Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

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Mutation H124N
Treatment NumN(t)RTIs = 0
Genotype B
IncludeMixtures No
References 26
Patients 180

Hannoun (1992)9151AF121243VietnamBNone1124N
  61AF121244VietnamBNone2124N, 222T
  91AF121247VietnamBNone613L, 124N, 134DGNS, 226H, 332R, 333N
  101AF121248VietnamBNone713L, 91I, 124N, 134S, 226H, 332R, 333N
  111AF121249VietnamBNone3124N, 226H, 332R
  121AF121250VietnamBNone81D, 15K, 118T, 124N, 134D, 226H, 332R, 333Q
  131AF121251VietnamBNone613L, 52A, 124N, 226H, 332R, 333N
Chen (1995)20111S74867TaiwanBNone87N, 54P, 124N, 127G, 134D, 332R, 333N, 337T
Alexopoulou (1996)13431X97850UKBNone4118H, 122N, 124N, 219A
  41X97851UKBNone413H, 124N, 267R, 336M
Fujiyama (1998)20011AJ131133UKBNone9124N, 143Y, 226H, 238Y, 256C, 257L, 263D, 272W, 332T
Sugauchi (2001)1311AB073821ChinaBNone3124N, 134S, 329T
  21AB073822ChinaBNone3124N, 332R, 333Q
  41AB073824ChinaBNone676D, 91I, 122V, 124N, 207L, 219T
  51AB073825ChinaBNone8118H, 124N, 135A, 163V, 212KR, 222T, 271T, 332R
  61AB073826ChinaBNone4124N, 153W, 332C, 337Y
  71AB073827Hong KongBNone1124N
  81AB073828Hong KongBNone2124N, 148F
  91AB073829JapanBNone791I, 118D, 124N, 204I, 222T, 238R, 279H
  101AB073830ThailandBNone530I, 124N, 135Y, 222T, 256C
  111AB073831ThailandBNone430GV, 112I, 124N, 256C
  121AB073832ThailandBNone5118T, 124N, 220V, 256G, 333Q
  131AB073833ChinaBNone2124N, 317S
  141AB073834VietnamBNone3124N, 279H, 332R
  161AB073836TaiwanBNone753D, 117P, 124N, 134D, 274K, 325L, 332R
  171AB073837JapanBNone2124N, 164M
  191AB073839TaiwanBNone911D, 13L, 53P, 124N, 131D, 134D, 313S, 332R, 333N
  201AB073840TaiwanBNone444AV, 124N, 191AV, 263N
  211AB073841TaiwanBNone4124N, 131D, 263N, 333Q
Lin (2002)7511AY163870ChinaBNone1153D, 118D, 124N, 127G, 128N, 134D, 149Q, 271L, 326I, 332R, 333Q
  11AY163869ChinaBNone953D, 118D, 124N, 128N, 149Q, 271L, 326I, 332R, 333Q
  21AY206373ChinaBNone413H, 106C, 124N, 220V
  41AY206375ChinaBNone6124N, 155P, 266I, 267R, 322V, 329S
  61AY206377ChinaBNone323I, 124N, 127W
  91AY206380ChinaBNone5124N, 134S, 185R, 194L, 256G
  161AY206387ChinaBNone453T, 124N, 128S, 337D
  191AY206390ChinaBNone853D, 124N, 132M, 234R, 271L, 274K, 312S, 315M
  201AY206391ChinaBNone914V, 124N, 134D, 139H, 224I, 309K, 332R, 337H, 342S
Zhang (2002)8821AY220698ChinaBNone72N, 91I, 124N, 134D, 207L, 271I, 322I
  71AY220703ChinaBNone3124N, 274K, 336M
