Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

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Mutation L91I
Treatment NumN(t)RTIs = 0
Genotype D
IncludeMixtures No
References 18
Patients 60

Chaudhuri (1992)12141AY373431IndiaDNone521S, 36K, 91I, 124Y, 213T
Karayiannis (1995)11821X80925UKDNone1016L, 54H, 91I, 122L, 126R, 135Y, 202T, 248N, 317A, 329V
  31X80926UKDNone1013N, 54H, 91I, 131D, 253I, 257H, 266R, 309K, 336M, 337T
Alexopoulou (1996)13421X97849UKDNone854H, 91I, 122L, 126R, 135Y, 248N, 317A, 329V
Tallo (1998)11331EU594434EstoniaDNone821S, 91I, 122L, 130P, 139T, 248N, 256S, 263E
Bozdayi (2004)107101AY796031TurkeyDNone1016T, 54H, 91I, 135Y, 139D, 219A, 248N, 266K, 313S, 317A
Trinks (2004)10411EU185780ArgentinaDNone207D, 16T, 21AS, 53I, 54T, 91I, 122N, 124N, 126Y, 139Q, 145M, 149K, 151Y, 153W, 163V, 248N, 256S, 263E, 271Q, 278I
Olinger (2005)15151EU414118BelarusDNone938E, 76D, 91I, 115M, 126R, 131D, 135Y, 256S, 257W
Chauhan (2006)8921EF103276IndiaDNone87T, 9Y, 54H, 60T, 61I, 91I, 129L, 206V
Khan (2006)11311AB330366TajikistanDNone438E, 54H, 91I, 118H
Meldal (2006)32541FJ904382TunisiaDNone335Q, 91I, 110G
  971FJ904425TunisiaDNone97V, 91I, 149K, 153W, 194V, 237T, 248N, 257W, 267H
  1111FJ904439TunisiaDNone1118G, 91I, 131D, 149K, 153W, 237T, 256S, 257W, 266R, 267H, 332Y
Pallier (2007)121 FranceDNone1076D, 91I, 122L, 128N, 130P, 248N, 256S, 263E, 267L, 271D
  41 FranceDNone1191I, 116P, 122L, 134V, 212R, 217R, 219A, 238D, 266R, 267H, 269L
  61 FranceDNone1191I, 110G, 115M, 126R, 135Y, 215S, 229G, 238E, 248N, 253S, 271D
Borroto-Esoda (2008)241GQ486039GermanyDNone521S, 91I, 122L, 129L, 271D
  111GQ486046GreeceDNone1916T, 21S, 24ST, 54H, 91I, 117PS, 118DN, 122L, 128INT, 130P, 139KN, 142AITV, 145LM, 248N, 256S, 263E, 266R, 317A, 329T
  641GQ486099GreeceDNone1416T, 21S, 54HY, 91I, 122L, 130P, 131H, 164M, 213N, 248N, 263E, 267H, 271D, 317AS
  831GQ486118GreeceDNone916T, 54N, 91I, 118NT, 124*DEY, 131DN, 215HQ, 238H, 263E
  901GQ486125SpainDNone1254H, 91I, 126R, 135Y, 138RS, 212KT, 214A, 248N, 266IKR, 318R, 333KQ, 338F
  921GQ486127BulgariaDNone227D, 11EQ, 12HQ, 15KNRS, 53D, 54H, 91I, 106A, 122N, 124N, 126Y, 139E, 149K, 151Y, 153W, 162IV, 163V, 213T, 248N, 257H, 271D, 333Q
  1071GQ486142ItalyDNone953DN, 54HY, 91I, 122L, 129LM, 135PS, 183FL, 187L, 266R
  1111GQ486146TurkeyDNone97S, 15K, 91I, 112A, 122V, 126HY, 130PQ, 221Y, 256G
  1421GQ486177GreeceDNone187T, 53S, 54H, 76D, 91I, 117HPSY, 118DN, 120G, 122V, 126R, 135Y, 215S, 248N, 256S, 266R, 267HL, 271D, 309KM
  1451GQ486180BulgariaDNone691I, 122CF, 124Y, 128FIST, 256S, 279KN
  1491GQ486184SpainDNone1654H, 76DN, 91I, 110G, 123HKNQ, 124DGHR, 126HR, 135C, 149K, 215HQ, 238NT, 248N, 256CS, 318R, 319QR, 337T
