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Integrase Inhibitors

Subtype B
Gene IN
Mutation N155H
Rx >=1 INI
IncludeMixtures No
References 20
Patients 228
Isolates 244
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# INIs WksINIMajorDRMs INIMinorDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Malet (2008)1bH-SH1-W8FJ538990RAL8Q148R, N155H E11D, A21T, D25E, S119G, T122I, T125A, V201I, I203M, T218S, L234I, D253E, D278EB
 2aH3-W24FJ538978RAL24N155H E10D, L101I, G106A, K156N, V165I, S195C, V201I, I220VB
 2bH5-W18FJ538982RAL17N155HG163RV32I, S39C, M50I, T112I, I113V, T124N, V201I, L234V, S255RB
 2dH2-W28FJ538976RAL29E92Q, N155H E11D, V31M, V32I, S39C, I72V, L101I, K111R, S119P, I135V, G193E, V201I, T218S, D288GB
 H1H1-W12FJ538974RAL13N155H L2W, K7R, R20K, V31I, L101I, T112V, T124A, T125A, F181L, V201I, K219N, N222KB
 H6H6-W20FJ538984RAL20N155HT97A, V151IE11D, V31I, L101I, K111T, I113V, S119T, T124N, T125A, S195C, A196P, A205T, T218S, D232NB
 HSH2H-SH2-W12FJ538993RAL16N155H S17N, R20K, L28I, S39C, T124A, T125A, V201I, I208LB
Baldanti (2009)PV9PV9GU350734RAL52N155H L101I, K127R, G193E, T206SB
 PV3PV3GU350736RAL13G140S, Q148H, N155H S17N, I72V, T124A, M154I, E170A, V201IB
 PV6PV6GU350737RAL26N155HE92GA23V, T124AB
Garrido (2009)Pt04Pt04 RAL N155HV151IE11D, S17T, I72V, E198D, V201I, K211R, D270DAB
 Pt05Pt05 RAL N155HL74M, V151IE11D, R20K, L101I, S119P, T122I, T124A, S195T, I203M, Y227F, D253DY, S255N, D256EB
 Pt06Pt06 RAL N155HG163KS17N, A38AV, L101I, T112I, T124A, T125V, E157Q, K160Q, K211R, D256EB
 Pt08Pt08 RAL N155HE138EDM50IT, L101I, L104I, T124A, A205AS, T206S, I208IL, D256EB
 Pt09Pt09 RAL N155H E11D, R20K, L28I, S39C, L101I, S119P, T122I, F181L, V201I, Y227F, L234V, D256EB
Sichtig (2009)Pt075163FJ183699RAL62N155HQ146QKE11D, K14R, A21T, A23V, V88I, I113V, S119P, T124N, T125A, Q177R, T206SB
 Pt085255FJ183703RAL76N155HV151VI, G163GRT112I, T124N, M154I, V201I, D232DNB
 Pt095358FJ183704RAL106N155HV151IK14KR, I72IV, T124A, I162V, E170AT, S195SR, I200L, V201I, I220L, L234I, I251ILB
 Pt044833FJ183697RAL41N155HV151VI, G163GRS17N, V31I, T112V, T124N, T125A, V126L, S230N, D256EB
  4951FJ183698RAL50N155HV151I, G163RS17N, V31I, T112V, T124N, T125A, V126L, S230N, D256EB
Wittkop (2009)77_M3GU358385RAL12N155H S17N, I72V, L101I, S119G, T122I, T125A, A169S, T218S, I220L, Y227FB
Hatano (2010)3Virus9GU121685RAL N155HV151ID6E, E10D, A23S, V31I, L101I, T124A, K156N, V201I, D232N, M275VB
  Virus10GU121686RAL N155HV151ID6E, E10D, A23S, V31I, L101I, T124A, K156N, V201I, D232N, M275VB
  Virus11GU121687RAL N155HV151ID6E, E10D, A23S, V31I, L101I, T124A, K156N, V201I, D232N, M275VB
  Virus12GU121688RAL N155HV151ID6E, E10D, A23S, V31I, L101I, T124A, K156N, V201I, D232N, M275VB
 11Virus104GU121780RAL G140GS, N155HA128AT, V151VIE10DG, E11D, V31I, S119P, T122I, T125A, V126M, G163E, S195C, L234V, D279DNB
Blanco (2011)CA4825CA128619 RAL21N155HG163KE11D, S24N, V31I, L101I, I113V, S119P, T122I, T124N, T125A, V201I, K211KRB
 ACM_09BLACM_09BL RAL N155H E10D, S119G, T122I, T124N, T125A, M154I, K211RB
 GCC_10BLGCC_10BL RAL N155HV151IA21S, M22I, A23V, S24G, I84V, M154I, V165I, V201I, D232NB
