Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

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Mutation 219A
Treatment NumN(t)RTIs = 0
Genotype All
IncludeMixtures No
References 37
Patients 117

Wands (1992)25011S50225USAANone953V, 57P, 117Y, 141F, 173A, 219A, 253R, 322S, 336L
Alexopoulou (1996)13431X97850UKBNone4118H, 122N, 124N, 219A
Marschenz (1996)6211DQ788727GermanyANone653F, 82R, 129V, 219A, 253V, 336L
  12DQ788726GermanyANone353V, 219A, 253V
Takahashi (1998)74111AB014370JapanANone1219A
  291AB014388JapanCNone1141KR, 55Q, 124HY, 138K, 139H, 163IV, 219A, 221Y, 263D, 267Q, 269L
Tallo (1998)1161EU594387LatviaANone1219A
Preikschat (1999)9011AF143298GermanyANone2143A, 219A
  31AF143300GermanyANone37G, 122D, 219A
  51AF143302GermanyANone453V, 129V, 219A, 253V
  61AF143303GermanyANone553V, 219A, 253V, 263E, 329G
  71AF143304GermanyANone3129V, 219A, 253V
  81AF143305GermanyANone253T, 219A
  91AF143306GermanyANone67G, 53S, 128N, 219A, 275E, 312C
Jeantet (2001)2021GTAAJ344115FranceANone1018K, 119Y, 120K, 128I, 140I, 169L, 187L, 219A, 238S, 337T
  1GT DAJ344116FranceDNone554N, 76D, 189P, 219A, 322S
Kato (2001)13931AB059661USAHNone3219A, 318N, 336L
Sugauchi (2001)8011AB074047ThailandCNone913H, 51K, 138K, 139H, 213T, 215H, 217R, 219A, 269L
Lin (2002)75171AY206388ChinaCNone11121K, 122F, 142E, 166L, 199V, 217R, 219A, 223T, 269L, 332R, 333N
PineiroYLeone (2002)1411EU366129ArgentinaANone5122H, 129L, 214A, 219A, 278I
Sugauchi (2002)2011AB116076USAANone68K, 53V, 54N, 142A, 219A, 333Q
Abe (2003)21321AB049610JapanCNone87I, 131N, 219A, 269L, 309L, 317A, 332Y, 337H
Huy (2003)14041AB112066MyanmarCNone179Y, 13H, 38A, 64T, 91L, 125H, 134E, 145V, 155W, 219A, 267Q, 269L, 278I, 317A, 329T, 331R, 333E
Amini-Bavil-Olyaee (2004)15651AY741798IranDNone1638T, 53H, 54H, 76D, 110G, 117C, 124Y, 219A, 221Y, 225V, 229W, 238G, 245H, 249S, 316H, 337H
Bozdayi (2004)107101AY796031TurkeyDNone1016T, 54H, 91I, 135Y, 139D, 219A, 248N, 266K, 313S, 317A
Avazova (2005)9911AB222707UzbekistanANone453T, 118T, 219A, 259S
Olinger (2005)1511EU414103BelarusANone253V, 219A
  261EU414133BelarusANone353V, 219A, 289K
Sakamoto (2005)3181AB287321GreenlandBNone1338A, 53S, 127G, 134D, 187L, 194S, 219A, 222T, 233V, 253E, 267S, 271Q, 332N
  101AB287323GreenlandBNone141D, 54A, 134D, 187L, 194S, 199M, 219A, 220I, 222T, 229M, 241Q, 267S, 271Q, 332N
Andernach (2006)21491FJ692552HaitiENone411R, 185GS, 219A, 238H
  671FJ692570HaitiANone87A, 53V, 122H, 129L, 163I, 217L, 219A, 253V
  1101FJ692613HaitiANone177T, 8D, 54S, 122H, 124H, 129L, 142I, 143T, 149Q, 153R, 163I, 219A, 222A, 253V, 259S, 318R, 333T
Grabarczyk (2006)3421GQ477453PolandDNone1076D, 123H, 126R, 135Y, 163V, 173M, 219A, 245H, 248N, 318R
  111GQ477462PolandANone453V, 219A, 238D, 333N
  131GQ477464PolandANone3219A, 253V, 271N
  141GQ477465PolandANone316T, 219A, 333Q
  171GQ477468PolandANone354S, 138K, 219A
  181GQ477469PolandANone453N, 219A, 332R, 333Q
  241GQ477475PolandANone316T, 219A, 333Q
  251GQ477476PolandANone97G, 38T, 53V, 54N, 110G, 134V, 219A, 332R, 333Q
  261GQ477477PolandANone57E, 9Q, 112I, 121S, 219A
  271GQ477478PolandANone253V, 219A
  301GQ477481PolandANone88K, 53S, 153R, 202C, 212R, 219A, 332R, 333Q
  311GQ477482PolandANone27G, 219A
  331GQ477484PolandANone255S, 219A
  341GQ477485PolandANone3219A, 263E, 280S
  361GQ477487PolandANone253V, 219A
  401GQ477491PolandANone453S, 126H, 219A, 238T
  461GQ477497PolandANone3219A, 229M, 333Q
  471GQ477498PolandANone2145L, 219A
  481GQ477499PolandANone2215E, 219A
  491GQ477500PolandANone418K, 53V, 112I, 219A
  501GQ477501PolandANone538T, 53V, 219A, 332R, 333E
  531GQ477504PolandANone4117T, 127R, 219A, 333N
Khan (2006)11361AB330371TajikistanANone37V, 12Q, 219A
  81AB330373TajikistanANone318K, 219A, 271Q
