174R, D177E, T200A, Q207E, V245QC
 1191634KC424192D4T, 3TCEFV  K20R, V35T, T39E, S48T, K101R, K122E, D123N, E138A, K173T, T200A, I202V, Q207E, R211K, V245Q, D250EC
 17061910KC423507AZT, D4T, 3TC, ABCNVP, EFVT69DK103N, Y181C, G190AV35T, E36D, T39KN, S48T, V60I, K101R, K122E, D123S, K173A, D177E, I178V, T200A, Q207E, R211K, V245QC
 15342006KC423556AZT, D4T, 3TC, DDINVP, EFVD67N, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219EG190EK20KR, V35T, T39E, T69TN, K101R, K103R, K122E, D123S, I135V, E138S, K173A, Q174E, D177G, T200A, Q207N, V245Q, E248EDC
Steegen (2014)11ZAKS15111ZAKS151KJ176433D4T, 3TCEFVA62AV, M184VG190EK20R, V35L, T39E, S48T, K101R, K122E, D123G, E138A, K166R, K173A, I178M, T200A, Q207D, R211K, L228R, V245Q, A272P, K277R, E291D, V292I, I293V, V317A, S322AC
 12ZAKS36512ZAKS365KJ176644D4T, 3TCNVPM41L, D67N, T69D, K70KR, V75M, M184V, T215F, K219W, N348IV108I, Y181CV8L, V21VI, V35IKLQ, E36EA, T39EK, K43Q, S48T, K49R, E53D, V60I, V90I, K101R, V118I, K122E, D123N, S162H, K173T, Q174K, D177E, T200A, E203D, Q207E, R211RK, K223Q, L228H, V245Q, R284RK, T286A, T290S, E291D, V292I, I293V, D324DE, Q334DN, G335D, R356K, M357R, G359S, A360T, T377R, K390KR, A400AITV, E404DC
Wallis (2014)4144841448KM458533NRTINNRTIK65R, K70TV106M, Y188LV35T, E36A, T39D, P52S, V60I, S68G, K101R, D121HY, K122E, I135V, T139A, S162C, K173A, D177E, T200A, Q207E, F214FL, H221HYC
 4143441434KM458530NRTINNRTID67DN, M184VK103N, G190AV35T, T39E, S48T, V60I, A98S, K101R, D121H, K122E, D123E, I135T, E138A, K166R, D177E, T200A, I202V, Q207EC
 4150341503KM458547NRTINNRTIK65R, K70R, V75I, F77L, Q151M, K219KRV179D, Y181CK20KR, L34V, V35T, E36A, T39E, S48T, S68G, T69X, K101R, V118I, K122E, D123G, K173A, Q174K, D177E, I178M, T200A, I202V, Q207E, R211K, F214FL, H221Y, F227FYC
Seu (2015)ZM.HIVDRM.16ZM.HIVDRM.16KP995626D4T, 3TCNVPA62V, D67N, M184VV106A, F227LT27TS, V35T, T39E, S48T, K101R, K122E, D123Q, E138A, K166R, Q174R, D177E, I178L, T200A, Q207K, R211Q, L228F, V245E, D250E, S251N, A272P, K277R, L283I, T286A, E291D, V292I, I293VC