Brenner (2011)INT12INT12_1HQ207812RAL N155HL74LM, V151I, G163GRE11D, S24N, V31I, L101I, S119P, T122I, K136Q, V150A, K211R, D286NB
 INT6INT6_1HQ207828RAL Y143C, N155HS230RS17N, M50I, L101I, T112I, T124N, G163E, A169S, V201I, T206S, I220L, Q221S, D279GB
 081911.030081911.030HQ423437RAL N155HV151I, G163GRE11D, S24N, L101I, S119P, T206S, D207E, E212AB
Canducci (2011)Pt8Pt8w12JN163901RAL13Y143R, N155H S17N, A49S, I72V, T124A, M154I, E170A, V201I, G277RB
 Pt9Pt9w4JN163903RAL4N155H A23V, T124AB
Armenia (2012)PT_69PT_69_MO_5JN544100RAL N155HE92EAA8P, D25E, L28I, S39C, L101I, V165I, K215N, Q216HB
  PT_69_MO_7JN544101RAL E92EAPQ, E138EK, N155HV151VIR20RK, D25E, L28I, E35EK, S39C, G47GE, L101I, V165I, K215KN, Q216H, D232DN, D286DNB
 PT_145PT_145_MO_10JN544115RAL N155HE92EA, T97TAE10D, L28I, K34KR, L101I, S119SR, K136NB
 PT_229PT_229_MO_9JN544121RAL Y143C, N155HS230RK7R, S17N, L101I, S119P, T122I, K156N, V165I, V201I, T206S, T218S, K219N, D256E, D278A, V281VMB
  PT_229_MO_11JN544122RAL Y143C, N155HS230RK7R, S17N, E69EQ, L101I, S119P, T122I, K156N, V165I, V201I, T206S, T218S, K219N, N222NK, D256DE, D278A, V281VMB
 PT_141PT_141_MO_6JN544113RAL N155HV151I, G163GRD6T, K7E, E11D, K14R, V31I, M50I, I72IV, I113V, S119SR, T125A, V201I, D256E, V281VMB
 PT_81PT_81_MO_3JN544105RAL N155H H16P, L28I, T112I, S119P, K156N, V201IB
DeJesus (2012)75627562_2 EVG25N155H E11D, S24SN, D25E, L101I, S119P, T122I, K136N, D279DNB
Garrido (2012)BAA295872BAA295872JQ716873RAL52N155HL74LME11D, K14R, K34R, D41N, P90S, L101I, K111KQ, S119SR, K156N, I208L, D256EB
 BAA295882BAA295882JQ716875RAL52E92EQ, N155HT97TAK7R, S17N, R20K, L101I, T112V, S119P, T124A, I135V, I220L, D232DN, D253DNB
 BAA295856BAA295856JQ716880RAL52Y143YH, N155H S17N, E96N, L101I, S119P, T122I, T124A, K156N, V201I, T206S, I208L, Y227F, D253Y, D256EB
 BAA295902BAA295902JQ716896RAL52N155H S17N, L101I, T112I, V165I, H171L, T206S, D256EB
Lee (2012)350841205A.8JQ666926RAL30N155HV151ID6E, E10D, A23S, V31I, L101I, T124A, K156N, V201I, D232N, M275VB
Molina (2012)40924092_2 RAL17N155H K14R, V31I, T124TNDA, T125TA, K215N, S230N, R231K, D253E, N254Q, S255G, D256E, K258N, V259L, V260LB
 42394239_2 RAL100E92EQ, N155HS230SRE10D, V31VMI, L45LR, L101I, T112TI, T124TAB
 32473247_3 RAL49N155H S17N, D25E, F26FL, M50I, L101I, S119SR, T124A, K156N, Q221S, N222KB
 30243024_2 RAL34N155H E10D, V31I, M50T, L101I, S119R, K136Q, G163Q, K211R, I217IV, S283GB
 32733273_5 RAL108N155HT97TA, V151VIE11D, A23V, L28I, V37I, D41DN, L101I, T112TA, S119SR, E157EQ, V201I, T206S, K215N, D232DE, D256E, S283GB
 30543054_2 RAL24N155H L101I, K156N, I208LB
  3054_3 RAL70N155HV151IL101I, K156N, I208LB
  3054_4 RAL81N155HV151IL101I, K156N, I208LB
 30933093_2 EVG107N155H S17N, A49P, L101LF, T124A, S153SF, E170EA, H171HR, L172LF, G193E, V201I, T218S, I220LF, D232DN, L241LF, L242LF, D253E, S255RB
 34373437_3 RAL103N155HG163GRS39C, Y99H, I162IV, V201I, D232DNB
 31953195_2 RAL54N155H E11D, A21T, L101I, T112V, I113LB
Parczewski (2012)307307_18KC409156RAL196N155H E10D, L101I, T112I, T124N, T125A, E157Q, K160Q, K219T, I220L, S230N, L234I, D253E, D256E, D278GB
  307_xKC409158RAL201N155H E10D, L101I, T112I, T124N, T125A, E157Q, K160Q, K219T, I220L, S230N, L234I, D253E, D256E, D278GB
