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Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Subtype B
Gene RT
Mutation E138A
Rx >= 1 NNRTI
(+/- NRTI)
IncludeMixtures No
References 52
Patients 323
Isolates 339
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# NRTIs NNRTIsNRTIDRMs NNRTIDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Bacheler (2000)LB3-P26P26-1 NRTIEFVM41L, T215Y R83K, D121Y, K122E, E138A, S162C, R211KB
  P26-16 NRTIEFVK70RK103N, Y188LD121Y, K122E, E138A, S162C, T200A, E224DB
  P26-23 NRTIEFVD67N, K70RK103N, Y188LD121Y, K122E, E138A, S162C, T200AB
 LB3-P98P98-16 NRTIEFVK70RK101E, K103NY56C, D123E, E138A, I178M, V179IB
  P98-24 NRTIEFVK70RK101E, K103ND123E, E138A, I178M, V179IB
  P98-33 NRTIEFVK70RK103N, P225HD123E, E138A, I178M, V179IB
  P98-41 NRTIEFVK70RK103N, P225HD123E, E138A, I178M, V179IB
  P98-45 NRTIEFVK70RK103N, P225HD123E, E138A, I178M, V179IB
Shulman (2000)CA1158CA10467AY802645AZT, DDI, 3TC, ADVNVP, EFVM41L, V75L, L210W, T215YK103N, G190AK43N, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, R211Q, L228R, K277R, Q278HB
  CA8194AY802646AZT, DDI, 3TC, ADVNVP, EFVM41L, L210W, T215YG190AK43E, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, R211Q, L228RB
  CA10931AY802647AZT, DDI, 3TC, ADVNVP, EFVM41L, V75L, M184V, L210W, T215Y K43N, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, R211Q, L228R, K277R, Q278HB
Bacheler (2001)DMP003-2603-26125AF349331NRTIEFVK70RK103N, Y188LK20KR, D121Y, K122E, E138A, S162C, T200AB
Dunne (2001)ALD-pt1ALD-pt1AF369796NRTINNRTIM41L, D67E, T69S_SG, K70R, V75M, T215YG190QK122KE, I135T, E138A, P157PA, S162CY, P170PL, H208Y, R211K, A272P, K277R, V317AB
Gonzales (2001)CA1158CA2633AY030467AZT, DDI, 3TCNVPM41L, V75L, M184V, L210W, T215Y K43N, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, L168LF, R172RG, V179VA, I180IV, T200TA, R211Q, L228RB
 CA1854CA4969AY030758D4T, 3TCDLV K101EA98S, D123E, E138A, I142V, T200AV, V245M, K259K*, A272P, K277R, I293VB
 CA3932CA9140AY030931DDC, AZT, D4T, 3TC, DDINVP, DLVM41L, D67DN, L74LI, M184MV, L210LW, T215SYA98G, K101EK32KN, V35I, R83K, V106I, V118VI, D123E, I135T, E138A, T200A, E203K, Q207QE, H208HY, R211K, K223KE, T286A, A288S, E297KB
 CA3937CA9147AY030936AZT, DDI, 3TCNVPL74V, M184V, L210LW, T215YK101E, Y181C, G190AV21I, T27TILS, M41MI, K43KR, V60I, K122P, I135T, E138A, I142IV, S162C, Q207E, H221HY, L228LR, A272P, K277KR, T286A, E297KB
 CA4115CA9420AY031105AZT, 3TC, D4TEFVM41ML, M184V, T215YL100LI, K101KE, K103N, G190GRSK20R, V35L, K43KE, A98S, K122E, E138A, G196E, I293VB
 CA4337CA10532AY031201D4T, 3TC, DDINVP K101E, G190AA98S, D123E, E138A, I142V, V179I, T200I, V245MT, A272PB
 CA4822CA11732AY031481AZT, D4T, 3TC, DDINVPM41L, L74V, L210W, T215YY181IK20R, T39A, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162C, V179VI, E203K, R211K, H221HY, D250NB
 CA5319CA13031AY031874AZT, 3TC, D4T, DDIEFVM41L, T215FYA98G, K103NS68SG, I135L, E138A, K154KQ, Q197EB
Margot (2002)MM-3159366433159366431 NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, K219Q K20R, V60I, T69N, E138A, T139I, T200A, Q207E, A272S, I293V, E297A, E298D, V317A, I329L, T338S, E344D, A355T, V365I, A376S, V381I, K390RB
 MM-2149365662149365661 NRTINNRTIM41L, A62AV, D67N, T69D, L210W, T215Y T7TS, M16V, K20R, T39TA, K43Q, E44D, R83K, V118I, K122KE, E138A, K166R, G196E, Q207E, H208Y, R211K, Q278H, T286A, T296S, E297K, I329L, Q334QH, G359S, T369V, A376V, T386AB
 MM-5212366215212366211 NRTINNRTIM184VV179DK20R, V35I, R83K, I135T, E138A, T165I, E169D, G196E, I202V, Q207N, R211K, I293V, E297T, L310I, Q334L, P345Q, M357T, T386I, K390RB
Gonzales (2003)CA1158CA20135AY305906AZT, DDI, 3TC, ADV, D4TNVP, EFVM41L, M184V, L210W, T215YK103N, Y188LE42EA, K43N, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, I202V, R211Q, L228R, V245VEB
Gonzales (2003)CA3932CA14759AF514161DDC, AZT, D4T, 3TC, DDI, ADV, ABCNVP, DLV, EFVM41L, D67N, L74V, L210W, T215YA98G, K101E, V108VI, V179VF, Y181YC, G190AP1S, V35I, E44ED, R83K, V106I, V118I, D123E, I135T, E138A, V189VI, Q197QH, T200A, E203K, Q207E, H208Y, R211K, K223E, T286A, A288S, E297KB
Dumans (2004)276276AY390131AZT, DDI, 3TC, D4TNVPM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215YK101E, Y181C, G190AK43Q, E44D, A98S, K122E, D123N, I135T, E138A, I202V, H208Y, R211K, H221YB
Gomez-Carrillo (2004)9650996509AY365531NRTINNRTIM184VK101E, K103N, G190AV35I, K102R, I135M, E138A, K166R, K173Q, V189I, T200E, I202V, R211K, V245T, P247PA, A272P, T296S, E297K, E300ED, N306NT, E312V, I329V, K331KN, E344D, P345Q, K366R, T377Q, S379C, T386I, K390RB
 9653396533AY365533NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, V75M, L210W, T215Y, K219N V35I, T39TP, K43E, E44A, R83K, D123E, N136NT, E138A, T139TP, I178L, T200A, H208Y, R211K, V245VE, A272P, T286A, E297T, G335DE, R356K, M357T, A360AV, K390R, A400TB
 9827298272AY365573NRTINNRTIM41L, L74V, L210W, T215YK103N, Y188LV60I, K122E, E138A, I142V, G196E, R211K, V245K, V292I, I293V, E297K, Q334D, T351A, R356K, T386I, K390R, E399D, A400TB
 9890598905AY365589NRTINNRTIM184V, K219R K20R, K122E, E138A, I142T, T200V, R211K, V245T, I293V, P294T, E297Q, I329L, F346L, R358K, E370D, A376S, T377L, T386IB
 104314104314AY365698NRTINNRTIM184V I135L, E138A, I142T, Q207E, I257L, A272P, K281R, A288G, I293V, E297K, D324E, L325I, Q334L, M357T, A360T, S379G, T386I, K390R, A400TB
 105322105322AY365723NRTINNRTID67DN, T215TFISK103N, G190AV60I, D121Y, K122E, I135V, E138A, I142V, A272P, K281R, I293V, E297K, Q334D, A371AV, K390R, Q394S, K395R, E399D, A400TB
 106532106532AY365750NRTINNRTIM41ML, V75T, Y115F, M184V K20R, K49R, K122E, E138A, E169D, I202V, R211K, V245M, A272P, K277R, I293V, P294S, E297R, Q334E, K366R, A376T, S379SG, T386IB
 107167107167AY365764NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, K70R, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219QK101E, G190SV60I, V90I, V118VI, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162N, G196E, R211K, L228H, A272P, E291D, M357T, A360V, A376SB
 108438108438AY365787NRTINNRTI K101E, Y181IK20R, T27S, V35M, T69A, R83K, D123E, E138A, V179I, T200A, A272P, K281R, E291D, I293V, E297A, D324DE, M357T, E399D, A400TB
 108821108821AY365797NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219Q K20R, V60I, I135T, E138A, Q207D, R211K, T286A, E297A, D324E, I326V, R356K, T369I, A376T, T386IB
 111896111896AY365854NRTINNRTIM184VK103N, Y188LK20R, V60I, I135T, E138A, F214L, D250E, S251D, A272P, I293V, P294Q, E297Q, I329L, M357T, A376CST, Q394L, E399D, A400TB
 111946111946AY365855NRTINNRTIM184V, N348IK103NK20R, K49R, V90I, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162D, E169D, T200A, I202V, R211K, V245M, A272P, K277R, T286P, I293V, P294S, E297R, Q334E, K366R, S379G, T386VB
 114724114724AY365911NRTINNRTI  K64KR, D121H, K122E, E138A, I142V, T200TA, R211K, E248N, I293V, A376S, S379G, T386IV, K390RB
 117782117782AY365940NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, T215YV179VEK43E, R83RK, K102Q, E138A, I142IV, S162A, I202V, R211K, A272P, V317VA, R356K, G359S, A376AS, T377LQ, K390R, A400TB
