Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

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Mutation 332R
Treatment NumN(t)RTIs = 0
Genotype All
IncludeMixtures No
References 37
Patients 112

Chaudhuri (1992)12111AY373428IndiaANone528L, 122H, 129L, 271N, 332R
Hannoun (1992)9191AF121247VietnamBNone613L, 124N, 134DGNS, 226H, 332R, 333N
  101AF121248VietnamBNone713L, 91I, 124N, 134S, 226H, 332R, 333N
  111AF121249VietnamBNone3124N, 226H, 332R
  121AF121250VietnamBNone81D, 15K, 118T, 124N, 134D, 226H, 332R, 333Q
  131AF121251VietnamBNone613L, 52A, 124N, 226H, 332R, 333N
Moriyama (1994)18111D28880JapanCNone1255Q, 109S, 122T, 127R, 134E, 139K, 223A, 224V, 238H, 256C, 271N, 332R
  11S75184JapanCNone755Q, 122T, 134E, 139K, 256C, 271N, 332R
Chen (1995)20111S74867TaiwanBNone87N, 54P, 124N, 127G, 134D, 332R, 333N, 337T
  11S74815TaiwanBNone47N, 332R, 333N, 337T
Nagasaki (2000)18511AB302942JapanBNone6118D, 128N, 134D, 220I, 332R, 333N
  21AB302943JapanBNone6118D, 128N, 134D, 220I, 332R, 333N
  31AB302944JapanBNone6118D, 128N, 134D, 220I, 332R, 333N
  41AB302945JapanBNone6118D, 128N, 134D, 220I, 332R, 333N
Kato (2001)13911AB059659USAHNone3332R, 333Q, 337T
Sugauchi (2001)1321AB073822ChinaBNone3124N, 332R, 333Q
  51AB073825ChinaBNone8118H, 124N, 135A, 163V, 212KR, 222T, 271T, 332R
  141AB073834VietnamBNone3124N, 279H, 332R
  161AB073836TaiwanBNone753D, 117P, 124N, 134D, 274K, 325L, 332R
  191AB073839TaiwanBNone911D, 13L, 53P, 124N, 131D, 134D, 313S, 332R, 333N
  271AB073847JapanBNone87A, 118D, 127G, 131D, 271L, 332R, 333N, 337NT
  291AB073849JapanBNone131D, 7A, 54N, 117SY, 118D, 127G, 128AT, 131D, 271L, 309K, 325PQR, 332R, 333H
  321AB073852JapanBNone97A, 38A, 53T, 127G, 131D, 271Q, 332R, 333N, 337T
  331AB073853JapanBNone1221S, 53T, 57P, 117P, 134D, 229M, 235I, 263D, 271L, 309K, 332R, 333Q
  341AB073854JapanBNone101D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 187L, 233IV, 271L, 309K, 332R, 333Q
  351AB073855JapanBNone97A, 127G, 131D, 187L, 222T, 271L, 332R, 333N, 337T
  381AB073858JapanBNone147A, 9D, 91I, 103I, 127G, 131D, 141F, 222T, 266T, 271L, 290L, 319R, 332R, 333H
Lin (2002)7511AY163870ChinaBNone1153D, 118D, 124N, 127G, 128N, 134D, 149Q, 271L, 326I, 332R, 333Q
  11AY163869ChinaBNone953D, 118D, 124N, 128N, 149Q, 271L, 326I, 332R, 333Q
  121AY206383ChinaBNone653D, 124D, 293P, 319R, 332R, 333N
  171AY206388ChinaCNone11121K, 122F, 142E, 166L, 199V, 217R, 219A, 223T, 269L, 332R, 333N
  201AY206391ChinaBNone914V, 124N, 134D, 139H, 224I, 309K, 332R, 337H, 342S
Sugauchi (2002)2091AB116084BangladeshANone127T, 53N, 110G, 122H, 126H, 129L, 163I, 217L, 253V, 332R, 333Q, 337D
  131AB116088NepalANone117T, 126H, 129L, 163I, 187L, 217L, 229M, 253V, 269IL, 332R, 333Q
Huy (2003)21231AB117759CambodiaBNone1253H, 76D, 138K, 139P, 239I, 256G, 259S, 267P, 270N, 271L, 318Q, 332R
Kimbi (2003)58161AY233290AfricaANone161D, 7A, 53P, 105T, 129L, 162T, 163I, 217L, 237Q, 249S, 253V, 259S, 271C, 332R, 333Q, 336L
Odgerel (2003)18921AY247031South KoreaCNone4128A, 269L, 332R, 333Q
Sugauchi (2003)16911AB106884JapanBNone91D, 7A, 131D, 256G, 271L, 319K, 332R, 333Q, 337T