Sax (2012)65456545_2 EVG97N155H E11D, M50I, S119P, T122I, S195T, V201I, T218IB
de Souza Cavalcanti (2014)BRSP332BRSP332 RAL N155HT97A, V151I, G163RS17N, V31I, I72V, S119R, T124A, T125V, K156N, V165I, Q168R, V201I, R224Q, D256E, R269K, V281M, S283GB
 BRSP94BRSP94 RAL N155HT97A, V151ID6E, E10D, A21S, A23V, S39R, M50I, L101I, S119P, T122I, K156R, A169V, S230N, L234I, S283NB
 BRSP73BRSP73 RAL N155H D25E, V31I, M154I, S230NB
 BRSP37BRSP37 RAL N155HT97A, V151IS17N, A21S, D25E, L28I, S39C, L101I, S119R, T218SB
 BRSP24BRSP24 RAL N155HE138D, V151IE10D, A21S, E170AB
 BRSP545BRSP545 RAL E92Q, N155H K14R, Y15H, V32I, S39C, M50I, I73IV, L101I, S119P, T124A, I135V, K136N, E157Q, K160Q, I162V, V201I, L234V, K240RB
 BRSP380BRSP380 RAL N155HE138D, V151IE11D, D25E, L28I, V37I, S39C, M50L, L74I, L101LF, T124A, E157Q, K160T, I203M, I208M, D232N, L234I, D253E, N254GB
 BRSP406BRSP406 RAL N155H S17N, I72V, L101I, S119R, T124A, I135V, K156N, S283GB
 BRSP101BRSP101 RAL N155HV151IS17N, L101I, S119ST, T124TA, K136Q, E157Q, K160T, A169V, L172LI, I208M, D232N, L234I, D253E, D256EB
 BRSP363BRSP363 RAL N155HV151I, G163QRS17N, L28I, P30T, I84L, L101I, K111R, T112A, S119T, T124A, T125A, K136Q, Q177R, V201I, K211R, T218M, L234V, D256E, M275V, S283G, D286NB
 BRSP385BRSP385 RAL N155HV151IS24G, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125A, V201I, A205S, S255NB
 BRSP268BRSP268 RAL N155HV151IS17N, L28I, T112I, S119G, T122I, T124N, T125A, E157Q, K160Q, V201IB
 BRSP359BRSP359 RAL N155HV151ID6T, K7E, E10D, V31I, K71KQ, I72V, I84M, A91R, L101I, T112I, V201I, T206S, D279DNB
 BRSP496BRSP496 RAL E92Q, N155HV151IH12Q, K14R, A21S, A23T, V31I, L101I, T124A, I204V, K215N, D279NB
 BRSP95BRSP95 RAL N155HT97A, V151ID6N, K7E, M50I, L101I, S119P, V201I, T206S, I208L, K211R, E212L, D232NB
 BRSP145BRSP145 RAL N155HV151VIS17N, S24D, L28I, S39C, T124N, T125A, V126L, T218S, D278NB
 BRSP705BRSP705 RAL E92Q, N155HV151IE10D, A21SB
 BRSP710BRSP710 RAL Y143C, N155HS230RV31I, L101I, T112I, S119T, T124A, E157Q, K160Q, V201I, C280SB
 BRSP128BRSP128 RAL N155HV151ID3E, S17N, A21S, S24N, I72V, V77A, L101I, I113V, T124A, D232NB
 BRSP273BRSP273 RAL Y143YC, N155HV151IS17N, A21S, V31I, L101I, K103R, T124A, I135V, V201I, T218L, K219Q, L234V, D256E, S283GB
 BRSP231BRSP231 RAL N155HA128T, V151IS17N, L28I, I72V, I208L, L234H, S283GB
Hardy (2014)Pt1INTPt1INT1003 RAL22N155H R20K, V31I, L45I, L101I, I135IV, E157Q, K160Q, V201I, K215N, A265VB
  Pt1INT1202 RAL, DTG69N155HV151IR20K, V31I, L45I, L101I, S119SR, I135V, E157Q, K160Q, V201I, K215NB
  Pt1INT1212 RAL, DTG110E138K, S147G, N155HT97A, V151ID6DN, R20RK, V31I, L45I, L101I, S119R, I135V, E157Q, K160Q, V201I, K215NB
  Pt1INT1310 RAL, DTG157E138K, S147G, N155HT97A, V151IR20K, V31I, L45I, A49P, L101I, S119R, T122TAIV, I135V, E157Q, K160Q, V201I, K215N, L234VB
  Pt1INT1401 RAL, DTG168E138K, S147G, N155HT97A, V151IR20RK, V31I, L45I, A49P, L68LF, L101I, S119R, T122TAIV, I135V, E157Q, K160Q, V201I, K215N, L234VB
Hurt (2014)IN_1019IN_1019 RAL T66TI, N155HL74M, T97A, V151ID6E, S17N, M50I, I72V, L101LI, S119R, K156N, V201VI, I208M, E212AB
 IN_867IN_867 RAL N155H A23V, S24G, L28I, I72V, T112A, S119P, T124N, T125A, V165L, I182V, S230N, R231KB
 IN_2034IN_2034 RAL N155HE138DI72V, T112I, T125V, D167EG, S195CB
