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Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Subtype B
Gene RT
Mutation Y181V
Rx >= 1 NNRTI
(+/- NRTI)
IncludeMixtures No
References 11
Patients 39
Isolates 42
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# NRTIs NNRTIsNRTIDRMs NNRTIDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Hammer (1997)ACTG320_12131213 AZT, DDINVPM41L, L74V, L210W, T215YA98G, Y181VV35M, T39A, K43E, E44A, R83K, K102Q, V118I, D123E, I195L, G196GE, E203K, H208HY, R211K, K223E, L228H, A272P, T286A, E297K, D324E, Q334L, G335S, R356RK, G359S, K366R, A371V, A376T, K390R, A400T, V435I, K451R, V458I, R461RKB
Dumans (2004)233233AY390129AZT, DDI, 3TC, D4TNVP, EFVM41L, D67N, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215YA98G, K101E, V108I, Y181V, G190AK43Q, E44D, V118I, D123E, I135T, E203K, Q207E, H208Y, R211K, K223QB
Rhee (2005)CA1455CA7736AY800960AZT, DDI, D4T, DDC, ABCNVP, EFVM41L, D67G, K70R, L74V, T215Y, K219EK101E, Y181V, G190AE28A, V60I, S68G, K122E, I135T, I178MB
  CA17361AY800961AZT, DDI, D4T, DDC, ABCNVP, EFVM41L, D67G, K70R, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219EK101E, Y181V, G190AE28A, V60I, S68G, K103KR, V106I, L109I, V118I, K122E, I135T, I178M, D218E, Q242K, A299AGB
 SWC-39273927-1960 AZT, NRTI, 3TC, D4TNVPM41L, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NY181VK32X, E44D, V118I, D123E, I135T, V179I, E203K, Q207E, H208Y, R211K, K223Q, L228R, Q269X, A272PB
 CA5735CA24332AY801606AZT, D4T, 3TCNVPK70R, T215FK101E, Y181VT27S, E28K, K32E, V60I, T69N, R83K, V179I, T200A, Q207D, L228R, V245E, T286A, E297KB
  CA34844AY801607AZT, D4T, 3TCNVPM41ML, T69DN, K70KR, M184V, T215FK101E, Y181VK20KR, T27S, E28K, K32E, V60I, R83K, V179I, T200A, Q207D, L228R, V245E, T286A, E297KB
 CA7074CA17408AY801756D4T, 3TC, AZT, DDINVPM41L, L210W, T215YY181VT39A, S68G, I135T, K166R, T200A, R211K, Q278H, T286A, A288S, I293V, E297KB
 CA14547CA34914AY802377AZT, DDC, 3TC, D4T, DDI, ABC, TDFNVP, EFVM41L, D67N, T69D, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219RA98G, K101E, V108I, Y181V, G190AT39A, E44D, V106I, V118I, I159L, V179I, E203K, H208Y, R211D, K223Q, A272P, K277R, I293V, E297K, I329V, M357MT, V365I, A400T, W410WC, V435A, T450S, L452V, D460N, R461K, S468T, Q509QH, Q524E, A554SB
  CA38275AY802378AZT, DDC, 3TC, D4T, DDI, ABC, TDFNVP, EFVM41L, D67N, T69D, L74V, M184MV, L210W, T215Y, K219RA98G, K101E, V108I, Y181V, G190AT39A, E44D, V106I, V118I, I159L, V179IM, E203K, H208Y, R211D, K223Q, A272P, K277R, I293V, E297KB
Baxter (2006)12-14281428-30313DQ879488NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, T215I, K219EY181VK65KE, T69N, K122E, S162A, Q207E, R211K, L228HR, P243S, V245EB
 12-20832083-30609DQ880004NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NK101E, Y181VT39A, E40V, K43E, V118I, K122P, S162C, S163G, I178IM, V179I, R211K, D218EB
 12-20482048-30819DQ879977NRTINNRTIK65KR, L74LV, T215TNSYY181VS68SN, K122E, D123E, I135T, S162C, Q174K, T200I, R211K, F214FL, E224EDB
