Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

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Mutation 271L
Treatment NumN(t)RTIs = 0
Genotype All
IncludeMixtures No
References 20
Patients 68

Horikita (1993)6111D23677JapanBNone47A, 153W, 271L, 337T
  21D23678JapanBNone67D, 127G, 131D, 187L, 271L, 337T
  31D23679JapanBNone77A, 127G, 128A, 131D, 153W, 271L, 337T
Asahina (1994)12611D50521JapanBNone127A, 32Q, 53H, 113G, 138K, 139H, 226H, 259S, 267P, 271L, 288P, 337T
  21D50522JapanBNone147A, 16I, 32Q, 53H, 113G, 117P, 127G, 131D, 139H, 153W, 259S, 267P, 271L, 288P
Yuasa (1994)10841AB031267VietnamBNone51D, 113S, 134D, 259S, 271L
Takahashi (1998)7471AB014366JapanBNone31D, 7A, 271L
Pas (2001)16811AY033072NetherlandsBNone5157M, 207M, 259S, 271L, 305F
Sugauchi (2001)13151AB073835VietnamBNone791I, 129L, 134D, 187V, 259S, 271L, 284G
  181AB073838JapanBNone71D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 226H, 271L, 337T
  221AB073842JapanBNone77A, 122F, 127G, 131D, 271L, 309K, 337T
  241AB073844JapanBNone4127G, 131D, 271L, 333Q
  251AB073845JapanBNone57A, 127G, 131D, 271L, 337T
  261AB073846JapanBNone77A, 127G, 131D, 153W, 270R, 271L, 337T
  271AB073847JapanBNone87A, 118D, 127G, 131D, 271L, 332R, 333N, 337NT
  281AB073848JapanBNone87A, 54A, 127G, 131D, 153W, 222T, 271L, 337T
  291AB073849JapanBNone131D, 7A, 54N, 117SY, 118D, 127G, 128AT, 131D, 271L, 309K, 325PQR, 332R, 333H
  301AB073850JapanBNone87A, 111D, 127G, 131D, 153W, 267H, 271L, 337T
  311AB073851JapanBNone97A, 127G, 131D, 134S, 139K, 267H, 271L, 336M, 337T
  331AB073853JapanBNone1221S, 53T, 57P, 117P, 134D, 229M, 235I, 263D, 271L, 309K, 332R, 333Q
  341AB073854JapanBNone101D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 187L, 233IV, 271L, 309K, 332R, 333Q
  351AB073855JapanBNone97A, 127G, 131D, 187L, 222T, 271L, 332R, 333N, 337T
  371AB073857JapanBNone77A, 26E, 54N, 127G, 131D, 271L, 337T
  381AB073858JapanBNone147A, 9D, 91I, 103I, 127G, 131D, 141F, 222T, 266T, 271L, 290L, 319R, 332R, 333H
Lin (2002)7511AY163870ChinaBNone1153D, 118D, 124N, 127G, 128N, 134D, 149Q, 271L, 326I, 332R, 333Q
  11AY163869ChinaBNone953D, 118D, 124N, 128N, 149Q, 271L, 326I, 332R, 333Q
  191AY206390ChinaBNone853D, 124N, 132M, 234R, 271L, 274K, 312S, 315M
Huy (2003)21211AB115551CambodiaBNone57A, 187V, 259S, 271L, 315K
  31AB117759CambodiaBNone1253H, 76D, 138K, 139P, 239I, 256G, 259S, 267P, 270N, 271L, 318Q, 332R
Sugauchi (2003)16911AB106884JapanBNone91D, 7A, 131D, 256G, 271L, 319K, 332R, 333Q, 337T
  21AB106885JapanBNone97A, 28L, 124D, 127G, 131D, 149Q, 226H, 271L, 337T
Tran (2003)23811AB100695VietnamBNone5266G, 271L, 300L, 301P, 337T