 IN_210IN_210 RAL N155H, R263RKV151IE11D, K14R, S17T, A23V, L28I, P30A, I72V, V201I, T206S, D232DNB
 IN_241IN_241 RAL N155H E11D, D25E, P58PS, L101I, K111T, T122I, S230NB
 IN_129IN_129 RAL E92EQ, N155H S17N, M50I, I72V, L101I, T124A, G163T, T206S, T218S, Y227F, D256E, A265VB
 IN_729IN_729 RAL N155HV151IE11D, K14R, V31I, D41DN, M50MI, I84LV, T97V, L101LV, I113V, S119R, K156KN, E157Q, K160KQ, V201I, T206S, I208M, T218S, R284RGB
 IN_2211IN_2211 RAL N155HL74LME11D, K14R, R20K, V31I, S39C, M50I, T112V, I113V, T124A, P142PT, L158I, R166RT, V201I, T206SB
 IN_752IN_752 RAL N155H E11D, S24N, D25E, L101I, S119P, T122I, K136N, D279DNB
 IN_1459IN_1459 RAL N155HT97AS17N, M50MV, L101I, K111R, T112I, S119R, T124G, T125A, V165I, E198D, V201I, I220L, Y227F, D256E, D278DNB
 IN_1808IN_1808 RAL N155HV151I, G163KD6E, E11D, S24N, V31I, K42R, M50I, I73V, L74I, I84L, Q95H, L101I, I113L, T124HQ, E157Q, K160Q, V201I, T206S, K211R, L234LV, K240RB
 IN_1658IN_1658 RAL N155H S24A, G59E, L101I, S119P, T124A, K136N, D232S, D256EB
 IN_960IN_960 RAL N155HG163KD6E, S17N, L101I, T124N, V201I, D270EB
 IN_1060IN_1060 RAL N155HV151VI, G163GRA265VB
 IN_1304IN_1304 RAL N155H E11D, S17T, L45V, M50I, L101I, S119R, I135V, G163EB
 IN_750IN_750 RAL N155HV151ID25DE, V31I, M50I, D232N, A265VB
 IN_443IN_443 RAL E92Q, N155HE138EDS17N, I72V, T112I, T124A, T125V, T206S, D232DN, D279DGB
 IN_1894IN_1894 RAL N155HV151IS17N, D55DE, I72V, A98G, K111R, I113V, T124A, T125A, V126F, E170A, V201I, I220L, I251VB
 IN_665IN_665 RAL N155HQ95KI72V, K111T, I113V, T124A, K173R, D253EB
 IN_46IN_46 RAL N155HG163KE10D, L101I, S119P, T122I, V201I, T218S, D256EB
 IN_376IN_376 RAL N155HE138D, V151IS17N, M50L, L101I, T124A, D167E, K188R, I220L, D232N, I251IL, A265V, R269RKB
 IN_1732IN_1732 RAL N155H E11D, S24G, V31I, V79VI, L101I, S119P, T122I, Q214E, Q216N, T218TSB
 IN_1078IN_1078 RAL N155HV151I, G163RK111R, T112I, T124A, V201IB
 IN_882IN_882 RAL N155H E11D, S17C, L101I, I113V, S119R, T125A, D256EB
 IN_71IN_71 RAL N155H P30A, L101I, T112A, A196P, E212A, Q216HB
 IN_2676IN_2676 RAL N155H D6E, E10D, R20K, V31I, M50I, L101I, I113V, S119P, T122TI, T124N, T125A, K156N, E157Q, V201I, A265VB
 IN_1171IN_1171 RAL N155HV151I, G163GRV31VI, L101I, T112I, I135IV, F181FL, I220L, D232DN, D253DEB
 IN_2544IN_2544 RAL Y143YH, N155HT97TA, V151IS17N, M50I, G59GE, L101I, T112TR, S119R, T124A, I135IV, K156N, E157Q, V201I, T218TSB
 IN_726IN_726 RAL N155H E11D, V32I, S39C, V88I, L101I, V201I, D253EB
 IN_1565IN_1565 RAL N155HV151IE11D, S24N, M50MI, L101I, S119P, T122I, I135V, Y194YH, D256EB
 IN_301IN_301 RAL N155H S17N, M50I, Y99YH, L101V, T124A, T125A, K156N, V165I, Y194C, V201I, T206S, N222K, S230N, S255T, I268L, K273Q, D278AB
 IN_920IN_920 RAL N155HV151IL45I, M50R, E69D, I72V, L74I, I84L, L101I, T112R, T125A, E157Q, K160Q, G163V, V201I, E212A, K215N, D256E, R284GB
 IN_385IN_385 RAL N155HV151IE11D, S24N, V31VI, M50I, L68F, L74I, T112R, I113V, S119P, T122I, T124N, E157Q, K160Q, V201I, I203IM, T206S, I208L, K211KR, E212AB
 IN_118IN_118 RAL N155HL68LV, V151VIE11D, K34R, S119T, T125A, K156N, E157Q, V180VI, V201VI, I208IL, S230N, E287EAB
 IN_1650IN_1650 RAL N155HV151VIS17N, V31I, M50I, K71KR, I72IV, L101I, S119SR, T124TA, G163V, H171HR, V201I, I220L, D253DN, D256EB