 118747118747AY365954NRTINNRTIM41L, D67H, L74V, V75M, L210W, T215Y, K219N, N348NIG190EK20R, T39A, E44D, K66N, T69N, K101R, K103R, V118I, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, T200A, L228H, T286A, I293V, E297R, I329IV, Q334E, I341IF, G359S, K395KR, A400TB
 122494122494AY366012NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, K70R, L74V, Y115F, M184V, T215Y, K219QG190ST27S, V35T, T39M, K43KQ, K49KR, K64KR, K101D, D123E, I135T, E138A, R172K, D177DE, I178L, V179VAIT, D218E, A272P, V276I, Q278E, K281R, L283I, I293V, E297R, Q334Y, R356K, K390R, Q394LB
Gulick (2004)RG119RG119w43 ABC, AZT, 3TCEFVM184VK103N, Y188LV118I, K122E, I135V, E138A, S162C, R172K, K173T, Q174K, I178IM, V179I, T200A, Q207E, F214LB
 RG178RG178w102 ABC, AZT, 3TCEFV K103NS68G, D123E, I135T, E138A, Q174QR, D177E, I178IM, V189VI, R211KB
 RG366RG366w26 ABC, AZT, 3TCEFV  I37IFLV, K102Q, K122E, E138A, S162C, I178M, V179I, G196E, T200TA, E204A, Q207QR, R211SB
 RG411RG411w47 ABC, AZT, 3TC, TDFEFV G190GAR83K, D123E, E138A, I142T, T165I, G196E, T200TI, R211KN, A272P, K277R, Q278H, I293V, E297DNB
Montes (2004)MB_patSLI00_SLI725AJ578161AZT, 3TCNVPD67I, M184VG190AK122E, E138A, E169G, H208P, D237NB
Chantratita (2005)14-011214-0112DQ131025NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, L74V, K219NG190QA98S, K122E, I135V, E138A, S162C, K173R, R211K, V245MB
Mo (2005)92009200_d340 NRTINVPM184MV A98S, D121Y, K122E, I135L, E138A, V179I, Q207E, R211K, P243S, V245E, E297AB
Non-B Workgroup (2005)TH_404TH_404 AZT, DDIEFVD67N, K70R, T215F, K219EK103N, Y188LK122E, I135V, E138A, S162C, V245IB
Podzamczer (2005)DP_401DP_401m5 TDF, DDIEFVK65R, L74IG190EK20R, K22N, K49KE, V60I, T69S, K73KN, L80LP, R83K, K122E, T131TA, I135V, E138A, L187LM, Y232C, D250E, A272P, K277R, T286A, E297RB
Rhee (2005)CA1158CA34949AY800780AZT, DDI, 3TC, ADV, D4TNVP, EFVM41L, L210W, T215YK103N, Y188LP1L, K43N, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, R211Q, L228R, V245E, K277R, Q278H, I293V, E297AB
  CA48178AY800781AZT, DDI, 3TC, ADV, D4T, TDFNVP, EFVT215Y E138A, I142V, S162C, R211Q, K277R, Q278H, I293V, E297AB
 CA5319CA24202AY801548AZT, 3TC, D4T, DDI, ABCEFVM41L, T69S_SS, L210W, T215YA98G, K103NI135L, E138A, Q197E, H208HY, R211REGK, A272PB
 CA6868CA16939AY801722AZT, 3TC, D4T, DDC, DDIEFVM41L, D67N, K70R, L210W, T215FY, K219E K20R, V35L, T39A, E53D, V118I, K122E, E138A, S162C, F171Y, G196E, T200A, R211K, E248Q, A272P, K281KE, L283I, R284K, I293V, E297K, A299AGB
 CA7988CA35156AY801885AZT, 3TC, D4T, DDIEFV, NVPD67N, K70R, L74V, T215TI, K219QK103N, V108I, K238TK20R, V35IM, T39A, V60I, K64H, T69N, S105A, I135T, E138A, I202V, F214L, H221Y, L228H, T286A, I293VB
 CA8423CA21176AY8020073TC, D4T, DDIEFVD67G, K70KR, L74V, K219NG190EV60I, S68G, I135V, E138A, K173E, I178M, R211A, V245E, E248D, D250E, A272P, T286AB
 CA9755CA35117AY802102AZT, 3TC, D4T, DDIEFV  K20R, V35T, V60I, K122E, I135T, E138A, R211K, F214LB
Rodrigues (2005)BR0243902AY643223NRTI, UnknownNNRTI, UnknownV75M, F77L, F116Y, Q151M, M184VK101E, K103N, G190AK20R, K22R, S68G, K102Q, S105T, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162C, F214L, D218E, V245M, A272P, K277R, A288S, I293V, E300EKB
Torti (2005)pt24CT_pt24_1 TDF, DDIEFVT215D K30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, E42EV, K46KI, S68N, R83RK, V90VI, A98S, D123E, E138A, L149LV, L210F, R211KB
  CT_pt24_4 TDF, DDIEFVT215DG190EK30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, T39T*KS, E40EV, S68N, A98S, D123E, E138A, G141GE, L210F, R211KB
Baxter (2006)12-13591359-30729DQ879435NRTINNRTIL210LW, T215TS, K219KNL100LI, K103KNT39TA, K43KE, V60I, R83RK, W88WC, I135IV, E138A, I202IV, R211K, V245EKB
 12-19271927-30527DQ879878NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, F77FL, F116Y, Q151M, M184V, K219QK103N, Y188YHV60I, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162C, Q197E, F214LB
 12-22512251-30730DQ880130NRTINNRTI  S48T, D121DH, K122E, I135T, E138A, K173KR, I178IM, T200A, I244VB
 12-20772077-30609DQ879998NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L210W, T215Y, K219KRK103N, Y188LK43Q, E44D, S48T, V60I, A98S, V118I, K122E, I135MT, E138A, G196E, R211N, E224EDB
 12-40084008-30129DQ880392NRTINNRTIA62AV, K65KR, K70KR, V75VI, F77FL, F116FY, Q151LM, M184MV, T215TFISY188LS68SG, T69TN, K101R, K122E, E138A, T139TA, I142T, S162SC, T165TI, I178IM, V179VI, I202IV, Q207D, R211KB
 12-21652165-30821DQ880069NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219RA98G, K103N, K238TT39E, E44D, V60I, I94L, V111I, V118I, K122E, D123N, I135L, E138A, M164L, K166R, K173KHNQ, V189VI, G196E, T200A, E203D, H208Y, R211KB
 12-10761076-30318DQ879200NRTINNRTIM41L, A62V, D67DE, T69AG_XX, M184I, T215YK101P, K103KNK43E, K122P, D123E, E138A, I142IV, D177G, R211RKB
 12-10821082-30328DQ879206NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y E44ED, A98S, K122E, I135L, E138A, G196E, E203ED, H208Y, R211RK, V245QB
 12-13761376-30722DQ879449NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L210W, T215YK103NT39TA, K43KQ, V60I, V118I, K122E, E138A, S162C, T200A, R211TB
 12-15721572-30508DQ879590NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L74I, V75T, L210W, T215Y, K219NA98G, L100I, K101E, G190A, F227LT39TA, K43Q, E44D, R83RS, W88C, V118I, K122E, S134SN, E138A, G196GE, E203K, H208Y, R211K, K223E, L228HB
 12-20782078-30612DQ879999NRTINNRTIM184V E138A, S162C, I178M, D192H, G196E, Q207E, F214LB
 12-17461746-30416DQ879736NRTINNRTI K103NT39A, V90VI, V106I, K122E, I135L, E138A, E204D, R211K, I244VB
 12-17441744-30522DQ879734NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, K70R, T215F, K219EK103N, Y188LV60VI, A98S, K122E, D123E, I135V, E138A, G196E, T200I, I202V, L228R, V245MB
 12-11681168-30505DQ879280NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, V75M, M184V, L210W, T215YA98G, K103N, Y188FK43E, E44A, V60I, R83K, V118I, K122E, I135V, E138A, S162C, G196E, R211K, V245MB
 12-21492149-30813DQ880056NRTINNRTIM41L, D67G, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NK101E, Y181C, G190A, M230LE44D, K64Y, S68ST, A98S, V118I, K122E, E138A, Q174HN, H208Y, R211K, W212M, D218E, L228LHB
 12-18181818-30728DQ879793NRTINNRTIM41L, V75M, M184V, L210W, T215YK103NT39A, K43EQ, E44D, K102R, V118I, K122E, E138A, R211KB
 12-31243124-30428DQ880346NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, K70R, V75M, T215F, K219QK101E, K103NT39A, V60I, A98S, K122E, I135T, E138A, I142V, T200A, D218E, V245TB
 48-10111011-30610DQ880466NRTINNRTIM41L, A62V, D67E, L74I, V75T, L210W, T215DY, K219KNA98G, K101E, Y181C, G190GAS68G, V118VI, K122KE, I135T, E138A, S162A, R211KB
 48-10171017-30618DQ880472NRTINNRTIL74V, M184VK103NR83K, V90I, K102N, I135V, E138A, S162A, I202IV, R211K, K238KI, V245QB
 48-10721072-30625DQ880519NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, K70R, L74V, Y115F, M184V, T215Y, K219QG190ST39M, K101D, D123E, I135T, E138A, R172K, D177E, I178L, V179T, D218EB