 12-21502150-30818DQ880057NRTINNRTIM41L, T69G, K70R, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215FY, K219EV108I, Y181VT39A, E40D, V60I, K66X, D67X, K102E, V118VI, K122E, I135T, T139TA, S162CY, V179I, T200TA, D218E, H221HY, L228H, Q242HB
 12-22232223-30805DQ880112NRTINNRTIM41L, D67G, K70R, L74I, V75M, M184V, T215F, K219QK101E, V106M, Y181V, G190AK64R, T69N, V118I, K122E, I135V, T139A, Q174N, I202IV, F214L, L228H, Q242E, V245KB
 12-17931793-30609DQ879776NRTINNRTID67N, K70KR, L74I, M184V, T215F, K219QY181VK101Q, S162SC, E169D, Q174N, R211S, L228HB
 12-17381738-30617DQ879728NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, V75M, M184V, L210W, T215F, K219QV108I, Y181VT39E, E44D, V60I, A98S, V111VL, V118I, K122E, I132IK, I142V, S162D, E169K, K173E, V179I, I195IL, G196E, T200A, E203V, Q207E, R211K, D218E, F227FY, L228K, V245EB
 48-11111111-30630DQ880552NRTINNRTIM41L, A62V, K65KR, D67N, K70KR, V75I, F116Y, Q151M, T215F, K219QY181VG112GA, K122E, S162A, P170L, D177E, T200TI, I202IV, R211RS, D218E, L228HB
 48-31533153-30416DQ878064NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, L210W, T215Y, K219RV108VI, Y181VT39E, E44D, V60I, V118I, K122E, I135L, V179I, R211RQ, H221Y, V245T, K277R, Q278E, T286A, I293V, E297K, V317VA, I329V, Q334L, G335GS, G359S, A371V, A376S, T386I, Q394L, A400TB
 48-41244124-30318DQ878355NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, T215Y, K219Q, N348IK103N, Y181V, Y188LM16V, V35M, T39A, V118VI, K122KE, I135V, G196E, E203A, L210LS, D218E, L228H, A272P, K277R, T286A, E297AT, S322T, Q334P, G335NS, R356K, K366R, A376T, E399EDB
 48-41294129-30318DQ878360NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NY181VK43E, E44A, V118I, K122KE, N137H, I142V, K166R, V179I, T200M, E203K, Q207D, H208Y, R211K, K223E, L228LH, A272P, K277R, K281R, I293IV, E297K, S322T, I326V, G333E, Q334N, G335C, M357V, G359S, V365I, A371V, A400TB
 48-60446044-30507DQ878643NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NY181VV35M, T39A, E40F, K43E, T69N, K122E, T200A, V245Q, T286A, A288S, E297A, Q334L, A371V, A376V, E399D, A400TB
 48-71667166-30611DQ879003NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NY181VP4S, K20R, T39TA, K43E, E44A, V118I, K122KE, D123DE, I135IV, I178M, V179I, H208HY, R211K, L228H, A272P, K277R, I293V, Q334E, M357T, A376T, T386A, A400TB
 48-90279027-30825DQ880666NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219EY181V, G190ST69H, K102Q, K122E, D123E, I135T, S162C, V245KB
 48-90369036-30825DQ880674NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, V75M, L210W, T215Y, K219NA98G, Y181V, G190A, F227LK43Q, E44D, K49R, V60I, V106VI, V111I, K122E, D123DE, I135IV, S162D, S163T, M164I, I167V, E169D, I178F, V179I, T200A, E203K, H208Y, R211K, K223EB
 48-92819281-30925DQ880872NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, L74V, M184MV, L210W, T215Y, K219KRA98G, K101HQ, V108VI, Y181V, G190A, F227LK43E, E44A, V118I, K122E, D123DN, I135T, P140T, S162D, S163G, K166KR, V179VI, G196E, T200TIM, E203K, R211K, H221HY, K223Q, L228H, V245MB