 IN_925IN_925 RAL N155HG163GRS17N, L45Q, I72V, A76AV, P90S, L101I, E170EA, V201VI, S255SG, D256E, D270N, S283GB
 IN_2024IN_2024 RAL N155H L74I, G163E, I208IM, Q216H, Q221R, L234H, S255SRB
 IN_1490IN_1490 RAL N155H K7KQ, K14KR, V31I, I141V, T206S, D232EB
 IN_2535IN_2535 RAL N155H D6E, E10D, S17N, V31I, I72IV, L101I, S230N, A265VB
 IN_501IN_501 RAL E92Q, N155HA128AT, E138ED, V151VIV31I, I72V, L101I, T125M, F181L, V201I, S230N, A265AV, I268ILB
 IN_1637IN_1637 RAL N155HV151VIS17N, V31I, M50I, K71KR, I72IV, L101I, S119SR, T124TA, G163V, H171HR, V201I, I220L, D253DN, D256EB
 IN_494IN_494 RAL N155H E11D, R20K, V31I, M50I, I72V, S195T, I204V, T206S, S230N, D232E, A265VB
 IN_713IN_713 RAL N155HV151I, G163KS17N, A21S, D25E, N27ND, L45I, L101I, G106A, K111R, T112R, T124A, E157Q, K160Q, I208L, D256E, D278A, S283GB
 IN_824IN_824 RAL N155HG163GRD6E, E10D, S17N, A23V, V31I, S39N, L45V, I72IV, V201I, D229DN, S230N, D232DN, S283G, D286DNB
 IN_1044IN_1044 RAL N155H E11D, M50I, L101I, S119G, T122I, D232E, D256E, A265VB
 IN_353IN_353 RAL N155HV151IS39C, M50I, T125A, V126M, E157Q, K160Q, G193E, I203M, I208IM, D232N, D286NB
 IN_2610IN_2610 RAL N155H D6E, E10D, E13D, S17SN, V31I, L101I, T112V, S119P, T122I, T124N, K156N, S255RB
 IN_909IN_909 RAL N155HV151VI, G163GRK7R, S17N, R20K, M50I, L101I, T112V, I113V, S119T, T124A, T206S, I208L, I220L, Y227F, D253NY, D256EB
 IN_2801IN_2801 RAL N155HT97TAS17N, E96D, L101I, T112IM, S119R, T124TN, K156N, K211R, D256EB
 IN_1114IN_1114 RAL N155HG163GRS39C, L45Q, K71KR, I72IV, L101I, N254NK, S283GB
 IN_1477IN_1477 RAL N155H R20K, S39C, Q95QR, I203M, T206S, D207DE, I208IL, K211KR, D232EB
 IN_216IN_216 RAL N155HV151I, G163RS17N, V31I, S39N, I84M, L101I, I113V, T124A, T125A, E157Q, K160T, I208IM, K211T, S230N, A265AV, R269RK, D270HB
 IN_2237IN_2237 RAL N155HV151IS17N, V31I, L101I, T124A, T125A, G163V, V201I, I220L, D232N, D256EB
 IN_1269IN_1269 RAL N155H D6DE, E10D, S17SN, I72IV, S119P, T122I, T124A, T125A, V201I, I208M, Y227F, S230N, D253Y, D256E, R284GB
 IN_2128IN_2128 RAL N155HV151IM50I, L101I, K111T, S119R, Y227F, S230SN, D253H, D256EB
 IN_1880IN_1880 RAL E92Q, N155H S39C, L101I, T124N, I135V, F181L, V201IB
 IN_2453IN_2453 RAL N155HV151IK7R, S17N, L28I, P30A, M50I, I72V, L101I, T112A, T124A, T125A, K136R, K156N, V201I, T218S, L234H, D256E, M275VB
 IN_1753IN_1753 RAL N155HV151I, G163RL101I, K111RB
 IN_1964IN_1964 RAL N155HA128ATE13D, K14R, R20K, I72IV, L101I, S119P, T122I, T124A, G193E, V201I, T206S, I217V, T218S, S230N, D256E, D279G, S283SNB
 IN_827IN_827 RAL E92Q, N155H E11D, S24N, M50MI, I72V, K111R, I113V, T206S, S230N, N254Q, S255GB
 IN_2197IN_2197 RAL N155HV151VI, G163KS17N, L101I, S283GB
 IN_801IN_801 RAL N155HE138D, V151I, G163KS17N, V31I, M50I, L101I, T124N, V201IB
 IN_2616IN_2616 RAL N155HV151I, G163KV31I, L101I, T112TA, E157EQ, K160KT, K188R, I203M, L234IB
 IN_3310IN_3310 RAL N155HE138D, V151IS17N, V31I, T124N, T125A, V126L, I135IV, K136KT, K156N, V201I, T206S, D232N, D256EB
 IN_2322IN_2322 RAL N155HE138DD6E, P30S, L45Q, M50MI, I60V, L101I, I135V, V165VI, F181L, I203M, I208IM, I220IV, N254K, S255G, I268ILB
 IN_439IN_439 RAL N155HT97AS17N, S39C, M50I, T112V, I113V, S119R, T124N, T206SB