Nakajima (2005)13131AB205120JapanBNone378P, 124N, 256C
Sakamoto (2005)3171AB287320GreenlandBNone91D, 13H, 38A, 124N, 134D, 267S, 271Q, 332N, 337T
  151AB287328JapanBNone4124N, 162V, 214I, 318R
  161AB287329JapanBNone518K, 118T, 124N, 134D, 337T
Dong (2006)161281DQ995803ChinaBNone5124N, 134D, 191I, 291A, 339T
  291DQ995804ChinaBNone948R, 53D, 109P, 124N, 134D, 187V, 213T, 226H, 227S
Horiike (2007)6821AB195933JapanBNone1124N
Kanada (2007)5261AB300364JapanBNone1124N
  131AB300371JapanBNone141D, 7A, 27I, 113T, 117Y, 118D, 119T, 124N, 127G, 131D, 162V, 271I, 332R, 333N
Khan (2007)7051AB365441BoliviaBNone1124N
  91AB365445BoliviaBNone3124N, 135A, 266I
Margeridon-Thermet (2007)668A7GQ325779USABNone41D, 54N, 124N, 332R
  17E6GQ325788USABNone81DE, 18KR, 91IL, 124N, 134D, 222AT, 256G, 270KR
  24LCSGQ325795USABNone876DN, 119ST, 124N, 134D, 141FY, 220I, 256C, 316H
  25LSGQ325796USABNone4124N, 134D, 141FY, 213ST
  26LYCGQ325797USABNone3124N, 274K, 337T
Okamoto (2007)10971D00330JapanBNone5124N, 153W, 207M, 272W, 332T
Borroto-Esoda (2008)2151GQ486050AustraliaBNone131D, 33S, 76D, 124N, 135A, 213T, 215H, 271L, 309K, 317T, 318R, 332R, 333N
  221GQ486057CanadaBNone5122V, 124N, 135C, 332R, 333N
  481GQ486083CanadaBNone57S, 124N, 256G, 332R, 333Q
  541GQ486089AustraliaBNone81D, 118D, 124N, 213T, 274K, 332R, 333N, 336V
  711GQ486106USABNone7124N, 224IV, 229V, 235V, 256GS, 332R, 333N
  881GQ486123CanadaBNone213LR, 124N
  1261GQ486161New ZealandBNone5124N, 213T, 220I, 221H, 226HN
  1871GQ486222CanadaBNone353DN, 124N, 164M
  1931GQ486228USABNone933NS, 91IL, 123D, 124N, 127G, 211T, 309K, 332R, 333Q
  1991GQ486234CanadaBNone754N, 76D, 109P, 118T, 123D, 124N, 267A
  2561GQ486291CanadaBNone1453KN, 76D, 91I, 119PS, 120GR, 124N, 219AS, 220IL, 225ST, 226H, 229LV, 256CG, 332R, 333KN
  2991GQ486334CanadaBNone613CR, 76D, 91I, 124N, 139H, 257GW
  3291GQ486364USABNone91D, 53D, 124N, 207MV, 233IV, 269IL, 290L, 332R, 333Q
  3601GQ486395CanadaBNone2123D, 124N
  3621GQ486397USABNone4118D, 124N, 134S, 242KR
  3651GQ486400CanadaBNone1153D, 124N, 132M, 162IV, 163IV, 207M, 222AT, 270R, 271LM, 318R, 332RS
  3971GQ486432USABNone691IL, 124N, 134DN, 222AT, 225S, 256CG
  4121GQ486447CanadaBNone3124N, 129L, 222AT
  4131GQ486448New ZealandBNone5124N, 138KR, 256C, 329T, 336LM
  4141GQ486449AustraliaBNone3124N, 134NS, 224I
  4171GQ486452CanadaBNone2124N, 220IL
  4591GQ486494FranceBNone2124N, 134DN
  4731GQ486508New ZealandBNone2124N, 222AT
  4771GQ486512SpainBNone2118H, 124N
