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Integrase Inhibitors

Subtype B
Gene IN
Mutation A128T
Rx II-naive
IncludeMixtures No
References 15
Patients 22
Isolates 24
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Sequences matching input query are shown below. Original reference, patient identifier, isolate name, partial treatment histories and accession number are indicated. Complete treatment histories, when available, can be accessed by clicking the isolate name. Sequences may additionally be downloaded in the fasta format, or viewed as individual or composite alignments using the options above. If the user wishes to view individual alignments of isolates for which there are multiple clones, the user can choose to view either an alignment of consensus sequences derived from the clones or an alignment of each clone as well as a consensus sequence.

Author (yr) Patient Isolate Acc# INIs WksINIMajorDRMs INIMinorDRMs OtherMutSubtype
Skinner (1998)157ED157 None  A128TE10A, I72V, S119G, A265V, R284GB
  ER157 None  A128TE10A, I72V, S119G, T125A, A265V, R284GB
  LR157 None  A128TE10D, I72V, S119G, T122I, T125AB
Van Baelen (2007)Pt22-1 None  A128TE11D, S17N, L28I, Q53K, I72V, L101I, K111R, T112R, T122I, S123G, T124A, K127R, K156N, V201I, T218S, D232E, D256EB
Miura (2008)BEC37BEC37EU517869None  A128TE11D, E13D, V31I, S39SC, L101I, K111T, S119P, T122I, L234IB
 BEC106BEC106EU517894None  A128TM50I, I72V, T124N, T125M, G193E, S230NB
Brumme (2009)E9516E9516GQ371858None  A128TS17N, V31I, I72V, Y99F, L101I, T112A, T125A, F139L, K211R, R284G, D288NB
Garrido (2009)230INT-230GU217077None  A128TE10ED, E13D, S39C, M50I, K111T, T112A, T125A, V201IB
Low (2009)mdr1amdr1aFJ786380None  A128TS17N, I72V, T125M, G163E, I208L, K211Q, E212AB
 mdr1bmdr1bFJ786381None  A128TS17N, I72V, T125M, G163E, I208L, K211Q, E212A, I220LB
 mdr1cmdr1cFJ786382None  A128TS17N, I72V, T125M, G163E, I208L, K211Q, E212A, I220LB
 mdr1dmdr1dFJ786383None  A128TS17N, I72V, T125M, G163E, I208L, K211Q, E212AB
 mdr1emdr1eFJ786384None  A128TS17N, I72V, T125M, G163E, I208L, K211Q, E212AB
Arruda (2010)EI063EI063GQ864205None  A128T, Q146EE11D, E13D, A23V, L28I, V37I, S39C, M50I, S119P, T124A, V201IB
Brockman (2012)AEHIV6AEHIV6JQ080090None  A128TS24G, L45V, T112I, K156NB
Molina (2012)32753275_1 None  A128TS17N, L28I, D41E, L45V, M50L, T112I, I220L, Q221H, N222T, D270H, R284GB
 32773277_1 None  A128TE10ED, E11ED, E13ED, M50L, L101I, K111T, T125A, Y227F, S230N, D256E, A265VB
Reigadas (2013)7676JX425544None  A128TE10D, I113V, T124N, T125A, I220M, D253EB
Martin (2014)ACU65ACU65KJ869674None  A128TS24G, L45V, T112I, K156NB
 ACU64ACU64KJ869673None  A128TE11D, E13D, V31I, S57N, I60V, L74I, S119P, T122I, S195T, V201IB
Han (2015)BJ2010002BJ2010002KP178423None  A128TK14R, L101I, K111R, I113V, T125P, G193E, V201IB
Hora (2015)DEMB11JP002DEMB11JP002KF716497None  A128TS17N, L28I, L45V, T125A, K156N, S283GB
Chen (2017)220510901220510901KY574976None  A128TS17N, K34KR, M50MI, I72V, T125A, T206S, I208IL, K211KR, E212X, I220L, Y227F, A265V, S283GB
Meixenberger (2017)02-0072902-00729KM677566None  A128TK42KR, M50T, E96D, Y99F, L101I, K111T, T125VB