Osiowy (2004)223650-79DQ463789CanadaBNone738A, 131D, 134D, 267S, 271Q, 332R, 333N
  7650-04DQ463797CanadaBNone938A, 98I, 131D, 134D, 214A, 267S, 271Q, 332R, 333N
Wang (2004)15461AY817513ChinaCNone237A, 13H, 23I, 38A, 53N, 54Y, 55R, 109S, 118N, 121I, 122F, 124H, 129L, 131N, 153Q, 157M, 223A, 224V, 253I, 267Q, 282V, 332R, 333T
Elkady (2005)11131AB270536MongoliaANone67G, 126C, 309K, 332R, 333Q, 337D
Hannoun (2005)9251AY934767SomaliaANone77A, 122H, 163I, 217L, 253V, 319R, 332R
Huy (2005)23221AB212626VietnamBNone953K, 134D, 142G, 153Q, 187V, 259S, 271S, 332R, 333T
Sakamoto (2005)3151AB287318USABNone1138A, 118H, 131D, 134D, 222T, 248H, 267S, 271Q, 314S, 332R, 333N
  141AB287327JapanBNone101D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 141F, 235I, 271L, 332R, 333Q, 337T
Andernach (2006)21701FJ692573HaitiANone127V, 53L, 103V, 109P, 110G, 122H, 129L, 163I, 217L, 253V, 332R, 333Q
  1051FJ692608HaitiANone157T, 8D, 54S, 122H, 124H, 129L, 153R, 163I, 217L, 253V, 259S, 270T, 318R, 332R, 333T
  1081FJ692611HaitiANone167T, 8D, 54S, 76D, 122H, 124H, 129L, 153R, 163I, 217L, 253V, 259S, 278I, 318R, 332R, 333T
Grabarczyk (2006)34181GQ477469PolandANone453N, 219A, 332R, 333Q
  221GQ477473PolandANone827I, 53T, 122H, 212T, 248H, 269L, 332R, 333H
  251GQ477476PolandANone97G, 38T, 53V, 54N, 110G, 134V, 219A, 332R, 333Q
  301GQ477481PolandANone88K, 53S, 153R, 202C, 212R, 219A, 332R, 333Q
  501GQ477501PolandANone538T, 53V, 219A, 332R, 333E
Meldal (2006)32761FJ904404TunisiaDNone1054H, 118D, 149K, 153W, 213T, 214D, 237T, 257W, 267H, 332R
Tatematsu (2006)851JRB34AB486012JapanBNone191Q, 7S, 9Y, 13H, 37S, 38S, 118A, 122N, 123H, 135H, 164M, 207L, 248H, 263D, 266I, 270T, 332R, 333T, 336M
Kanada (2007)52131AB300371JapanBNone141D, 7A, 27I, 113T, 117Y, 118D, 119T, 124N, 127G, 131D, 162V, 271I, 332R, 333N
Margeridon-Thermet (2007)668A7GQ325779USABNone41D, 54N, 124N, 332R
Sugiyama (2007)20711AB302095JapanBNone151D, 7D, 139K, 141F, 142D, 153W, 163V, 164M, 221H, 229M, 267H, 271L, 309K, 332R, 333Q
Borroto-Esoda (2008)231GQ486038CanadaBNone713HR, 124DN, 224IV, 226HN, 332R, 333Q, 337T
  151GQ486050AustraliaBNone131D, 33S, 76D, 124N, 135A, 213T, 215H, 271L, 309K, 317T, 318R, 332R, 333N
  221GQ486057CanadaBNone5122V, 124N, 135C, 332R, 333N
  271GQ486062GermanyANone553T, 219A, 238H, 332R, 333D
  481GQ486083CanadaBNone57S, 124N, 256G, 332R, 333Q
  541GQ486089AustraliaBNone81D, 118D, 124N, 213T, 274K, 332R, 333N, 336V
  681GQ486103CanadaANone67T, 110G, 122H, 129L, 332R, 333N
  711GQ486106USABNone7124N, 224IV, 229V, 235V, 256GS, 332R, 333N
  1201GQ486155USABNone813LR, 207M, 234HQ, 267H, 271L, 332R, 333Q, 337H
  1511GQ486186BulgariaDNone753K, 76D, 124Y, 238D, 256G, 332R, 333E
  1571GQ486192SpainANone915GR, 53V, 54NT, 118DN, 119AT, 219A, 253IV, 332R, 333Q
  1761GQ486211PolandANone353S, 219A, 332R
  1901GQ486225Czech RepublicANone916T, 53V, 76DN, 77M, 115LM, 157M, 219A, 332R, 333Q
  1931GQ486228USABNone933NS, 91IL, 123D, 124N, 127G, 211T, 309K, 332R, 333Q
  2101GQ486245CanadaBNone613HR, 141FY, 256A, 271S, 332R, 333Q
  2161GQ486251GermanyDNone853EK, 54H, 109PS, 124D, 212N, 256S, 309K, 332R