 48-10761076-30630DQ880523NRTINNRTI  R83K, D123E, E138A, T200AB
  1076-30925DQ880524NRTINNRTI  R83K, K102KR, D123E, E138A, T200A, R211RK, H235HLB
 48-10831083-30708DQ880529NRTINNRTI  D113DN, K122E, E138A, I142T, T200V, R211K, V245LMB
 48-10421042-30617DQ880491NRTINNRTIM41L, T69T_SS, T215YK101E, K103N, G190AK64KR, D121Y, K122E, E138A, I142T, D192N, T200A, R211A, Q222HB
 48-10221022-30617DQ880474NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, K219HQK103N, K238TD123E, E138A, S162C, E169D, D218E, L228RB
 48-11781178-30909DQ880585NRTINNRTID67N, T69D, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219QY181YFT39TA, K46KE, V60I, L109LP, F116FL, V118I, K122E, D123N, I135T, E138A, G196E, I202V, F214LB
 48-22292229-30922DQ877871NRTINNRTI Y188LV8VI, V35I, V60VI, R83K, K122E, I135V, E138A, K166R, G196E, Q197K, I202IV, V245VE, A272S, T286TA, A288S, K311KR, P345PT, M357TB
 48-30933093-30401DQ878000NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L74V, M184V, T215F, K219Q E6EG, K20R, K32KQ, T39A, V60I, T69N, V118I, K122E, I135T, E138A, K166R, Q174QR, V179I, I202V, R211K, F214L, A272P, K277R, I293V, P313PL, D324E, R356RK, A360T, T369TA, I375V, A376V, S379C, T386A, A400TB
 48-31273127-30401DQ878035NRTINNRTIM41L, D67DN, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215YK101EV35I, T39A, R83K, A98S, V118VI, K122E, I135V, E138A, Q174R, G196E, I202V, V245VE, A272P, A288S, E297KR, K311KR, D324E, I329L, Q334E, I341V, R356K, M357L, T362TS, K366KR, T369V, I375V, A376T, T377M, K390KR, A400TB
 48-32203220-30519DQ878127NRTINNRTIM41L, T215YK103N, P225HT39A, I135L, E138A, I142V, Q174R, T200A, R211K, T286A, E297K, K311R, R356K, K390R, I393M, A400ATB
 48-32313231-30520DQ878138NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69~, L74V, M184V, T215Y, K219EL100I, Y188LT39S, S68G, K122E, E138A, S162C, S163I, Q197K, R211K, D218E, V245M, A272P, R284K, T286P, E297R, I326V, Q334E, M357T, R358K, T377K, E399DB
 48-32813281-30916DQ878188NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, M184V, L210W, T215Y K20R, V35I, E44D, V118I, K122E, E138A, K166KQR, H208Y, R211K, A272P, K277R, T286A, A288T, E297K, F346HY, R356K, M357T, R358K, K390R, K395KRB
 48-40494049-30217DQ878282NRTINNRTIA62V, K70G, V75I, F77L, Y115F, Q151M, M184V S68N, K122E, E138A, R172RK, Q207QR, F214L, A272P, T286TA, A288S, V292I, I293V, E297K, K311KR, Q334HN, R356K, M357T, K366R, T369TA, E370ED, I375IVB
 48-41314131-30313DQ878362NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y E44D, V60I, V118VI, K122E, I135V, E138A, I142T, S162C, L228LH, A272P, K277R, I293IMV, I326IV, A360T, E399D, A400TB
 48-41914191-30430DQ878424NRTINNRTIM41L, D67G, K70G, M184V, L210W, T215YV179D, Y318YFS68G, K102Q, K103R, K104KR, K122E, I135T, E138A, I202V, A272P, K281KR, A288S, V292I, I293V, S322T, P345Q, A376S, T386I, K390R, A400TB
 48-42244224-30616DQ878459NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219QK101EK20R, V21I, V35I, T69N, A98S, D123E, I135T, E138A, K173KR, I178IL, I202V, H208HY, R211K, V245T, R284K, T286A, A288S, E297K, M357T, E370D, A376ST, T377M, T386TP, K390RB
 48-43154315-30930DQ878528NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, T215F, K219QG190QK20R, K43Q, V60I, T69N, V118I, I135T, E138A, M164L, E203A, Q207E, F214L, L228LH, V245VE, A272P, K277R, E297EK, D324E, M357T, K366R, K390R, K395R, E399D, A400LB
 48-50485048-30515DQ878570NRTINNRTIA62V, T69G_SG, L210W, T215YA98G, K101E, V108I, Y181I, G190AK43E, K64R, W88C, K122E, E138A, K166R, T200A, I202V, E203K, L228H, A272P, K277R, T286A, E297K, A376V, T386I, A400TB
 48-50615061-30512DQ878578NRTINNRTIM184VK103NE6K, V35M, K122E, I135L, E138A, S162C, R211K, I293V, A400TB
 48-60456045-30515DQ878644NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, T215Y, K219E R83K, D123E, E138A, L228LF, A272P, K277R, T286P, E291D, E297K, I326T, Q334L, F346Y, A360V, A376AT, T377Q, A400TB
 48-60586058-30715DQ878657NRTINNRTIK65KR, D67N, M184MI, T215L, K219QK101E, Y188LK20R, K22R, V60I, T69N, E79D, A98S, K122E, E138A, I202V, Q207A, F214L, H221HY, K223E, A272P, K277R, T286A, V292I, I293V, R356K, K388KR, A400TB
 48-60606060-30717DQ878658NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, V75M, M184V, L210W, T215F, K219QV106A, G190A, F227FLK20R, V35I, T39A, V60I, T69TN, R83K, V90I, L109I, V118I, D123E, I135T, E138A, I202V, R211K, D218E, A272P, K281R, T286A, E297K, M357T, S379G, T386I, E399D, A400TB
 48-61216121-30807DQ878707NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215Y, N348IK101E, G190AV35T, T39E, V60I, S68G, A98S, K122E, D123S, I135IT, E138A, T200TA, R211K, L228LH, D237E, A272P, I293V, E297K, T338S, A376T, T377TR, T386A, E399D, A400TB
 48-61836183-30721DQ878755NRTINNRTIT69DN, T215YK103N, M230LK102Q, E138A, I202IV, Q207A, R211K, F214L, A272S, L283I, I293V, R356K, G359GS, A371V, A376S, S379G, T386I, K390R, A400ATB
 48-62046204-30729DQ878777NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, L210W, T215Y K20R, V35I, K43Q, E44D, A98S, V118I, D123E, E138A, K166R, K173T, D177DN, G196E, T200A, H208F, R211K, D250E, A272P, K277R, T286A, P294A, E297K, G335D, M357S, A400TB
 48-62076207-30715DQ878780NRTINNRTID67G, K70R, T215TI, K219QK101E, G190SK20R, V35M, T39A, E40D, V60VI, S68G, D123E, E138A, K173E, V179I, G196E, Y232YH, D237DN, A272P, K277R, A288AT, I293V, P294A, E297R, A360T, T386I, K390R, I393M, A400TB
 48-62206220-30730DQ878787NRTINNRTID67G, T69D, K70R, M184V, K219QK101EK20R, T39A, V60I, S68G, D123E, I135T, E138A, G196E, F214L, A272P, T286A, E297R, I326V, G335S, M357T, A371V, I375V, T386V, E399D, A400TB
 48-62286228-30807DQ878795NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, K70KQ, V75M, F77L, M184I, L210W, T215Y K13KR, V21VI, V35M, K43KE, E44ED, V118I, D123E, E138A, D177DE, I178M, G196E, Q197EK, T200TA, E203K, H208Y, R211D, K223Q, A272P, K277R, R284K, T286A, E297A, G359S, A376S, S379SC, A400TB
 48-62606260-30828DQ878817NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215Y E6D, E28EA, V35I, E44D, S48E, S68G, A98S, D123E, E138A, K166R, I178M, V179I, T200A, E248D, A272P, K277R, E297T, M357S, A360VB
 48-63306330-30924DQ878863NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, K70R, T215Y, K219QV106A, G190AK20R, T39AS, V60I, K101Q, D123E, I135T, E138A, D177G, V179I, G196E, I202V, A272P, K281R, E291D, I293V, P294S, E297R, K311R, A371T, E399D, A400TB
 48-71507150-30825DQ878988NRTINNRTIM41L, L210W, T215Y, N348IK103NT39TA, K122E, E138A, A158S, E169D, Q174AE, I178M, V179I, A272P, V292I, I293V, K311R, Q334R, G335D, R358K, A400LB
 48-71967196-30729DQ879023NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L210W, T215Y V35VI, V60I, R83K, V118I, K122E, I135T, E138A, T200A, I202V, R211K, A272P, T286A, A371V, I375V, A376S, A400TB
 48-90619061-30820DQ880688NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219Q E40F, K43E, V111I, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162A, K173N, H208Y, R211KB
 48-90299029-30825DQ880668NRTINNRTI  S68SG, V118I, K122E, D123N, I135T, E138A, D177E, T200I, R211RK, F214LB
