Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

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Mutation 337T
Treatment NumN(t)RTIs = 0
Genotype All
IncludeMixtures No
References 27
Patients 65

Horikita (1993)6111D23677JapanBNone47A, 153W, 271L, 337T
  21D23678JapanBNone67D, 127G, 131D, 187L, 271L, 337T
  31D23679JapanBNone77A, 127G, 128A, 131D, 153W, 271L, 337T
Asahina (1994)12611D50521JapanBNone127A, 32Q, 53H, 113G, 138K, 139H, 226H, 259S, 267P, 271L, 288P, 337T
Chen (1995)20111S74867TaiwanBNone87N, 54P, 124N, 127G, 134D, 332R, 333N, 337T
  11S74815TaiwanBNone47N, 332R, 333N, 337T
Karayiannis (1995)11811X80924UKDNone754H, 253I, 257H, 266R, 309K, 336M, 337T
  31X80926UKDNone1013N, 54H, 91I, 131D, 253I, 257H, 266R, 309K, 336M, 337T
Michitaka (1997)3331AB109477JapanDNone653D, 54H, 126R, 135Y, 248N, 337T
Jeantet (2001)2021GTAAJ344115FranceANone1018K, 119Y, 120K, 128I, 140I, 169L, 187L, 219A, 238S, 337T
Kato (2001)13911AB059659USAHNone3332R, 333Q, 337T
Sugauchi (2001)13181AB073838JapanBNone71D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 226H, 271L, 337T
  221AB073842JapanBNone77A, 122F, 127G, 131D, 271L, 309K, 337T
  251AB073845JapanBNone57A, 127G, 131D, 271L, 337T
  261AB073846JapanBNone77A, 127G, 131D, 153W, 270R, 271L, 337T
  281AB073848JapanBNone87A, 54A, 127G, 131D, 153W, 222T, 271L, 337T
  301AB073850JapanBNone87A, 111D, 127G, 131D, 153W, 267H, 271L, 337T
  311AB073851JapanBNone97A, 127G, 131D, 134S, 139K, 267H, 271L, 336M, 337T
  321AB073852JapanBNone97A, 38A, 53T, 127G, 131D, 271Q, 332R, 333N, 337T
  351AB073855JapanBNone97A, 127G, 131D, 187L, 222T, 271L, 332R, 333N, 337T
  361AB073856JapanBNone91D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 153W, 213T, 271Q, 333Q, 337T
  371AB073857JapanBNone77A, 26E, 54N, 127G, 131D, 271L, 337T
Sun (2001)4531AB198078ChinaCNone3263D, 274Q, 337T
Sugauchi (2003)16911AB106884JapanBNone91D, 7A, 131D, 256G, 271L, 319K, 332R, 333Q, 337T
  21AB106885JapanBNone97A, 28L, 124D, 127G, 131D, 149Q, 226H, 271L, 337T
Tran (2003)23811AB100695VietnamBNone5266G, 271L, 300L, 301P, 337T
Hass (2004)8421 Democratic Republic of the ConENone511Q, 122T, 267L, 336M, 337T
Kramvis (2005)4741DQ060825NamibiaENone411R, 267L, 336M, 337T
Nakajima (2005)13141AB205121JapanBNone107A, 38A, 39A, 127G, 131D, 153W, 271L, 276I, 322S, 337T
Sakamoto (2005)3171AB287320GreenlandBNone91D, 13H, 38A, 124N, 134D, 267S, 271Q, 332N, 337T
  131AB287326JapanBNone77A, 127G, 131D, 134I, 267R, 271L, 337T
  141AB287327JapanBNone101D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 141F, 235I, 271L, 332R, 333Q, 337T
  161AB287329JapanBNone518K, 118T, 124N, 134D, 337T
Andernach (2006)21521FJ692555NigeriaANone157T, 8A, 109P, 122H, 124H, 129L, 153R, 163I, 217L, 238T, 253V, 259S, 317S, 318R, 337T
Margeridon-Thermet (2007)6626LYCGQ325797USABNone3124N, 274K, 337T
Okamoto (2007)10961D00329JapanBNone77A, 131D, 260W, 268N, 269F, 271L, 337T
Borroto-Esoda (2008)231GQ486038CanadaBNone713HR, 124DN, 224IV, 226HN, 332R, 333Q, 337T
  81GQ486043New ZealandDNone638AE, 54H, 135FS, 238HN, 256G, 337T
  91GQ486044New ZealandDNone1337T
  211GQ486056New ZealandDNone938AT, 54HY, 60KR, 76D, 149KQ, 238HN, 256AS, 309K, 337T
  261GQ486061CanadaCNone10123H, 124N, 125K, 127R, 139H, 221FY, 238H, 309L, 317A, 337T
  581GQ486093FranceENone5191IV, 316HQ, 326IT, 333KQ, 337T
  1491GQ486184SpainDNone1654H, 76DN, 91I, 110G, 123HKNQ, 124DGHR, 126HR, 135C, 149K, 215HQ, 238NT, 248N, 256CS, 318R, 319QR, 337T
  1521GQ486187New ZealandDNone518G, 213T, 214DEV, 215HQ, 337T
  1641GQ486199SpainDNone954H, 118T, 123E, 135Y, 228FL, 263E, 271D, 318R, 337T
  1651GQ486200SpainDNone754H, 91I, 126R, 135Y, 248N, 318R, 337T
  1661GQ486201New ZealandDNone4153QR, 256S, 303CS, 337T
  1731GQ486208New ZealandDNone538E, 76DN, 248Q, 266R, 337T
  2611GQ486296New ZealandDNone1337T
  2831GQ486318New ZealandDNone2269L, 337T
  2891GQ486324SpainDNone1753DEKN, 54H, 76D, 91I, 118D, 135H, 187IL, 248N, 253I, 257H, 263E, 266M, 267LQ, 271D, 309K, 318R, 337T
  3571GQ486392New ZealandDNone1016T, 23IV, 53NT, 121X, 142EV, 212KT, 214AV, 238DN, 309K, 337T
  5051GQ486540GermanyBNone513LR, 124DN, 226H, 332R, 337T
  5201GQ486555New ZealandDNone3118NT, 303CS, 337T
  7501GQ486785SpainDNone1254H, 91I, 122V, 126L, 135Y, 253S, 271D, 316H, 318R, 332R, 333N, 337T
Cavinta (2008)711EU410079PhilippinesCNone6123H, 125K, 139H, 238H, 309L, 337T
  31EU410081PhilippinesCNone14118N, 123H, 124N, 125K, 131N, 139H, 224V, 238H, 256G, 263D, 309L, 317A, 337T, 342AV
Li (2008)281121GQ377625ChinaBNone3124N, 256G, 337T
  1301GQ377643ChinaBNone67ST, 124N, 253I, 270N, 332R, 337T
Meldal (2009)27017M38GQ924620MalaysiaCNone1435N, 38A, 61FL, 118N, 124N, 125K, 134N, 139H, 224V, 248H, 267S, 309L, 317A, 337T
AbdouChekaraou (2010)2823bne12FN594750NigerENone3248H, 336M, 337T
Forbi (2010)30121IBL1455HM363585NigeriaENone4237S, 263D, 311I, 337T
Liu (2010)27426S118FJ561013ChinaBNone4124N, 213T, 271I, 337T
Thedja (2011)3155FLT020GQ358140IndonesiaBNone107A, 76D, 128I, 134D, 226H, 267L, 271Q, 332N, 337T, 339S
Zhou (2011)3134QHX-5HM750134ChinaCNone5124H, 267Q, 270Q, 336M, 337T