  4871GQ486522USABNone5124N, 131DN, 134DN, 213ST, 271LM
  4881GQ486523AustraliaBNone2124N, 271L
  5241GQ486559CanadaBNone4124N, 134DN, 325L, 329T
  5981GQ486633USABNone4122L, 124N, 225AT, 256C
  6051GQ486640FranceBNone3118H, 124N, 332R
  6101GQ486645CanadaBNone5118NT, 124N, 134DN, 271L, 333KQ
  7521GQ486787TaiwanBNone3119PS, 124N, 127GR
  7671GQ486802TaiwanBNone81D, 53D, 124N, 131D, 134I, 211T, 220V, 333Q
  7881GQ486823TaiwanBNone4124N, 213T, 291A, 336M
  8281GQ486863TaiwanBNone1153DN, 117SY, 124N, 127GR, 134DN, 214E, 226HN, 256G, 265IV, 267H, 291A
Li (2008)2861GQ377519ChinaBNone2124N, 226H
  121GQ377525ChinaBNone376D, 123D, 124N
  241GQ377537ChinaBNone2124N, 180W
  341GQ377547ChinaBNone2124N, 270T
  481GQ377561ChinaBNone5124N, 270T, 274T, 289Q, 332R
  541GQ377567ChinaBNone67S, 13HL, 124N, 125H, 134S, 248H
  551GQ377568ChinaBNone2124N, 226H
  691GQ377582ChinaBNone2124N, 267R
  741GQ377587ChinaBNone2124N, 259S
  751GQ377588ChinaBNone2124N, 270R
  931GQ377606ChinaBNone613H, 18K, 124N, 187V, 266I, 269L
  971GQ377610ChinaBNone254S, 124N
  991GQ377612ChinaBNone3124N, 226H, 317T
  1091GQ377622ChinaBNone3124N, 135Y, 333Q
  1121GQ377625ChinaBNone3124N, 256G, 337T
  1161GQ377629ChinaBNone47ST, 124N, 128A, 241Q
  1171GQ377630ChinaBNone313S, 16I, 124N
  1251GQ377638ChinaBNone2124N, 326V
  1261GQ377639ChinaBNone3124N, 263D, 281T
  1281GQ377641ChinaBNone47ST, 123D, 124N, 337H
  1301GQ377643ChinaBNone67ST, 124N, 253I, 270N, 332R, 337T
  1311GQ377644ChinaBNone5124N, 134D, 226H, 332R, 333N
Olinger (2008)3921FJ023632LaosBNone71D, 124N, 134D, 259S, 271L, 316H, 329T
Meldal (2009)27061M10GQ924664MalaysiaBNone1124N
  64M18GQ924667MalaysiaBNone89N, 38A, 124N, 129L, 132M, 134D, 141F, 224I
  9M28GQ924611MalaysiaBNone2124N, 318R
  70M29GQ924673MalaysiaBNone4112I, 118T, 124N, 135A
  31M57GQ924634MalaysiaBNone69Y, 124N, 128A, 290L, 314S, 332R
  56M44GQ924659MalaysiaBNone3124N, 256C, 337H
  74M49GQ924677MalaysiaBNone313L, 124N, 219A
  27M52GQ924630MalaysiaBNone618K, 53H, 124N, 149Q, 220I, 337H
  28M53GQ924631MalaysiaBNone2124N, 139H
  6M15GQ924608MalaysiaBNone3124N, 131D, 322A
  3M11GQ924605MalaysiaBNone2124N, 271L
  65M20GQ924668MalaysiaBNone3124N, 135Y, 222T
  5M13GQ924607MalaysiaBNone317H, 124N, 256C
  67M22GQ924670MalaysiaBNone3124N, 134D, 220I
  41M79GQ924644MalaysiaBNone2124N, 256G
  43M83GQ924646MalaysiaBNone51D, 124N, 134D, 135T, 215H
  44M84GQ924647MalaysiaBNone5105C, 124N, 131D, 253I, 256G