 48-92489248-30922DQ880843NRTINNRTI  T39A, K122KE, I135T, E138A, I142V, Q207E, R211K, F214L, V245IB
 48-90139013-30908DQ880653NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215YK101KE, K103KNRS, G190GAK65KE, A98S, K122KE, D123E, I135T, E138A, Q174R, L187LS, G196GR, Q197E, R211K, P243H, I244IM, V245EB
 48-93269326-30929DQ880904NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, T215YA98G, K101E, G190SV60VI, S68G, K122E, D123N, I135T, E138A, V189VI, T200A, E204D, Q207A, V245TB
 48-91529152-30826DQ880765NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y K43N, E44D, A98S, V118I, D123E, I135T, E138A, D177E, I178IM, R211RKB
 48-90449044-30925DQ880681NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, V75M, L210W, T215Y, K219NG190EK43N, E44AD, K101KQR, V118I, K122E, I135T, E138A, K166R, V179G, L187LS, I202V, R211KB
Margot (2006)96679667W144 D4T, 3TCEFV  I135L, E138A, S162A, I167V, V245Q, P294T, I329L, Q334E, Y339F, R356K, T369A, K374KR, I375V, T377I, K388RB
 72277227W48 D4T, 3TCEFV K101EK64R, A98S, D123N, E138A, I142T, R211Q, Q278H, T286A, P294S, E297K, S322T, I329L, A355G, A376VB
Seoighe (2007)CHB16806_C168EF381793NoneNVP K103KN, G190GAV35I, I135V, E138A, T165TI, G196GE, P243A, V245K, K277KR, I293IVB
von Wyl (2007)454818485EF449929NRTINNRTIM184MVK103N, V108VIE6EK, K20R, R83K, K122E, D123E, E138A, K173Q, L210F, R211KB
Riddler (2008)RG8559RG8559w17 NoneEFV K103N, M230LK20R, T39A, K46Q, S68G, T69N, D123E, I135T, E138A, S162C, D177E, G196E, R211G, A272P, K277R, V317A, S322T, M357T, I375V, V381IB
Waleria-Aleixo (2008)08RJ0408608RJ04086FJ591570NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215YA98G, K101KEK43E, V118VI, D121H, K122E, I135T, E138A, K173E, V179I, T200TA, I202V, A272P, A288S, E297EK, K311R, Q334N, G335DB
 08PR05040008PR050400FJ591424NRTINNRTI G190SV35E, T39A, V60I, V90I, K101Q, D121H, K122E, I135T, E138A, I142V, T165I, D177E, V179I, T200A, Q207E, V245M, A272P, I293V, V317AB
 08PR06076108PR060761FJ591556NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, M184I, T215F, K219QL100I, K103NK20R, V35I, I135T, E138A, K166R, I167V, I202VB
 08PR06064508PR060645FJ591500NRTINNRTIM184VK101DE, G190AK11KR, I135T, E138A, V179VI, Q207D, F214L, D237DE, V245K, T286A, A288TB
 08RJ06050508RJ060505FJ591697NRTINNRTIM41L, M184MV, T215YK101E, G190GAV35M, T39TA, V60I, R83K, K102KQ, D121Y, K122KE, I135IATV, E138A, S162SG, K173E, V179VI, T200TA, Q207DE, A272AP, I293V, E297EKB
 08RJ06060108RJ060601FJ591761NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, K219Q K20R, V60I, D121Y, K122E, I135V, E138A, K166R, I178M, V179I, I195L, G196E, E248D, A272P, K277R, Q278H, T286A, I293V, I326LB
 08PR06071208PR060712FJ591535NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L210W, T215YK101E, Y188LK20KR, K43E, V60I, V118I, K122E, I135T, E138A, T165I, V245E, K277R, A288S, I293V, E297K, V317A, S322AB
 08RJ04011208RJ040112FJ591596NRTINNRTI K103NI135T, E138A, I142IT, V245M, A272P, K277R, L283I, I293V, E297K, G333EB
 08PR05034608PR050346FJ591373NRTINNRTIM184V V21VI, V60I, I135T, E138A, R211K, A272P, L283I, I293V, P294S, D324E, I329LB
 08RJ06057208RJ060572FJ591732NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, V75M, M184V, L210W, T215Y K43E, E44A, V111I, V118I, K122E, I135T, E138A, I178IM, V179I, H208Y, R211K, E224ED, P243S, V245T, E248D, K249Q, K277R, Q278E, T286P, A288S, I293V, E297K, K311R, Q334NB
 08PR05027608PR050276FJ591304NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y K20R, T39TA, K43KQ, E44D, V118I, K122E, D123E, I135T, E138A, T139M, S162C, D177N, R211K, A272P, L283I, R284K, V292I, I293V, P294TB
 08PR05035908PR050359FJ591385NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L74V, L210W, T215Y, K219RG190EK20R, V35I, K43E, V60I, K101T, K102R, K103R, V118I, K122KE, D123S, E138A, V179I, R211Q, L228H, V245E, A272P, K277R, T286A, E291D, V292I, E297K, I329V, G333E, Q334YB
 RES296RES296FJ591990NRTINNRTID67DN I135T, N137D, E138A, F160S, T165I, I202V, E248DB
 08RJ06068708RJ060687FJ591801NRTINNRTIA62V, D67N, K70R, L74I, M184V, T215F, K219QA98G, K103N, P225HK20R, I47L, K101KQ, I135T, E138A, K173R, I202V, I293V, E297RB
 08RJ05042108RJ050421FJ591640NRTINNRTIK70KR, M184VV106A, G190GAK20R, K122P, I135T, E138A, I178IL, V179I, I180IV, E194PQ, G196E, T200A, F214L, A272P, K277R, Q278H, I293V, E297K, G335SB
 08RJ06058608RJ060586FJ591746NRTINNRTIA62V, L74I, M184V, L210W, T215YK101E, G190SE6K, K104R, V118VI, K122E, I135T, E138A, V179VI, T200A, V245E, A272P, K275KR, I293V, D324E, Q334RB
 RES65RES65FJ591845NRTINNRTI  D123E, I135T, E138A, I178L, V179IB
 RES301RES301FJ591993NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210LW, T215YK103NT7P, V60I, I135T, E138A, T200AB
 08RJ06058208RJ060582FJ591742NRTINNRTIM41L, L74LV, V75L, M184V, L210W, T215YK103N, Y188LK20R, T39A, K102Q, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162C, T200A, I202V, V245M, A272P, K277R, I293V, E297K, D324EB
 08PR06054108PR060541FJ591457NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215YK101KE, G190AT39A, S68SG, I135T, E138A, I142V, K166R, V179VI, R211K, A272P, K277R, T286A, I293V, E297AB
Cardoso (2009)3107BRGO3107FJ638448NRTINNRTIM41L, L74V, M184V, T215YK101E, V108I, Y181C, G190AK20R, K32Q, K122E, E138A, H221Y, V245TB
 3127BRGO3127FJ638458NRTINNRTIM184VK103NK101Q, I135L, E138A, T200A, Q207D, R211KB
Kagan (2009)22 NRTINNRTIM184V, N348IK101P, K103SK20R, V21I, V60I, K122Q, I135V, E138A, I178M, V179I, G196E, F214L, A272P, K277R, T286A, A288S, K323R, M357T, A376S, K390R, A400SB
Luo (2009)xf.102005HBxf.1020FJ375080NRTINNRTI  I135V, E138A, S162C, T200A, I274V, Q278E, Q334LB
Charpentier (2010)T063010T063010HQ717808NRTINNRTI, ETRD67N, K70R, M184V, T215TI, K219Q V35I, V60I, A98S, K101R, D121Y, K122E, I135T, E138A, T165L, Q174E, F214LB
 T078001T078001HQ717809NRTINNRTI, ETRD67N, K70R, L74I, Y115F, M184V, T215I, K219QK103S, G190AV35T, T39TA, V60I, T69E, W88C, K102Q, K122E, I135T, E138A, I178M, V179I, I202V, E204Q, F214L, L228HB
Dau (2010)05499A05499AGU581662NRTINNRTIK70KR, M184V V35I, K64R, E138A, I142V, K173Q, Q174QK, D177G, V179I, A272P, K281KR, E297R, G333E, G335S, G359S, A371V, A376AT, K390R, E399D, A400TB
 06070A06070AGU581701NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, M184I, L210W, T215YY188LE6K, T27S, V60I, V118I, K122E, I135V, E138A, E203K, Q207E, H208Y, R211K, K223E, V245EK, A288S, I293V, E297K, Q334E, G359S, A371V, A376CST, E399D, A400TB
 07215A07215AGU581824NRTINNRTIM184V, T215YK103NK20R, E138A, S162C, T200A, R211K, K277R, T286A, E297K, E312A, I326V, P345Q, N348T, A376S, T377L, T386I, A400TB
 07289A07289AGU581834NRTINNRTIM41L, T215Y, N348IK101P, K103NV21I, V118I, E138A, I142T, S162C, V179I, L210F, P243S, A272P, K277R, T286A, E297R, G333E, Q334H, G335C, M357T, K388KR, E399D, A400TB
 07444A07444AGU581847NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, K70R, L74V, T215F, K219W, N348IY181V, G190EK11KR, V35VI, T39TA, K101T, V118VI, K122E, E138A, S162CY, R172RK, H208HY, L210LS, L228H, V245MR, R284K, A288S, I293V, E298A, E312A, I326V, Q334E, M357T, V365VI, A376T, T386A, K390KRB