 IN_1794IN_1794 RAL N155HV151VIS17N, I84L, L101I, K111T, T124A, T125A, E157Q, K160TB
 IN_2547IN_2547 RAL N155HV151VIS17N, T124A, T125A, V126L, I135V, K156N, E157EQ, K188R, V201I, T206S, D232DN, D256E, R269K, D270H, R284GB
 IN_2402IN_2402 RAL N155HV151VI, G163GRI72V, L74LI, L101I, S119P, T122TI, K136Q, K188R, E198D, V201I, I217V, D232DANT, D256EB
 IN_1210IN_1210 RAL N155HV151IS17N, L101I, K111R, T112V, S119R, S123C, T124N, K156N, E157Q, Q177L, D256EB
 IN_1817IN_1817 RAL N155HV151VI, S230SRE11D, E13EG, S24N, V31I, Q95N, L101I, T112A, D167EB
 IN_1722IN_1722 RAL N155H T93N, L101I, D167E, S230N, D232N, A265VB
 IN_660IN_660 RAL N155HV151I, G163RD6E, E10D, M50I, I72V, S119P, T122I, T124N, V225VAB
 IN_2111IN_2111 RAL N155HS230SRE11D, K14KR, V31I, M50MIT, G70GR, T93TS, L101I, T124A, K156N, G193R, V201IB
 IN_429IN_429 RAL N155H S39C, M50I, I113V, T124A, V201I, D229G, D253E, N254GB
 IN_1092IN_1092 RAL N155HV151IK7KR, S17N, V31I, M50I, I72IV, Q95P, L101I, T112A, S119R, K156N, E157Q, S283GB
 IN_793IN_793 RAL N155H S17N, A49P, M50V, L101I, S119T, K156N, T206S, D270DEB
 IN_299IN_299 RAL N155H S17N, I72IV, L101I, S119P, T122I, Y227F, S230N, L234H, D256E, R284GB
 IN_2201IN_2201 RAL N155H K7R, A23V, L101I, T112I, S119P, T124N, T125A, I135VB
 IN_1177IN_1177 RAL N155HV151I, G163RI60L, I113V, I182V, V201I, I220IVB
 IN_2391IN_2391 RAL N155HV151IE11D, A21AT, L101I, K111Q, S119P, T122I, D279DNB
 IN_2914IN_2914 RAL N155HV151I, G163GRD6E, S17N, I72IV, A80S, L101I, T112TA, T124N, T125V, G193E, E212A, N254NKB
 IN_430IN_430 RAL N155H L101I, I161IL, G163E, H171HR, V201I, T218I, D232DN, L234IB
 IN_2704IN_2704 RAL N155H E10A, E11D, A21T, M50I, L101I, T112A, S119P, T122I, M154LB
 IN_816IN_816 RAL N155HV151I, G163RI60L, I72IV, I113V, I182V, V201I, S283SGB
 IN_1444IN_1444 RAL N155HG163GRS17N, L45Q, I72V, I84M, L101I, M154L, V201VI, I208L, K211Q, Q216NT, I220L, Q221H, D270H, D278DA, R284GB
 IN_1905IN_1905 RAL N155H S17N, I72V, L101I, T124N, E157Q, K160Q, I203M, K211R, T218I, K219Q, N222K, D232N, A265VB
 IN_3244IN_3244 RAL N155H D6DE, S17N, D25E, K34R, M50MI, L101LI, T124N, T125A, I135V, M154I, V201VI, K219N, N222K, D286DNB
 IN_2652IN_2652 RAL N155H S17N, E96D, L101I, T112IM, S119R, T124TN, K156N, K211R, D256EB
 IN_1781IN_1781 RAL N155H S39C, L45Q, L101I, T124TA, F181FL, K215KR, S283GB
 IN_2723IN_2723 RAL Y143C, N155HS230RE10D, E11D, L28I, P30A, S39C, A49P, E69Q, L101I, S119T, V201I, K211T, T218S, M275V, S283GB
 IN_144IN_144 RAL E92Q, N155HE138EDS17N, I72V, T124A, S283GB
 IN_1305IN_1305 RAL N155H K14KR, A23V, S24G, S39C, L101I, T206S, K211RB
 IN_2774IN_2774 RAL N155HL74M, V151I, G163KS17N, L68T, L101I, T124A, V201I, T218S, I220L, Y227F, D253N, D256E, R284GB
 IN_1412IN_1412 RAL N155H K14R, R20RK, L28I, P30A, M50I, T112V, T124A, D167E, V201I, T206S, K211R, K240RB
 IN_2885IN_2885 RAL N155HV151I, G163EKE10ED, L101V, T124N, T125A, I135V, H171HR, V201I, L234I, D256EB
 IN_369IN_369 RAL N155HV151IE10D, I72V, I84V, I135V, M154I, V201I, D232NB
 IN_770IN_770 RAL N155HV151IE11D, K14R, V31I, D41N, M50MI, I84IL, T97V, L101LV, I113V, S119R, E157Q, K160KQ, V201I, T206S, I208M, T218S, R284RGB
 IN_756IN_756 RAL N155HV151VI, G163RE11D, L101I, R187K, K188R, I220L, V281MB