  1651GQ486200SpainDNone754H, 91I, 126R, 135Y, 248N, 318R, 337T
  1721GQ486207SpainDNone1754H, 91I, 117P, 126R, 129V, 131D, 132M, 135H, 219A, 248N, 257H, 266K, 271D, 309K, 318R, 332Y, 338F
  2451GQ486280BulgariaDNone117T, 54H, 91I, 145M, 164LM, 213T, 214AP, 215HQ, 248HN, 256S, 266K
  2891GQ486324SpainDNone1753DEKN, 54H, 76D, 91I, 118D, 135H, 187IL, 248N, 253I, 257H, 263E, 266M, 267LQ, 271D, 309K, 318R, 337T
  2901GQ486325SpainDNone1316IT, 18RST, 54H, 91I, 110G, 135Y, 215*PQS, 234HN, 248N, 253S, 266R, 271D, 318R
  3091GQ486344GermanyDNone1121S, 54HY, 76D, 91I, 122L, 130P, 187L, 248N, 263E, 266R, 271D
  3191GQ486354BulgariaDNone1176D, 91I, 112A, 124Y, 130P, 135A, 183L, 187L, 215*PQS, 279R, 309K
  3271GQ486362TurkeyDNone691I, 122V, 124Y, 319QR, 328KR, 332CG
  3301GQ486365BulgariaDNone421T, 91I, 124Y, 213T
  3451GQ486380BulgariaDNone77V, 38E, 91I, 118NT, 124Y, 279H, 309K
  3491GQ486384GreeceDNone177AD, 53DEKN, 54H, 91I, 115M, 122L, 130P, 153QR, 154KQ, 213NS, 248N, 256G, 263E, 266V, 309K, 332R, 336M
  4721GQ486507Czech RepublicDNone117V, 21S, 80IL, 91I, 130P, 135Y, 213ST, 248N, 263A, 266V, 278I
  7341GQ486769GermanyDNone1618RS, 21S, 54H, 91I, 115LV, 118NT, 122L, 128AT, 130P, 142AV, 248N, 256G, 263E, 266V, 332Y, 333KQ
  7501GQ486785SpainDNone1254H, 91I, 122V, 126L, 135Y, 253S, 271D, 316H, 318R, 332R, 333N, 337T
  7921GQ486827SpainDNone1138E, 53D, 54H, 91I, 126R, 135N, 248N, 257H, 266R, 271D, 318R
  8131GQ486848USADNone711K, 13HR, 91I, 180LR, 197HP, 266R, 294W
  8311GQ486866TurkeyDNone621S, 91I, 117P, 130P, 164M, 213T
Sharifi (2008)37111FJ606849IranDNone591I, 122I, 248N, 263E, 267H
  151FJ606853IranDNone391I, 124Y, 164M
  321FJ606870IranDNone291I, 278I
  351FJ606874IranDNone691I, 120G, 212T, 217R, 263E, 270R
Meldal (2009)27068M25GQ924671MalaysiaDNone553D, 54H, 91I, 126R, 135N
PowerJP (2010)3053IPAT2GU570526UKDNone316T, 91I, 118D
Verheye (2010)272095095_170306HM174161GermanyDNone991I, 118DN, 140IL, 145M, 164M, 187IL, 199LV, 215S, 219AS
Arankalle (2011)30920MOD_4705GQ183467IndiaDNone1338K, 54H, 85C, 88R, 89H, 91I, 92T, 94P, 95L, 118D, 131D, 229F, 271D
Zhou (2011)31313tibet-116HM750143ChinaDNone107D, 91I, 129L, 149K, 248N, 263S, 266M, 271D, 309L, 332Y
  14QHX-2HM750144ChinaDNone991I, 110G, 129L, 142E, 149K, 248N, 263S, 267H, 271D
  15Tibet-18HM750145ChinaDNone891I, 129L, 149K, 248N, 257H, 263S, 271D, 309L
  16Tibet-26HM750146ChinaDNone89N, 91I, 129L, 149K, 225S, 248N, 263T, 271D
  17Tibet-29HM750147ChinaDNone891I, 122V, 129L, 149K, 248N, 263S, 271D, 309L
  18Tibet-37HM750148ChinaDNone991I, 122V, 129L, 149K, 248N, 256S, 263S, 271D, 309L
  19Tibet-60HM750149ChinaDNone791I, 129L, 149K, 248N, 263S, 271D, 309L
  20Tibet-70HM750150ChinaDNone1091I, 129L, 149K, 224I, 248N, 263S, 271D, 309L, 325Q, 329T