 10546A10546AGU582009NRTINNRTID67N, T69D, K70R, M184V, T215V, K219QK101KE, G190AV35M, E36ED, V60I, R83RK, K122E, E138A, V179I, I202V, R211K, F214FL, D237E, A272P, K277R, I293V, P294PS, E297EK, D324DE, R356K, G359GRS, A360AV, A376S, A400TB
Germanaud (2010)55055505 AZT, 3TCNVPM184VK103NK22N, V35T, V60I, K122E, I135L, E138A, K173N, Q174K, D177E, I178M, V179I, T200A, Q207A, R211KB
Aulicino (2011)ARN926MRDARN926MRDFJ525867NRTINNRTIM184V E40D, E44K, G45E, V60I, A98T, I135V, E138A, S162C, F171L, T200E, R211TB
Bunupuradah (2011)079-004-005079-004-005 AZT, 3TCEFVM184V, L210W, T215YK103N, K238TK32N, V60I, S68G, A98S, K122P, I135L, E138A, I178L, V179L, Q207E, R211K, V245EB
 079-011-024079-011-024 D4T, 3TCNVPM184VK101E, G190AK122E, I135L, E138A, S162CB
Afonso (2012)ANG67ANG67JN937079NRTINNRTI K101E, G190AK11S, V35T, T39N, K49R, V60I, K122E, D123R, E138A, S162G, E169D, K173A, Q174K, D177E, I178V, V179I, T200A, I202V, Q207E, V245Q, S251NB
Betancor (2012)HCIII-00381929HCIII-00381929JX271473NRTI, TDF, FTCNNRTI  V21VI, K122P, E138A, S162C, Q174H, D177DE, V179VI, I180IV, G196E, V245T, E248D, A272P, K277R, A288AS, I293V, E297T, S322A, Q334DB
 HCB-6100520165HCB-6100520165JX271421NRTI, TDF, FTCNNRTI  A98S, I135V, E138A, S162C, T200A, Q207H, R211K, T286TA, I293V, I326VB
Fourati (2012)1008024610080246JQ396162NRTINNRTIM41L, L210W, T215FA98G, K103NV35I, V60I, S68G, K122E, I135T, E138A, I142V, G196E, T200AB
 1034015010340150JQ396160NRTINNRTI  K122E, I135V, E138A, S162C, R211QB
Jones (2012)129357129357JN669467NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, T215YV179DK20R, K103R, V111I, K122E, I135T, E138A, I142T, Q207K, R211S, F214M, V245T, V292I, I293V, E297R, I341V, A360T, A376V, T386I, K390R, A400TB
 130059130059JN669480NRTINNRTIL74V, M184V, N348IK103NR83K, V90I, K102N, I135V, E138A, S162A, I202V, R211K, A272P, K277R, E291D, I293V, M357T, A400ATB
 135338135338JN669541NRTINNRTIA62V, K70Q, V75I, F77L, Y115F, F116Y, Q151M, M184VV106M, V179D, G190AT7I, T58N, S68R, K103R, V118I, D121C, K122E, I135T, E138A, T165I, Q174K, D177E, G196GE, Q197LP, I202V, F214L, V245M, A272P, T286P, I293V, P294T, K311KR, Q334L, T338S, E370D, T386I, E399DB
 142746142746JN669624NRTINNRTIA62V, K70Q, V75I, F77L, Y115F, F116Y, Q151M, M184VV106M, V179D, G190AT7I, T58N, S68R, K103R, V118I, D121C, K122E, I135T, E138A, T165I, Q174K, D177E, G196E, Q197L, I202V, F214L, V245M, A272P, T286P, I293V, P294T, K311KR, Q334L, T338S, E370D, T386I, E399DB
 142777142777JN669626NRTINNRTIM41ML, D67N, T69D, K70R, T215F, K219QK101E, K103N, G190ST39A, V60VI, E138A, T139TA, F214L, A272P, K277R, R284K, T286A, I293V, E297V, I326V, A360T, A376S, T377QB
 143570143570JN669643NRTINNRTIM41L, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215Y V35VE, T39A, E44D, V118I, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, T200A, I202V, T286A, I293V, E297K, Q334E, G359S, S379C, A400TB
 153258153258JN669797NRTINNRTIL210LW K46KE, E53D, V60I, R83K, V118I, E138A, R199RG, R206RG, R211RK, F214L, T216TP, A272P, K281R, E297K, V372I, A376S, S379SG, T386I, A400TB
 153716153716JN669801NRTINNRTI K103NK20KR, K22KN, E138A, Q174QR, I178L, I180V, I270S, A272P, K281R, T286P, V292I, I293V, E297K, V317A, T377KQ, K390R, Q394L, E399ED, A400TB
 159853159853JN669967NRTINNRTIM41L, L74IV, M184V, L210W, T215YK101P, K103NE6K, K20R, K32R, V35M, A98S, K122E, E138A, R172K, D177E, I178IM, V179I, G196E, R211A, L228R, A272T, K281R, I293V, E297K, M357T, A376T, T386S, A400TB
 160145160145JN669970NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215Y E6EK, W24W*, K43KE, S68G, K122E, I135V, E138A, V179I, G196R, T200D, R211K, V245E, E248D, T286A, V317A, L325I, I326IV, I329V, M357T, A371V, A376AS, A400TB
 160597160597JN669985NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, V75M, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NY188LE40ED, V60I, V118I, K122E, E138A, I142V, G196E, H208Y, R211K, V245K, V292VI, I293V, E297K, Q334D, T351A, R356K, T386I, K390R, K395R, E399D, A400TB
 162512162512JN670040NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, L74I, Y115F, M184V, T215Y, K219QG190AS3C, T27S, V35T, T39M, K101D, V118VI, D123E, I135T, E138A, I167V, R172K, D177E, I178L, V179T, R211RG, D218E, A272P, V276I, Q278E, K281R, L283I, I293V, E297R, Q334Y, R356K, K390R, Q394LB
 162675162675JN670047NRTINNRTIM41L, D67H, L74IV, V75M, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219N, N348IG190EK20KR, T39A, E44D, K66N, T69N, K101R, K103R, V118I, K122E, E138A, I142V, S162C, S163G, T200A, L228H, T286A, I293V, E297KR, I329V, Q334E, I341F, G359S, K390R, E399D, A400TB
 164519164519JN670078NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, K219HK101E, G190AV35I, K43E, V60I, K122E, I135L, E138A, N175H, E203K, A272P, K281R, T286P, E297K, F346L, A376T, T386I, K390R, Q394L, E399D, A400TB
 170678170678JN670230NRTINNRTIA62AV, M184VK101E, G190AV60I, K73KN, I135T, E138A, I142T, K173KN, V179VI, T200A, Q207E, A272P, T286A, E297T, K311R, Y319YF, D324P, I329V, M357MT, H361HY, K390R, Q394LS, E399D, A400TB
 176698176698JN670410NRTINNRTIM41L, L210W, T215Y, N348IY181C, G190AT39K, K43E, E44D, K101Q, V118I, E138A, G196E, E203EA, H208Y, R211K, L228R, Q242L, I270IV, A272P, K281R, T286P, A288AT, I293V, E297K, D324E, M357T, A376S, K390R, Q394L, A400TB
 177876177876JN670467NRTINNRTID67N, K70E, V75TK103N, Y181C, G190AE6EK, V111VIM, K122E, E138A, I142T, P157A, A158S, G196E, L210F, R211K, F214L, H221Y, E248D, Q278H, T286A, I293V, S322SA, I329L, G335S, F346Y, R356K, V365I, T369V, A376S, T377L, K390R, A400PSB
 180281180281JN670543NRTINNRTID67N, M184V, T215Y, K219E K20R, V35I, E44D, S68G, D123E, E138A, T200S, I202IV, R211K, R284K, T286A, E297R, V317VA, D324E, I329L, F346Y, A360T, K390R, A400TB
 181927181927JN670593NRTINNRTI  K20R, V35T, V60I, W88C, K104KR, D123E, E138A, I178L, V179I, F214L, V245E, A272P, K281R, R284K, T286A, I293V, E297K, I329IV, G335A, V365I, K390R, A400TB
 182631182631JN670619NRTINNRTIM41L K11T, V60I, K122E, I135T, E138A, I142V, G196E, I202V, R211G, V245E, E248D, K277R, T286A, V292I, I329L, M357T, T386I, E399EK, A400SB
 182834182834JN670626NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, L74V, M184V, K219QL100I, K101E, K103NTV35L, T39A, V60I, R83K, I135T, E138A, D192N, I293V, E297Q, V317A, D324E, I329L, A360T, V365I, K390R, E399EK, A400TB
 184770184770JN670687NRTINNRTIM41L, L74V, V75I, M184V, L210W, T215YL100I, K103N, Y181IV60VI, F87FL, K122E, I132L, I135T, E138A, V179I, G196E, I202V, R206K, Q278QH, A288S, I293V, M357V, A376V, T386I, A400TB
 193886193886JN670915NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, K70R, T215F, K219EK101E, Y188L, G190AV60I, K122E, I135IT, E138A, I142T, F214L, K275R, K277R, Q278H, K281R, V292I, I293V, E297A, G359NS, A360T, K366R, T386I, A400TB
 194216194216JN670927NRTINNRTIT215TNSYK101E, G190AV60I, I135L, E138A, I178IM, V179VI, R211K, D237DE, A272P, K277KR, E297V, L325I, I341L, G359S, A360T, A376S, T377M, T386I, A400TB