  2421GQ486277AustraliaBNone131DE, 93LM, 124HN, 128PT, 207LM, 211AS, 213ST, 220I, 268N, 271L, 309K, 332R, 333H
  2461GQ486281BulgariaDNone1210GR, 124Y, 149K, 157LRW, 210EG, 221Y, 238T, 254IM, 256S, 279H, 309KM, 332R
  2561GQ486291CanadaBNone1453KN, 76D, 91I, 119PS, 120GR, 124N, 219AS, 220IL, 225ST, 226H, 229LV, 256CG, 332R, 333KN
  2861GQ486321GermanyDNone1353T, 54H, 126C, 135N, 215T, 257H, 271D, 275LQ, 318R, 332R, 333Q, 336LM, 337DN
  3291GQ486364USABNone91D, 53D, 124N, 207MV, 233IV, 269IL, 290L, 332R, 333Q
  3381GQ486373USABNone211D, 13H, 53Q, 76D, 109Q, 132M, 138K, 139R, 141S, 188CG, 196S, 207L, 221H, 229M, 242KR, 259S, 271V, 316H, 319R, 332R, 333N
  3421GQ486377CanadaBNone676D, 221HY, 253I, 256G, 271S, 332R
  3491GQ486384GreeceDNone177AD, 53DEKN, 54H, 91I, 115M, 122L, 130P, 153QR, 154KQ, 213NS, 248N, 256G, 263E, 266V, 309K, 332R, 336M
  3561GQ486391PolandANone921T, 53V, 54N, 112AV, 128NT, 187IL, 259ST, 332R, 333N
  3661GQ486401CanadaCNone3269L, 332R, 333N
  4021GQ486437FranceANone131D, 8DN, 112AV, 122H, 126HY, 128NT, 129L, 164M, 259S, 269IL, 271HQ, 332R, 333T
  4201GQ486455USABNone515KR, 141FY, 271I, 332R, 336LM
  4471GQ486482FranceANone2332R, 333T
  4971GQ486532USAANone753IT, 129LM, 134DE, 191IV, 212KT, 332R, 333T
  5051GQ486540GermanyBNone513LR, 124DN, 226H, 332R, 337T
  5591GQ486594ItalyDNone117AS, 53K, 54D, 118D, 139K, 212R, 256S, 266R, 309K, 332R, 333HN
  6051GQ486640FranceBNone3118H, 124N, 332R
  7501GQ486785SpainDNone1254H, 91I, 122V, 126L, 135Y, 253S, 271D, 316H, 318R, 332R, 333N, 337T
  7541GQ486789TaiwanBNone4124DE, 135A, 328KR, 332R
  8141GQ486849TurkeyDNone738E, 54H, 124Y, 256S, 271DE, 332R, 333H
Li (2008)28481GQ377561ChinaBNone5124N, 270T, 274T, 289Q, 332R
  1301GQ377643ChinaBNone67ST, 124N, 253I, 270N, 332R, 337T
  1311GQ377644ChinaBNone5124N, 134D, 226H, 332R, 333N
Olinger (2008)3911FJ023631LaosBNone101D, 54N, 117F, 118H, 186T, 187V, 225S, 229V, 332R, 337D
  211FJ023652LaosCNone109Y, 13H, 18K, 55Q, 91L, 267Q, 269L, 278I, 317A, 332R
Meldal (2009)27029M54GQ924632MalaysiaBNone3124D, 269L, 332R
  31M57GQ924634MalaysiaBNone69Y, 124N, 128A, 290L, 314S, 332R
  18M39GQ924621MalaysiaBNone8190L, 202T, 207M, 222P, 225S, 240P, 332R, 337D
  4M12GQ924606MalaysiaBNone491I, 124D, 332R, 333N
  38M76GQ924641MalaysiaBNone157A, 76D, 117P, 123D, 134D, 139K, 226H, 257F, 262H, 267L, 269T, 271Q, 316H, 332R, 333N
  54M94GQ924657MalaysiaCNone955S, 123H, 124N, 125K, 218D, 263D, 309K, 332R, 333E
Utsumi (2009)8741AB493830IndonesiaBNone107A, 13H, 76D, 134D, 226H, 267L, 269L, 271Q, 332R, 333N
Ahn (2010)27739KOR39HCCGQ475343South KoreaCNone3332R, 333Q, 337H
Fang (2010)2921DL706FR714490ChinaINone67N, 53S, 54T, 151Y, 329V, 332R
Forbi (2010)30149V103HM363613NigeriaANone117T, 8D, 53S, 122H, 124H, 129L, 153R, 163I, 217L, 259S, 332R
Liu (2010)2745H12FJ560992ChinaBNone4124N, 207M, 332R, 333N
  9H41FJ560996ChinaBNone81D, 134D, 141F, 207M, 259S, 271L, 332R, 333Q
  51S93FJ561038ChinaBNone5118H, 124N, 134NS, 270T, 332R
Roman (2010)30031MEX912MAB516394MexicoHNone7135A, 149K, 219A, 238S, 253V, 332R, 333H
Thedja (2011)31523M154GQ358158IndonesiaCNone92E, 55R, 91L, 118A, 145M, 226T, 317A, 332R, 333T