  45M85GQ924648MalaysiaBNone2124N, 131D
  50M90GQ924653MalaysiaBNone3124N, 271L, 326I
  77M96GQ924680MalaysiaBNone2124N, 154Q
Ahn (2010)27736KOR36HCCGQ475340South KoreaBNone2124N, 134S
Liu (2010)2745H12FJ560992ChinaBNone4124N, 207M, 332R, 333N
  8H26FJ560995ChinaBNone638AT, 39*, 41K, 62P, 63L, 124N
  14Q30FJ561001ChinaBNone3124N, 128A, 135A
  20QS263FJ561007ChinaBNone2124N, 213T
  22QS88FJ561009ChinaBNone3124N, 207M, 256G
  26S118FJ561013ChinaBNone4124N, 213T, 271I, 337T
  28S124FJ561015ChinaBNone3124N, 128IT, 294W
  31S17FJ561018ChinaBNone2124N, 213T
  34S40FJ561021ChinaBNone37S, 124N, 134I
  37S50FJ561024ChinaBNone512Q, 110S, 124N, 256G, 342V
  51S93FJ561038ChinaBNone5118H, 124N, 134NS, 270T, 332R
  57QS216FJ561044ChinaBNone643GV, 44GV, 124N, 256G, 331FL, 332RS
  63S21FJ919933ChinaBNone453T, 124N, 319L, 340S
  64S29FJ919934ChinaBNone553D, 124N, 134D, 238N, 271L
Nguye (2010)271035U8349677HM173887USABNone2124N, 134IN
  037U8337219HM173888USABNone2124N, 143SY
  041U7356532HM173889USABNone10124N, 134D, 141F, 192CR, 197HP, 198CR, 219T, 222T, 228FL, 230FS
  159S9434217HM173924USABNone4124N, 127G, 222T, 229V
  273P9688667HM173950USABNone2124N, 240N
  274U0698260HM173951USABNone2124N, 134D
  335Y5260951HM173969USABNone3117SY, 124N, 134S
  570U5685504HM174033USABNone2124N, 213ST
  604P4474069HM174045USABNone2124N, 222AT
  644U4640651HM174054USABNone4118T, 124N, 134D, 222T
  645U1486066HM174055USABNone4124N, 149E, 222AT, 226H
  694U5773699HM174073USABNone3124N, 134S, 213T
  753P1732132HM174083USABNone4124N, 134S, 222T, 235I
  755U2215219HM174084USABNone5124N, 131D, 207LV, 220IL, 222T
Verheye (2010)272186186_070907HM174209GermanyBNone591I, 124N, 128IN, 187IL, 207MV
Wang (2010)2731A1 TaiwanBNone4122L, 124N, 222T, 263Q
  1A2 TaiwanBNone4122L, 124N, 222T, 263Q
  1A3 TaiwanBNone4122L, 124N, 222T, 263Q
  2B1 TaiwanBNone2124N, 256C
  2B2 TaiwanBNone2124N, 256C
  2B3 TaiwanBNone2124N, 256C
  3C1 TaiwanBNone1124N
  3C2 TaiwanBNone2124N, 134D
  3C3 TaiwanBNone2124N, 134D
  4D1 TaiwanBNone1124N
  4D2 TaiwanBNone1124N
  4D3 TaiwanBNone1124N
  5E1 TaiwanBNone3124N, 134D, 256C
  5E2 TaiwanBNone3124N, 134D, 256C
  5E3 TaiwanBNone3124N, 134D, 256C
  6F1 TaiwanBNone2124N, 256C
  6F2 TaiwanBNone3124N, 134D, 256C
  6F3 TaiwanBNone3124N, 134D, 256C
  7G1 TaiwanBNone2124N, 256C
  7G2 TaiwanBNone2124N, 256C
  7G3 TaiwanBNone3124N, 134S, 256G
Pezzano (2011)28749BA174HM154971ArgentinaBNone391I, 124N, 134S
Zhang (2011)3081xs ChinaBNone2124N, 222T