 195399195399JN670979NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, T215CK101E, V179D, G190AT39TA, K103KR, K122E, E138A, I142IV, D177DN, I178M, V245K, A272P, K277R, I293IV, E297A, S322T, Q332H, R358RK, G359GS, K366R, K390RB
 196016196016JN671006NRTINNRTI K101E, K103N, G190AK20R, K32N, V35K, T39TA, K122E, D123E, E138A, E194K, G196E, T200A, F214L, A272P, V292VI, E297K, A376T, V381VI, T386TA, K390R, A400TB
 197105197105JN671061NRTINNRTI  E6D, K22R, W88WC, E138A, I142T, K166R, K173EQ, V179I, I202V, A272P, K277R, T286P, A288S, V292VI, I293V, E297A, D324E, K347Q, R356RK, K366R, A376V, A400TB
 198158198158JN671106NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y T39A, E44D, S48E, K64Y, W88S, V118I, E138A, S162Y, T200I, Q207E, R211K, V245E, T286A, A288S, E297A, I326IV, Q334E, Y342F, A376S, T386I, K390R, E399EK, A400TB
 199398199398JN671166NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, T215YK101E, G190AV35T, T39TA, E44D, K104N, E138A, D177E, V179VI, T200A, L210LF, R211K, D237DN, D250DE, A272P, K277KR, T286A, E297K, Q334E, M357MR, A360AT, A376T, T386A, K390KR, Q394L, A400TB
 200084200084JN671190NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, V75M, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NY188LT39A, V60I, V118I, K122E, E138A, I142V, G196E, H208Y, R211K, V245K, K281KR, T286TA, L289LI, I293IV, E297K, Q334D, T351A, R356K, T386I, K390R, K395R, E399D, A400TB
 206846206846JN671412NRTINNRTI  E6D, A98S, E138A, Q197K, R211K, P243S, V245E, A272P, I293V, P294Q, E297T, S322A, R358K, G359S, A376T, K390R, A400TB
 206880206880JN671416NRTINNRTIL74V, Y115YF, M184V, K219NL100I, K101E, G190AV35I, I135L, E138A, S162A, I167IV, V179I, R211RKMT, H221Y, D237N, V245Q, A272P, A288S, P294T, I329L, Q334E, Y339F, R356K, I375V, T377L, T386I, K388R, A400TB
 207035207035JN671418NRTINNRTIL74V, Y115YF, M184V, K219NL100I, K101E, G190AV35I, I135L, E138A, S162A, I167IV, V179I, R211RKMT, H221Y, D237N, V245Q, A272P, A288S, P294T, I329L, Q334E, Y339F, R356K, I375V, T377L, T386I, K388R, A400TB
Kouri (2012)CU1425-10CU1425-10JQ585428NRTINNRTI  V8VI, V35VI, D123E, E138A, I142IT, T165I, E169D, I178L, G196E, Q207E, F214L, V245KQ, A272P, K277R, I293V, I329LB
 CU9-11CU9-11JQ585472NRTINNRTI  K22R, K49R, V106I, D123E, E138A, I142V, T165I, E169D, I178L, Q207E, R211K, F214L, V245VM, A272P, K277R, L283I, I293VB
 CU1655-10CU1655-10JQ585439NRTINNRTIM41L, D67DN, M184V, L210W, T215YK101E, V106VA, F227FLK11R, K20R, E44ED, V118I, K122E, D123E, I135T, E138A, S162C, V179I, G196GAV, I202IV, Q207E, H208HY, R211K, A272P, I293V, P294S, E297R, E312T, Q334LB
Melikian (2012)CA25602CA79444GQ212822Unknown, TDF, 3TC, FTCUnknown, EFVM41L, D67G, L210W, T215Y, K219RK101EK20R, K43N, E44D, K64H, V118I, D123E, E138A, I178M, R211K, D218EB
Mollan (2012)MK71MK71w89 TDF, FTCEFV  K32KE, E36EK, R83K, K102Q, I135V, E138A, S162C, I178ILM, T200TA, R211RK, G231GS, P243T, E248D, A272P, K275R, K277R, Q278H, T286AB
Pircher (2013)B1145B1145JX110243D4T, 3TC, AZTNVPM41ML, T69DN, K70KR, M184V, T215TNSYK101E, V108I, F227L, M230LV35T, V60I, K122E, D123N, E138A, D177E, I178M, T200E, I202IV, Q207K, R211A, H221Y, L228LH, V245KB
Sigaloff (2013)JCR092_0JCR092_0JX181997NRTINNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, K219QK101E, G190AV35T, T39A, E40D, V60I, K122E, D123S, I135T, E138A, I202V, Q207A, R211S, F214L, V245M, D250E, A272P, K277R, K281R, L282C, L283I, T286A, I293VB
Theys (2013)1580515805KC219848TDF, 3TCEFVK65KR, M184MIV, T215TIK101E, G190SE138A, S162C, T165TA, R211K, D237DNB
 57175717KC219432TDF, FTCEFV K103NK122E, I135V, E138A, S162C, Q197KB
 3361033610KC220905TDF, 3TCEFVK65RG190EQS48E, T69S, K101KQ, E138A, Q197K, T200A, L210LFB
 2032420324KC220006NRTI, TDFNNRTI  K49R, R83K, A98S, E138AB
 2975429754KC220720NRTI, TDFNNRTI  V60I, K122E, D123E, I135T, E138A, S162C, T200EB
 3158731587KC220811NRTI, TDFNNRTI  E40D, V60I, A98S, D123E, E138A, S162C, R211K, F214LB
 2402624026KC220235NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, D67G, L210W, K219RV108IS48T, V60I, A98S, D123E, E138A, K166N, D177E, I178L, K223TB
 2952429524KC220700NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, D67N, T69D, L210W, T215CDGYK103KNK43Q, E44D, V90VI, A98S, V118VI, D123E, E138A, K166R, K173T, G196E, T200A, H208FL, R211EKB
 2593525935KC221967NRTI, TDFNNRTI K103NK49KR, V60VI, K65KE, R83K, V90VI, K102KQ, D123E, E138A, K173Q, T200A, R211KB
 2394123941KC220225NRTI, TDFNNRTIV75VI, K219EK103N, Y181CK64KR, V90VI, D123E, E138A, I142V, S162A, G196E, Q197K, Q207E, F214L, H221HYB
 1009410094KC219725NRTI, TDFNNRTIA62V, D67E, T69G, V75M, M184V, T215FK101E, G190AV118I, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162C, R172KB
 3275832758KC220864NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, K219QK103NV60I, V118I, D123E, I135T, E138A, I142IV, T200A, Q207E, F214LB
 1785117851KC219923NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, L74V, M184V, L210W, T215YK101KE, V106VIM, V108I, G190GA, F227LK43E, E44EA, K64R, R83K, V118I, K122E, E138A, V179VI, G196E, T200TK, E203K, Q207E, H208HY, R211K, K223E, L228RB
 3971939719KC221172NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, M184MV, T215F, K219QK101E, V108VI, G190AK102R, K122E, E138A, S162C, D218EB
 3731737317KC221064NRTI, TDFNNRTIK65RL100I, K103NA98S, K122E, E138A, I178L, V179I, R211KB
 1401314013KC219793NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184V R83K, I135T, E138A, I202V, Q207A, R211KB
 5308253082KC221564NRTI, TDFNNRTI K101E, G190AK49R, K122E, D123NS, I135T, E138A, T139I, I142IT, S162C, V179I, R211KB
 2934729347KC220668NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184VA98AG, K101E, K103N, V108VIR83K, D123E, I135L, E138A, S162A, V179I, R211KB
 5239252392KC221497NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184V I135T, E138A, S162C, Q207EB
 5436954369KC221626NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219QK103N, Y181VV60I, T69N, D123E, E138A, I142V, G196E, F214FL, D218E, L228HB
 3854038540KC221108NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, L74LI, V75VAIT, M184V, T215F, K219QK101E, V108VI, Y181CFISK49R, R83RK, A98S, K122KE, D123E, I135T, E138A, G196E, D218DE, L228HB
 1606016060KC219864NRTI, TDFNNRTIK65RK101P, K103NV60I, T69N, R83K, A98S, D123E, I135L, E138AB
 4413344133KC221299NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y K43E, K49R, V60I, R83K, V90I, V118I, D123E, E138A, S162D, T200I, R211NB
 5413054130KC221962NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215Y K49KR, S68G, D123N, E138A, V179I, I180VB
 5422654226KC221893NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, A62AV, V75L, M184V, L210L*W, T215YV106AT39TA, R83K, D123E, I135T, E138A, K173Q, I178L, V179I, T200A, R211KB
 2169321693KC220099NRTI, TDFNNRTI  S68N, K122E, D123E, I135T, E138A, G196E, Q197E, F214LB
 3042830428KC220752NRTI, TDFNNRTI  R83K, D121Y, K122E, E138A, D177E, I178IV, T200A, I202IV, R211KB