Nakajima (2005)13141AB205121JapanBNone107A, 38A, 39A, 127G, 131D, 153W, 271L, 276I, 322S, 337T
 7251AB205122VietnamBNone12113S, 134D, 136R, 187V, 222T, 231P, 256G, 259S, 271L, 329T, 330L, 333Q
Sakamoto (2005)31131AB287326JapanBNone77A, 127G, 131D, 134I, 267R, 271L, 337T
  141AB287327JapanBNone101D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 141F, 235I, 271L, 332R, 333Q, 337T
Margeridon-Thermet (2007)6610B5GQ325781USABNone6128NT, 134D, 220IV, 233IV, 259S, 271L
  20G3GQ325791USABNone6134D, 135SY, 187V, 259S, 271L, 309L
  23JSGQ325794USABNone5134D, 207M, 259S, 271L, 333Q
Okamoto (2007)10961D00329JapanBNone77A, 131D, 260W, 268N, 269F, 271L, 337T
Sugiyama (2007)20711AB302095JapanBNone151D, 7D, 139K, 141F, 142D, 153W, 163V, 164M, 221H, 229M, 267H, 271L, 309K, 332R, 333Q
Borroto-Esoda (2008)2151GQ486050AustraliaBNone131D, 33S, 76D, 124N, 135A, 213T, 215H, 271L, 309K, 317T, 318R, 332R, 333N
  1201GQ486155USABNone813LR, 207M, 234HQ, 267H, 271L, 332R, 333Q, 337H
  1551GQ486190USABNone953HKNQ, 117CS, 118NT, 123KN, 135HPSY, 207M, 220V, 259S, 271L
  2071GQ486242New ZealandBNone1613RS, 53NS, 139DHN, 187IL, 207LM, 219AS, 220IL, 221H, 226HN, 229M, 233IV, 259S, 263DE, 270R, 271L, 313T
  2421GQ486277AustraliaBNone131DE, 93LM, 124HN, 128PT, 207LM, 211AS, 213ST, 220I, 268N, 271L, 309K, 332R, 333H
  2651GQ486300CanadaBNone5132LM, 135SY, 207M, 234HQ, 271L
  3181GQ486353FranceBNone131DE, 13HR, 53HN, 68ST, 91I, 139KN, 141FY, 143ST, 163IV, 207LM, 211S, 271L, 333KQ
  3501GQ486385CanadaBNone791IL, 124D, 207M, 221H, 229M, 271L, 309K
  4091GQ486444CanadaBNone7131NS, 134D, 187V, 212KT, 259S, 267H, 271L
  4241GQ486459AustraliaBNone5113AS, 207M, 220IL, 259S, 271L
  4881GQ486523AustraliaBNone2124N, 271L
  5381GQ486573USABNone3128NT, 213T, 271L
  5531GQ486588USABNone413HR, 128IT, 259S, 271L
  5851GQ486620USABNone3187V, 259S, 271L
  5941GQ486629AustraliaBNone718K, 127GR, 129L, 134D, 187V, 259S, 271L
  5951GQ486630AustraliaBNone6134D, 145L, 207M, 259S, 267H, 271L
  6011GQ486636USABNone391IL, 187V, 271L
  6101GQ486645CanadaBNone5118NT, 124N, 134DN, 271L, 333KQ
Olinger (2008)3921FJ023632LaosBNone71D, 124N, 134D, 259S, 271L, 316H, 329T
  31FJ023633LaosBNone5134D, 207M, 226H, 259S, 271L
  41FJ023634LaosBNone4134D, 259S, 263N, 271L
  51FJ023635LaosBNone4134D, 207M, 259S, 271L
  61FJ023636LaosBNone713H, 54S, 122T, 134D, 142I, 259S, 271L
Meldal (2009)27023M47GQ924626MalaysiaBNone6128N, 132M, 134D, 207M, 259S, 271L
  3M11GQ924605MalaysiaBNone2124N, 271L
  50M90GQ924653MalaysiaBNone3124N, 271L, 326I
Liu (2010)2749H41FJ560996ChinaBNone81D, 134D, 141F, 207M, 259S, 271L, 332R, 333Q
  64S29FJ919934ChinaBNone553D, 124N, 134D, 238N, 271L