 IN_400IN_400 RAL N155H M50I, K111Q, T112A, T124N, V126M, E157EQ, A196P, V201I, L234V, D253E, D270DNB
 IN_205IN_205 RAL N155HG163GRE11D, L28I, V31I, V32I, V37I, E170EA, V201I, K211R, A265V, S283GB
 IN_2058IN_2058 RAL N155HT97A, V151IR20K, M50IT, I72V, L101I, S119R, T124A, G193E, K211R, L234LV, D278A, D286NB
 IN_1098IN_1098 RAL N155H L28I, S39C, G118GS, D167E, V201I, A265VB
 IN_549IN_549 RAL N155HV151IE11D, V31VI, I72V, L101I, I113V, T124S, T125M, I161L, D232DN, N254H, D256EB
 IN_574IN_574 RAL N155HL74M, V151IK7R, E11D, V31I, M50I, I113V, S119P, T122I, T124TN, I208L, K211Q, E212A, Q216N, I220IMB
 IN_2847IN_2847 RAL N155HV151IM50I, L101I, K111AT, S119R, E157EQ, K160KQ, I203IM, K211KR, Y227F, D253HY, D256EB
 IN_2674IN_2674 RAL N155HQ95K, T97TA, V151VIS17N, L101I, S119P, T124A, T125A, I135V, K136QB
 IN_2482IN_2482 RAL N155H L101I, T124A, K173R, G193E, D256DE, D279GB
 IN_2527IN_2527 RAL N155HE138DS17N, A23T, L28I, L45Q, I72V, T93TP, T124N, K219N, N222K, D232N, D256E, S283GB
 IN_2789IN_2789 RAL N155HV151IV31I, M50MV, I72IV, L101I, T112I, I113V, K156N, E157Q, V201I, T218S, D229N, D253E, D256E, R284GB
 IN_913IN_913 RAL N155H S17N, L28I, S39C, I72V, I113V, T124N, T125A, A133AT, V180I, F181L, V201I, T206S, K219N, N222K, I268L, D270HB
 IN_2378IN_2378 RAL N155HE138D, V151IK14R, R20K, V32I, L45I, L101V, K136Q, G163A, V201I, T206S, I220V, D232DNB
 IN_3034IN_3034 RAL N155HV151IS17N, V31I, I72V, L74I, L101I, I113V, T124S, T125A, I135IV, K156N, H171Q, F181L, V201I, T206S, Q221R, D232DN, A265V, R284IB
 IN_48IN_48 RAL N155HL74LM, T97TA, V151VIS17N, V31I, M50MV, I84L, L101I, T112AV, S119SR, T124A, V165VI, H171HQ, K215N, I220L, D288NB
 IN_1635IN_1635 RAL N155HV151VIS17N, V31I, M50I, K71KR, I72IV, L101I, S119SR, T124TA, G163V, H171HR, V201I, I220L, D253DN, D256EB
 IN_2843IN_2843 RAL Y143C, N155HS230RE10D, E11D, L28I, P30A, S39C, A49P, E69Q, L101I, S119T, V201I, K211T, Q216QR, T218S, M275V, D278DN, S283GB
 IN_803IN_803 RAL N155HV151VI, G163GRE10ED, I72V, L101LI, M154I, V165I, V201I, T206TS, I208IL, K211KR, E212ALSV, D232DN, L234IB
 IN_2559IN_2559 RAL N155HL74LIM, A128T, E138D, V151IM50L, E157Q, K160Q, G163AB
 IN_1454IN_1454 RAL N155HG163GRS17N, I72V, S119T, T124S, K156N, I220L, I268L, D270H, S283GB
 IN_1531IN_1531 RAL N155HV151IS17N, R20RK, V31I, M50MI, L101I, A196P, V201I, D232N, D256EB
 IN_2850IN_2850 RAL E92EQ, E138EK, Y143YC, N155HV151VI, S230SRS17SN, A49P, M50I, I72IV, L101I, T112TA, T124A, K156N, V165VI, D167EG, V201VIB
 IN_940IN_940 RAL N155HV151VIV31I, L101I, I113IV, T125TA, H171HQ, F181L, V201I, D232N, N254K, K264KR, A265VB
 IN_298IN_298 RAL N155HV151VIE11D, D25DE, S119P, T122I, E170EG, S195T, V201I, S230N, S283GB
 IN_1500IN_1500 RAL N155HL74LM, E138ED, V151ID3N, S17N, S39C, M50I, I72V, K156N, E157Q, K173R, D232NB
 IN_1223IN_1223 RAL N155HV151VIE11D, V31I, V37I, M50MI, I113V, S119P, T122I, T124N, E157EQ, A196P, V201I, N254S, S255GB
 IN_2350IN_2350 RAL N155HA128AT, V151IS17N, L28I, I72V, P90S, S119T, E157Q, K160Q, D232E, R284GB
 IN_666IN_666 RAL N155HL74LIM, V151VI, G163KE10D, M50MI, G59GE, L101I, S119P, T122I, E157EQ, K160KT, V201I, T218S, D256EB
 IN_1196IN_1196 RAL N155H S39C, G70R, L101I, T112A, S119P, R187K, D232EB