 87318731KC219609NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, D67N, L74I, M184V, L210W, T215Y E44D, V118I, K122E, D123N, E138A, I142T, S162D, Q174R, G196E, I202T, H208Y, R211KB
 1992619926KC219986NRTI, TDFNNRTI  R83K, D123E, I135M, E138A, S162HY, R211KB
 3978839788KC221177NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, T215Y K102Q, I135V, E138A, I142V, S162T, K173E, D177NB
 3276032760KC220865NRTI, TDFNNRTI  P59PS, T69TS, R83K, Y115YN, E138A, Q207E, R211K, F214LB
 2441324413KC220253NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, K219EK101E, K103N, G190AA98S, K122E, I135T, E138A, V179I, I202V, R211KB
 5460054600KC221645NRTI, TDFNNRTI  K103R, D123E, E138A, K166R, I202IV, F214LB
 2299222992KC220160NRTI, TDFNNRTI  R83K, K104R, E138A, R211KB
 5450954509KC221637NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, T215Y E40ED, K49R, R83K, K102Q, D123E, E138A, S162C, K166NB
 3378033780KC220915NRTI, TDFNNRTID67G, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219EG190GAS68G, R83K, D123E, E138A, V179VI, G196EB
 2931529315KC220665NRTI, TDFNNRTI K101KE, K103KNA98S, D123E, E138A, Q161QHR, K173E, I178IM, V179I, S191X, D192L, T200A, I202V, R211RKB
 3541235412KC220984NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, M184I, T215I, K219E R83K, D123E, E138A, I142V, D177E, V179IB
 5174851748KC221478NRTI, TDFNNRTIK70KRK103KND123E, I135T, E138A, I142T, G196E, R211K, F214LB
 2094120941KC220047NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, M184MV, T215Y R83K, I135L, E138A, V179I, T200A, R211KB
 4763947639KC221382NRTI, TDFNNRTIT215SYK103NV60I, V90I, E138A, I142V, S162A, L187LF, Q197L, H198A, F214FY, D218KNB
 1992719927KC222004NRTI, TDFNNRTI  E40F, K43KR, S48T, D121DH, K122E, E138A, S162SC, T165TI, D177DE, I178IL, I180IV, G196GE, T200TI, I202IV, E204EK, Q207QEGR, R211RKB
 3952539525KC221161NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184VV179D, G190AR83K, K122R, D123E, I135L, E138A, R211K, F214L, D237NB
 5330053300KC221975NRTI, TDFNNRTI  R83K, K122E, E138A, T165I, I202V, R211KB
 5132851328KC221469NRTI, TDFNNRTIT215TIK101E, K103N, G190AK122KE, I135T, E138A, L210LS, R211Q, F214LB
 5526755267KC221691NRTI, TDFNNRTI V108IA98S, D123E, E138A, I178IL, V179VI, I180V, R211KB
 2348523485KC220191NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, T215DK103KN, V106VA, Y188Y*FLD123E, E138A, I142T, I202V, R211KB
 20372037KC219146NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184V, T215F E53ED, K64KR, K122KE, I135T, E138A, T200A, Q207D, R211K, F214LB
 5268252682KC221529NRTI, TDFNNRTI  K49R, R83K, K122E, E138A, S162C, E169D, T200AB
 2925029250KC220655NRTI, TDFNNRTI K101E, K103N, G190AV60I, T69N, K82R, R83K, A98S, E138A, F171Y, R211K, F214FLB
 3073930739KC220775NRTI, TDFNNRTI  V118I, D121DA, K122KE, D123DE, E138A, I142IMV, K173RT, G196GE, T200A, E204D, R211S, F214LB
 2368123681KC220204NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41ML, A62V, V75I, M184V, L210W, T215YK101E, G190SE53D, E79D, R83K, D123E, E138A, R172RK, R211KB
 2289722897KC220156NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y K43E, E44A, R83K, K101Q, V118I, D123E, E138A, T165I, K173E, G196E, R211KB
 1870918709KC219942NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184V R83K, K122E, D123N, E138A, I142T, R211KB
 7907879078KC221801NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184MVK103KN, P225PHA98S, K101KQ, D123E, I135IL, E138A, I142IV, Q145E, R211KB
 2959129591KC220711NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, K219QK101E, G190AK49R, V60I, A98S, K102KQ, K103KR, K122KR, E138A, K173E, I178IM, V179VI, T200A, D218EB
 90249024KC219640NRTI, TDFNNRTIK65R, M184V, K219Q S68G, T69TI, W88S, K102KQ, V118VI, D123E, I135L, E138A, I178M, V179I, R211K, F214LB
 3591335913KC221006NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, T69D, K70R, M184MV, T215TFIS, K219QA98AG, Y188YHV60I, K102KE, K103KR, V118VI, D123E, E138A, I178M, G196GE, Q197QE, F214LB
 2482824828KC220301NRTI, TDFNNRTI K101E, K103NK122E, D123E, I135L, E138A, S162C, G196EB
 1802418024KC219926NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, L74LI, M184V, L210W, T215YK103N, V108VIE44D, S68G, A98S, K101KQ, K102KR, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162C, D177E, I178L, T200I, R211KB
 2175321753KC220106NRTI, TDFNNRTI  K43KT, A98S, K122P, I135L, E138A, S162C, E169D, D177E, T200A, R211KB
 2099120991KC220050NRTI, TDFNNRTIK65R, M184V S68G, K122E, I135T, E138A, I142V, K173T, T200K, R211KB
 2253522535KC221932NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, D67N, K70E, M184V, T215Y V60I, V118I, K122E, I135T, E138A, T200A, I202V, R211I, K223QB
 2948829488KC220695NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, M184MV, K219Q V60I, K101Q, D123DE, E138A, T200A, H208HY, R211K, F214L, D218DEB
 5529555295KC221694NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184VA98AG, K101E, K103N, V108VIR83K, D123E, I135L, E138A, S162A, V179I, R211KB
 2429124291KC220248NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184MVK103KN, P225PHA98S, K101KQ, D123E, I135IL, E138A, I142IV, Q145E, R211KB
 3826638266KC221095NRTI, TDFNNRTIK65R, K70KEA98AG, Y181C, G190AI135T, E138A, R211KB
 2466424664KC220289NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215F, K219EK101EV60I, R83K, A98S, E138A, R211KB
 3497634976KC220966NRTI, TDFNNRTI K101EV60VI, I135L, E138A, S162C, V179IB
 3306233062KC220875NRTI, TDFNNRTI  D123E, E138A, I142IV, A158AS, T165TI, K166KIT, I178IV, R211RK, F214LB
 2616426164KC220404NRTI, TDFNNRTI  R83K, A98S, D123E, A129AG, E138A, T165I, D177E, I202V, R211KB
 2084220842KC220038NRTI, TDFNNRTI  R83K, V118I, D123E, E138A, R211K, F214LB
 2973129731KC220716NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, T215F, K219QK103N, Y188LV60I, K64R, D123E, I135L, E138A, I178L, V179VI, T200A, H208HY, R211K, F214FLB
 39073907KC219316NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70G, M184V, T215Y, K219QV106A, F227LV60I, K64H, K101Q, I135T, E138A, P157A, S162C, V179I, G196E, E203D, D218E, L228RB
 2946529465KC220690NRTI, TDFNNRTI  E138A, I142V, R211K, F214LB
 1807518075KC219930NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, L74LI, L210W, T215YL100I, K103N, P225HE44D, K82R, V118VI, K122E, E138A, I142V, R211KB
 2405824058KC220239NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, T69D, K219Q V60I, V118I, D123E, I135T, E138A, Q174H, D177G, V179I, G196E, F214L, L228HB
 2349023490KC220192NRTI, TDFNNRTIL74V, K219KNG190EK122E, I135T, E138A, V179I, T200A, R211KB
 3333133331KC220886NRTI, TDFNNRTI  R83K, D123E, E138A, R211KB
 7988779887KC221855NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184V D121Y, K122E, I135T, E138A, S162C, K173E, D177E, I178L, T200IB
 67206720KC219507NRTI, TDFNNRTI  S48T, R83K, K122KE, D123DN, E138A, K173KR, I195L, R211SB
 2896628966KC220636NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41ML, T215YG190SD123E, I135L, E138A, D177E, V179I, Q207QR, R211KB