Meldal (2006)32161FJ904344TunisiaANone47E, 129L, 219A, 222S
  191FJ904347TunisiaANone77E, 16T, 53T, 54N, 76DN, 129L, 219A
  521FJ904380TunisiaDNone4134N, 145M, 218D, 219A
  561FJ904384TunisiaDNone876D, 131D, 142I, 159T, 190M, 194I, 219A, 221Y
Pallier (2007)131 FranceDNone3124Y, 219A, 221Y
  41 FranceDNone1191I, 116P, 122L, 134V, 212R, 217R, 219A, 238D, 266R, 267H, 269L
Selabe (2007)2661ZA_A1DQ529242South AfricaANone2204I, 219A
  2ZA_A2DQ529243South AfricaANone3204I, 219A, 267L
  3ZA_A3DQ529244South AfricaANone5132X, 204I, 219A, 267L, 324F
Borroto-Esoda (2008)2101GQ486045GermanyDNone57AT, 129L, 151L, 219A, 221Y
  271GQ486062GermanyANone553T, 219A, 238H, 332R, 333D
  281GQ486063FranceANone57H, 12R, 53V, 128NT, 219A
  661GQ486101PolandANone37G, 8D, 219A
  691GQ486104Czech RepublicANone37E, 122IN, 219A
  841GQ486119SpainANone3143AS, 199LV, 219A
  1011GQ486136GermanyDNone167G, 21S, 53DN, 54H, 68A, 122L, 128NT, 130PS, 215H, 219A, 221S, 248N, 257H, 263E, 266V, 332Y
  1021GQ486137SpainDNone107V, 54HY, 126R, 135Y, 219A, 233V, 248N, 257HY, 271A, 318R
  1301GQ486165GermanyANone753V, 54N, 187IL, 219A, 238H, 271Q, 319R
  1471GQ486182PolandANone616T, 53DV, 217LR, 219A, 221FY, 309K
  1571GQ486192SpainANone915GR, 53V, 54NT, 118DN, 119AT, 219A, 253IV, 332R, 333Q
  1621GQ486197PolandANone253S, 219A
  1701GQ486205Czech RepublicANone553V, 103IV, 118H, 129V, 219A
  1721GQ486207SpainDNone1754H, 91I, 117P, 126R, 129V, 131D, 132M, 135H, 219A, 248N, 257H, 266K, 271D, 309K, 318R, 332Y, 338F
  1761GQ486211PolandANone353S, 219A, 332R
  1861GQ486221GreeceDNone1321S, 53DN, 54H, 122L, 130P, 219A, 221FS, 248N, 256S, 263DE, 266KR, 271DE, 336M
  1901GQ486225Czech RepublicANone916T, 53V, 76DN, 77M, 115LM, 157M, 219A, 332R, 333Q
  2581GQ486293TurkeyDNone1154H, 106A, 115V, 126R, 129V, 135H, 139D, 217R, 219A, 229LM, 278I
  3031GQ486338PolandDNone1118RT, 21S, 38AE, 122L, 149KQ, 219A, 221Y, 248N, 256CS, 263E, 271D
  3251GQ486360Czech RepublicANone47G, 53V, 219A, 336LM
  4751GQ486510USAANone216IT, 219A
  5041GQ486539BulgariaDNone316T, 219A, 221Y
  5141GQ486549AustraliaANone2128IT, 219A
  5361GQ486571USAANone353IS, 219A, 329T
  5751GQ486610AustraliaCNone89Y, 13H, 54S, 91L, 219A, 267Q, 317A, 329T
  7411GQ486776ItalyANone3118T, 124D, 219A
  7941GQ486829SpainANone5126H, 153RW, 219A, 253V, 271N
  8221GQ486857PolandANone476K, 126H, 219A, 269L
  8231GQ486858TurkeyDNone1121S, 118D, 122L, 130P, 142AV, 164M, 187L, 219A, 263E, 266R, 271D
Olinger (2008)28512M04-3233FJ023854LaosINone423I, 53INS, 54NT, 219A
Sharifi (2008)3741FJ606842IranDNone4124Y, 219A, 221Y, 271D
  221FJ606860IranDNone5218D, 219A, 248Q, 256S, 269L
Magobo (2009)1732ZADGM1123GQ222207AfricaANone3135F, 219A, 320T
Meldal (2009)27074M49GQ924677MalaysiaBNone313L, 124N, 219A
AbdouChekaraou (2010)28210bne305FN594757NigerENone4219A, 267L, 315T, 336M
Fang (2010)2925NS052FR714494ChinaINone117N, 27V, 53S, 54T, 126H, 149Q, 151Y, 219A, 256G, 259S, 266R
  14TZ306FR714503ChinaINone77N, 27V, 53S, 54T, 219A, 220I, 237S
Nguye (2010)271007P8736616HM173872USAANone6137ST, 149E, 219A, 222AT, 225I, 229M
  185P7681952HM173930USABNone4118D, 187V, 219A, 220I
  308P6693430HM173963USACNone2219A, 235I
  313U4226347HM173964USADNone3126HR, 217R, 219A
  648P8646199HM174056USABNone2134D, 219A
  766U8578231HM174087USACNone3128A, 217R, 219A
PowerJP (2010)3052IPAT1 UKDNone721S, 54H, 122L, 124N, 130P, 135Y, 219A
Roman (2010)30031MEX912MAB516394MexicoHNone7135A, 149K, 219A, 238S, 253V, 332R, 333H
Verheye (2010)272078078_300805HM174148GermanyDNone2122V, 219A
  147147_020307HM174190GermanyANone2199V, 219A
Arankalle (2011)30924MOD_4610GQ183471IndiaDNone653D, 54H, 126R, 135F, 219A, 248N
  27MOD_4594GQ183474IndiaDNone854H, 126R, 135Y, 139S, 219A, 248N, 279D, 291G