Dau (2010)07444A07444AGU581847NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, K70R, L74V, T215F, K219W, N348IY181V, G190EK11KR, V35VI, T39TA, K101T, V118VI, K122E, E138A, S162CY, R172RK, H208HY, L210LS, L228H, V245MR, R284K, A288S, I293V, E298A, E312A, I326V, Q334E, M357T, V365VI, A376T, T386A, K390KRB
 07893A07893AGU581880NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NV179VD, Y181V, Y188LV35VI, K43KR, E44D, A98S, K101Q, K103KR, L109I, V118I, K122E, D123E, I135V, S162SN, K173KR, V189I, I202IV, H208Y, D218E, A272S, L283I, T286A, I293V, R356RK, R358K, G359S, A371V, I375IV, K390RB
Aulicino (2011)ARL908RABARL908RABFJ525820NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NV108I, Y181VP4X, T27A, E28K, K32E, V35M, T39K, E40F, K43E, W88C, L109I, D123E, S162D, K166R, D177E, V179L, G196E, I202V, H208Y, R211KB
 ARM53NBEARM53NBEFJ525823NRTINNRTIM184VY181VK49R, K101Q, K122E, E169D, D177N, V179I, T200A, F214LB
 ARN311BMSARN311BMSFJ525857NRTINNRTID67N, T69D, K70R, V75I, T215FY181VV35T, T39L, K49R, V60I, K64KR, V90VI, T107S, S162D, M164I, Q174R, V179I, R211TB
 1015-O234HMN1015-O234HMNHQ158187NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, L74I, M184V, T215F, K219QY181VK20R, V35I, V60I, K101Q, D123E, F171Y, D177E, V189I, F214FLB
Jones (2012)158342158342JN669913NRTINNRTIT69G_XG, T215YK101E, Y181V, G190SK20R, V35I, K64R, S68SC, K122E, I135L, E169D, Q197K, T200A, L228R, A272S, T286A, E297K, I326V, I329V, R356K, G359S, A371V, T386I, A400TB
 183117183117JN670638NRTINNRTIM184VY181VV35M, T39A, K49KR, R83K, K166R, K173KR, Q207G, R211K, A272P, P294T, E297Q, D324E, I329V, Q334D, A376S, T377TA, S379C, Q394L, E399D, A400TB
 198930198930JN671141NRTINNRTIM184V, T215CYY181VV35I, K43E, K64R, K101Q, K122Q, I135V, D177E, I178IV, V179I, G196E, Q197K, R211K, F214L, L228H, I293V, E297K, K311R, D324E, Q334E, G359SB
Kouri (2012)CU1337-09CU1337-09JQ585293NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184I, L210W, T215Y, K219RY181V, K238TE28A, T39A, K43E, E44D, V118I, D123E, S162H, D177E, V179I, T200I, D218E, K249Q, T286A, A288S, I293V, P294A, E297K, K311RB
Melikian (2012)CA22109CA51129GQ208431NRTI, ABC, TDF, DDINNRTI, NVPM41L, L74V, T215YY181VK20R, K32KQ, E53ED, P59PS, I135T, Q145QR, R211K, K249RB
Theys (2013)2830628306KC220569TDF, FTCNVPA62AV, K65R, M184VK101KE, Y181VS48T, K104Q, K122P, D123E, I135T, I142IV, I178M, R211SB
 5436954369KC221626NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219QK103N, Y181VV60I, T69N, D123E, E138A, I142V, G196E, F214FL, D218E, L228HB
 2774427744KC220522NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, T215YA98G, Y181VE44ED, D86E, D123E, V179I, G196E, T200TA, E203DB
 2774127741KC220521NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219QK103N, Y181VV60I, T69N, D123E, E138A, I142V, G196E, F214FL, D218E, L228HB
Theys (2013)60866086KY386679TDF, FTCNVPM184VY181VV21VI, V35I, V60I, V90VI, K122E, I135T, S162A, K173Q, P176Q, T200A, E203K, Q207E, V245Q, E248D, V292I, I293V, I326VB