 2774127741KC220521NRTI, TDFNNRTID67N, K70R, M184V, T215F, K219QK103N, Y181VV60I, T69N, D123E, E138A, I142V, G196E, F214FL, D218E, L228HB
 2953029530KC220702NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, A62V, D67N, M184V, L210W, T215Y K43E, E44D, I94IL, V118I, K122KE, D123EG, E138A, K166R, G196E, T200L, I202V, R211KB
 2440024400KC220252NRTI, TDFNNRTIL210W, T215YL100I, K103NW71WG, V90VI, V118I, K122E, E138A, K173T, Q174K, D177DN, G196E, Q207E, R211RG, L228R, K238RB
 2881028810KC220622NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41ML, D67N, L74LI, M184V, L210W, T215Y, K219NL100I, K103NK43KE, E44D, A98S, V111VI, V118I, E138A, S162D, D177G, V179I, T200A, I202V, H208Y, R211KB
 5445554455KC221634NRTI, TDFNNRTIA62V, K65R, T215DG190ES68N, A98S, K101R, D123E, E138A, L210F, R211KB
 2965629656KC221930NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, M184V, L210W, T215YK103NS48E, V60VI, T69S, R83RK, D123E, E138A, Q197E, T200A, R211NB
 2625426254KC220418NRTI, TDFNNRTIK65R, K70KE, M184VA98AG, L100LI, K103NR83K, D123E, I135L, E138A, T200TA, R211RSB
 1415214152KC219800NRTI, TDFNNRTIM184V V60VI, D123E, E138A, I142V, I178L, V179IB
 2468524685KC220290NRTI, TDFNNRTIM41L, D67G, K70R, L74I, M184V, T215F, K219QA98G, K101E, G190SE40D, V60I, S68G, D123E, E138A, K173E, V179I, G196E, D218E, D237NB
Crawford (2014)SN-072002SN-072002KJ7648623TC, D4TEFVD67DN, K70R, M184V, T215TI, K219EQL100I, V179DK49KR, V60I, K103R, K122E, I135R, E138A, D177E, I178L, T200E, Q207E, L228LR, V245IB
de Lourdes Teixeira (2015)9RJ1201239RJ120123 NRTINNRTI  K122E, I135T, E138A, I202V, R211K, F214LB
 9RJ1103689RJ110368 NRTINNRTI  K102Q, D123E, E138A, I142T, D177E, I178M, R211K, V245VEB
 9RJ1201439RJ120143 NRTINNRTI  K49R, D123E, E138A, S162C, V179IB
Ramkissoon (2015)5UH00575UH0057JQ237875AZT, 3TCNVPM41L, M184V, T215FK101E, G190AP4PS, K20R, E138A, S162C, V179I, T200A, Q207A, R211K, E248DB
 5UH00225UH0022JQ237873AZT, 3TCNVP K101E, G190AV35T, K49R, V60I, R83RK, V90I, A98S, K122E, E138A, K173Q, D177G, V179I, T200A, I202V, D237DE, E248DB
Yang (2015)4228442284 TDF, 3TCEFVA62V, K65R, M184VL100I, K103NT27N, E28F, K102Q, K122E, D123A, E138A, S162C, T165TAIV, I178L, T200A, E203EK, R211KB
Lam (2016)20720012072001KR867781AZT, 3TCEFVM41L, M184V, T215FK101E, G190SV35T, S48T, V60I, A98S, K102R, K122E, I135T, E138A, K166KR, E194Q, G196E, R211K, A272P, K281R, E297R, K311RB
Lopez (2016)2008-0232008-023KT374937NRTINNRTI  V60I, R83K, K102Q, F130FL, I135IV, E138A, V148VG, R211RKB
 2003-1282003-128KT374763NRTINNRTI  I37IFLV, R83K, K104KR, E138A, T200AB
 2003-0952003-095KT374733NRTINNRTIM184V, T215YK103N, P225H, M230LI37IFLV, V60I, K101Q, I135T, E138A, T139I, I142T, T200A, R211KB
 2003-0452003-045KT374673NRTINNRTI  I37IFLV, C38CS, V60VI, R83RK, D123E, A129APT, E138A, P140PQ, K173Q, G196K, R211KB
 2001-1112001-111KT374474NRTINNRTIM184V, T215YK103ND123E, E138A, K173Q, I178IL, G196K, R211KB
 2014-1222014-122KT386289NRTINNRTIM184V K30Q, I31L, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, T39TI, V60I, V106VI, D123E, I135V, E138A, T139M, F160FS, I178MB
 2014-0772014-077KT386244NRTINNRTIM41L, M184VK101KEQ, K103N, V108VI, P225HK30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, V60I, W88S, D123E, P133PL, S134SG, E138A, K166R, K173E, G196E, H221YB
 2014-0522014-052KT386222NRTINNRTI  K30*Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36KN, I37F, P59PS, K64KE, D113DEKN, K122E, Y127YF, I135IM, E138A, T165I, K173KE, Q174QR, I178IM, Q207QE, R211RKB
 2014-0372014-037KT386209NRTINNRTI  K30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, T39TS, E44EK, R83K, A98S, K102Q, D113DN, E138A, L149LV, S162H, D186DN, D192DN, R211GB
 2013-2262013-226KT386163NRTINNRTI  K30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, T39TIK, K102Q, K122E, D123N, I135L, E138A, K166R, G196E, R211KB
 2013-1862013-186KT386126NRTINNRTI  K30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, K104KR, I135V, E138A, Q145QK, V148VE, K173KQ, Q174QL, K201K*, F214L, K223KNB
 2013-1822013-182KT386122NRTINNRTI  K30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, K122E, D123N, I135L, E138A, P140PT, I142GV, P150PL, K166R, G196E, R211KB
 2013-1552013-155KT386095NRTINNRTI  K30Q, I31L, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, S48T, A98S, E138A, K173KE, G196E, Q207H, R211QB
 2013-1072013-107KT386051NRTINNRTI  K30Q, K32GV, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, K46KE, V60I, K104R, I135EV, N136NH, E138A, I142V, P157PT, K173E, Q174QK, T200A, R211K, F214LB
 2013-0972013-097KT386041NRTINNRTI  I31L, K32V, V35X, E36N, I37F, K122E, I135M, E138A, G152GR, T165TI, Q207E, F214LB
 2013-0212013-021KT385967NRTINNRTI K103NK30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, V60I, R83K, K101Q, D123E, S134SG, I135IV, E138A, N147NH, V148VG, G196K, T200TI, R206RI, R211KB
 2012-0082012-008KT385922NRTINNRTI  I31L, K32V, V35X, E36N, I37F, K122E, I135M, E138A, K173E, Q207E, F214LB
 2011-0122011-012KT385890NRTINNRTI  K30Q, K32G, A33C, L34T, V35L, E36N, I37F, I135V, E138A, S162C, I195LB
Kekitiinwa (2017)42194_69542194_695KY237851NRTINNRTIL74V, Y115F, M184VV106M, G190A, F227LK49R, V60I, K101Q, K122E, D123S, I135T, E138A, S162C, K173S, Q174R, V179IL, T200A, Q207EB
Kityo (2017)8308783087KY061645NRTINNRTIM41L, D67N, K70R, V75M, M184V, T215F, K219EK101E, G190CV60I, D121H, K122E, I135T, E138A, K166KR, I178LM, T200A, Q207E, L228LHB
 8308683086KY061644NRTINNRTIM41L, M184V, T215YK101E, K103N, G190AK49R, V60I, S105T, D121Y, K122E, D123G, E138A, D177G, T200A, Q207D, R211KB
Rhee (2017)CA39196CA134529KY190139TDF, FTCEFV  K13R, V35I, R83K, I135T, E138A, G196E, I202V, R211K, F214L, E248D, K249R, A272P, I293V, T296SB
 CA90564CA212674KY190194TDF, FTCEFV  V35M, T39A, S68N, V90I, I135V, E138A, I159V, Q207K, R211A, I244V, A272P, P294TB
 CA112954CA262670KY190203TDF, FTCEFVD67DG, K70KE, L74LV, M184VK101P, K103NE6D, V8I, V35M, K64R, R83K, D123E, E138A, T200A, I202V, Q207K, R211K, V245EK, E248ED, I257L, K275Q, T286A, I293V, E297KB
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 4645146451KY386731TDF, FTCEFV K103NV35I, V60I, R83K, A98S, I135T, E138A, T165I, I178M, Q197E, Q207DN, R211K, A272P, K277R, T286A, I329L, Q334EB
 4815348153KY386766TDF, FTCEFV K103NK122E, I135M, E138A, S162C, I195L, Q207K, R211A, A272P, K277R, K281R, I293V, P294T, E297K, K311KR, S322STB
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 1192511925KY359009TDF, 3TCEFVK65R, K70T, M184VK103N, V179E, P225HV35T, S68G, K101Q, K122E, D123E, I135V, E138A, D177E, R211K, K238RB
 4242KY496496TDF, FTCNVPM184MVK103KNV35L, E36N, I37F, T39A, V60I, K102Q, D123E, I135LV, E138A, I142T, S163SI, T165I, I178M, R211KB
 1161711617_FL TDF, FTCEFV  D123E, E138A, S162C, D177E, V179I, I180VB
 72687268_FL TDF, FTCEFV  E6A, V10A, K20R, V35I, K49R, K122E, E138A, K166Q, Q197P, E203ED, R211RKNS, K277R, T286A, E297A, S322T, I329V, G335CB
 86508650_FL TDF, FTCEFV K101KE, K103NV60I, D123E, I135V, E138A, I142T, S162C, K173KQ, T200A, A272P, K277R, T286A, I293V, E297KB