 IN_486IN_486 RAL N155H E11D, R20K, L101I, K111T, S119P, T122I, V201IB
 IN_87IN_87 RAL N155HV151I, G163GRD6E, E10D, V31I, S39N, G70GR, I72V, L101I, G106A, S119PT, A205S, I208M, K211KT, K240KR, D253E, S255N, D256EB
 IN_1174IN_1174 RAL N155H V32I, L45Q, I72V, V201I, A205S, T206S, E212A, K219Q, Q221S, N222K, S255R, R284GB
 IN_681IN_681 RAL E92EQ, N155H S17SN, R20RK, S39C, L45Q, E96DN, L101I, G163T, V201I, K219N, N222K, N254K, S283SGB
 IN_1993IN_1993 RAL N155HV151IK14KR, V31VI, M50I, L74I, L101I, T124S, I135V, E157Q, K160T, F181L, Y194YC, V201I, T206S, K211KR, T218S, I220L, Y227F, D253Y, I268L, S283GB
 IN_1549IN_1549 RAL N155HE138D, V151IK14R, R20RK, N27NH, P30PA, V32I, L45LI, L101IV, K136Q, G163A, V201I, T206S, I220V, D232DN, I257IVB
 IN_879IN_879 RAL E92EQ, N155HV151VIE11D, K14R, V32I, S39C, M50I, L101I, I113V, T125A, I135V, S195T, V201I, D232DNB
 IN_1202IN_1202 RAL N155HV151IE11D, A21T, A23V, I72IV, L101I, K111Q, T122I, T124A, V201I, D279NB
 IN_397IN_397 RAL N155HV151IE11D, D25DE, V31I, S39C, L45Q, L101I, E157EQ, K160KN, D167DE, V201I, D232NB
 IN_1233IN_1233 RAL N155HG163GRS17N, V31VI, T124A, T125A, K136KT, K156N, V165I, G193R, V201IB
 IN_686IN_686 RAL N155HE138ED, V151VIMS17N, V31VIM, I60V, S119R, K188R, D232DN, R262G, A265V, R269RKB
 IN_863IN_863 RAL N155HV151IE11D, S17T, A23V, M50I, L101I, T124A, T125TA, I135V, R187RK, S283SG, Q285PB
 IN_1332IN_1332 RAL E92EQ, N155HQ95QKD6E, E10D, V31VI, L101I, T112I, T124N, T125A, I135V, I182V, V201I, T206S, I268L, D270DNB
 IN_1322IN_1322 RAL N155HV151IE11D, V31I, I135V, F181L, S195T, V201I, D232NB
 IN_1380IN_1380 RAL N155HT97A, V151VIK7R, V31I, M50I, T112TI, S119SR, K156N, V201I, L234IB
 IN_2685IN_2685 RAL N155HG163GRS17N, I72V, S119T, T124S, K156N, I220L, D232DN, I268L, D270H, S283GB
 IN_1033IN_1033 RAL Y143YH, N155HV151IS17N, L28I, L45LV, M50I, T124N, D167E, K211R, Y227F, D232DN, S255N, D256EB
 IN_2303IN_2303 RAL N155HE138ED, G163RM50I, L101LI, M154L, V201I, K211RB
 IN_2269IN_2269 RAL N155HV151IK14KR, R20K, L101I, T124A, I135IV, E157Q, K160Q, G193E, V201I, D232N, D286NB
 IN_2336IN_2336 RAL N155HV151II72IV, G106A, T124A, G193R, V201I, T206S, D232N, D253E, A265V, I268VB
 IN_1405IN_1405 RAL N155HT97A, V151I, G163RE11D, S17T, V31I, V79I, L101I, S119P, I135V, F181L, V201I, T206SB
 IN_347IN_347 RAL E92V, N155H D6E, K34R, L74I, T124A, H171Y, V201I, K211R, S230N, M275VB
 IN_293IN_293 RAL N155HV151I, G163RL45V, M50T, T124A, T125A, K156N, V165I, I182V, V201I, E212A, S283GB
 IN_126IN_126 RAL E92Q, N155H R20K, M50I, E96ED, T124A, E157Q, K160T, G193E, V201I, T218S, I220V, D256E, D279DGB
Hachiya (2015)N609N609LC022718RAL N155H V31I, L101IV, S119G, T122I, T125A, A128AV, I200IL, K215N, Q221S, N222K, D229DN, D256E, R269K, S283NB
 D9236D9236LC022715RAL N155H A23AV, V31I, L101I, S119G, T122I, T125A, V201I, A205S, K215N, Q221S, N222K, D256E, S283GB
 D8597D8597LC022714RAL N155HT97A, E138ED, V151VIS17N, A23AV, I72V, P90PS, L101I, T124A, T125A, D167E, V201I, D232NB
 D9612D9612LC022711EVG N155HE92AS17N, V31I, I72IV, S119G, T122I, T125A, V165VI, V201I, K211R, K215N, I220L, Q221S, N222K, D256E, R269KB
 N816N816LC022720RAL N155HV151IE11D, L28I, V31I, V32I, V37I, C56Y, S119P, T122I, T124N, G163A, V201I, K211R, L234V, A248SB