Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

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Mutation 213T
Treatment NumN(t)RTIs = 0
Genotype All
IncludeMixtures No
References 32
Patients 103

Stuyver (1984)19411AF090838FranceANone238E, 213T
Tong (1990)23611M32138FranceDNone538E, 54H, 118D, 213T, 215H
Gunther (1991)15911AF043593GermanyDNone6126R, 135H, 213T, 215P, 318R, 333Q
  11AF043593GermanyDNone6126R, 135H, 213T, 215P, 318R, 333Q
Chaudhuri (1992)12141AY373431IndiaDNone521S, 36K, 91I, 124Y, 213T
Hannoun (1992)9141AF121242VietnamDNone535Q, 145M, 213T, 238S, 266T
Preisler-Adams (1993)16011X70185GermanyANone353V, 213T, 251V
Kurbanov (1994)13871AB194950CameroonANone137T, 8D, 122H, 124H, 129L, 153R, 163I, 213T, 217L, 238T, 256C, 259A, 271D
Takahashi (1998)7461AB014365JapanCNone1011D, 41K, 121I, 134E, 139K, 199V, 213T, 267Q, 269L, 337H
  131AB014372JapanCNone841KR, 55R, 139K, 142D, 213T, 269L, 333Q, 337H
  171AB014376JapanCNone4213T, 269IL, 333Q, 337H
Sugauchi (2001)13361AB073856JapanBNone91D, 7A, 127G, 131D, 153W, 213T, 271Q, 333Q, 337T
Sugauchi (2001)8011AB074047ThailandCNone913H, 51K, 138K, 139H, 213T, 215H, 217R, 219A, 269L
Bekondi (2004)3611AM494689AfricaENone391I, 213T, 267L
  261AM494714AfricaENone715K, 91I, 213T, 223A, 229M, 267L, 315T
  551AM494743AfricaENone415K, 91I, 213T, 229M
  581AM494746AfricaENone615K, 91I, 213T, 223A, 229M, 267L
  591AM494747AfricaENone815K, 91I, 173A, 213T, 223A, 229M, 234R, 267V
  601AM494748AfricaENone615K, 91I, 213T, 223A, 229M, 267L
Banerjee (2005)331DQ315778IndiaDNone3124Y, 213T, 256S
Chan (2005)4431DQ089758Hong KongCNone149N, 13H, 55Q, 75T, 128A, 134E, 139K, 213T, 223A, 224V, 238A, 267H, 278T, 317A
Nakajima (2005)7211AB205118JapanANone2121T, 213T
Olinger (2005)15121EU414115BelarusDNone754H, 126HR, 135Y, 213T, 248N, 256S, 257W
Andernach (2006)21731FJ692576HaitiANone97A, 9Y, 53V, 122H, 129L, 163I, 213T, 217L, 253V
  741FJ692577HaitiANone97A, 53V, 122H, 129L, 163I, 213T, 214EV, 217L, 253V
Dong (2006)161291DQ995804ChinaBNone948R, 53D, 109P, 124N, 134D, 187V, 213T, 226H, 227S
Garmiri (2006)26161GQ161768GuineaENone4118T, 213T, 220I, 333Q
Grabarczyk (2006)3451GQ477456PolandDNone67T, 126R, 135Y, 213T, 248N, 318R
  381GQ477489PolandANone37G, 153R, 213T
  441GQ477495PolandANone516T, 53V, 54S, 138K, 213T
Meldal (2006)32281FJ904356TunisiaDNone5139K, 149K, 153W, 213T, 225S
  601FJ904388TunisiaDNone6115V, 118T, 123D, 149K, 153W, 213T
  761FJ904404TunisiaDNone1054H, 118D, 149K, 153W, 213T, 214D, 237T, 257W, 267H, 332R
  1181FJ904446TunisiaDNone2213T, 266R
Wang (2006)76211DQ478901ChinaCNone169Y, 13H, 89*, 109S, 134E, 163N, 205E, 213T, 218D, 223A, 224V, 238T, 267H, 278M, 317A, 342V
Horiike (2007)6841AB195939JapanCNone7124H, 128A, 213T, 221Y, 229V, 269L, 271H
Margeridon-Thermet (2007)669B1GQ325780USABNone5124D, 134DN, 139DN, 213T, 226H
Borroto-Esoda (2008)2151GQ486050AustraliaBNone131D, 33S, 76D, 124N, 135A, 213T, 215H, 271L, 309K, 317T, 318R, 332R, 333N
  451GQ486080NetherlandsDNone376D, 213T, 253T
  491GQ486084USABNone6134D, 213T, 220V, 259S, 271V, 333KQ
  541GQ486089AustraliaBNone81D, 118D, 124N, 213T, 274K, 332R, 333N, 336V
  761GQ486111GreeceDNone953D, 54HY, 76DN, 117Y, 118D, 122V, 213T, 256S, 266R
  921GQ486127BulgariaDNone227D, 11EQ, 12HQ, 15KNRS, 53D, 54H, 91I, 106A, 122N, 124N, 126Y, 139E, 149K, 151Y, 153W, 162IV, 163V, 213T, 248N, 257H, 271D, 333Q
  1251GQ486160BulgariaDNone87D, 14V, 38E, 54H, 118NT, 124Y, 213T, 309K
  1261GQ486161New ZealandBNone5124N, 213T, 220I, 221H, 226HN
  1521GQ486187New ZealandDNone518G, 213T, 214DEV, 215HQ, 337T
  2111GQ486246Czech RepublicCNone79Y, 13H, 103I, 213T, 238T, 267H, 278I
  2451GQ486280BulgariaDNone117T, 54H, 91I, 145M, 164LM, 213T, 214AP, 215HQ, 248HN, 256S, 266K
  2551GQ486290TurkeyDNone1254H, 76DN, 120G, 124Y, 213T, 214EV, 215H, 256CS, 267HQ, 309K, 317A, 337H
  2731GQ486308Czech RepublicDNone1154H, 76D, 110G, 118NT, 122V, 135Y, 199LV, 213T, 220LV, 233V, 266R
  2811GQ486316GermanyDNone3199LV, 213T, 266IMR
  2841GQ486319USACNone10128A, 129L, 213T, 221Y, 266R, 269L, 271H, 317A, 333Q, 336M
  2871GQ486322SpainDNone189HY, 21S, 53D, 54H, 76DN, 113AT, 122L, 130P, 142EV, 213T, 214AV, 238H, 245HY, 248N, 256S, 263E, 266V, 267H
  2881GQ486323GermanyDNone1618RS, 21S, 54H, 91IL, 122L, 130P, 213T, 214E, 238NS, 248N, 256G, 263E, 271D, 278C, 290IL, 336M
  3301GQ486365BulgariaDNone421T, 91I, 124Y, 213T
  3611GQ486396FranceCNone455Q, 213T, 253E, 256C
  3821GQ486417USAANone2213T, 332N
  4521GQ486487BulgariaDNone4213T, 309K, 316H, 336M
  5381GQ486573USABNone3128NT, 213T, 271L
  6031GQ486638TurkeyDNone3139T, 213T, 337H
  7381GQ486773CanadaDNone954H, 122L, 130P, 213T, 214E, 238S, 263E, 266R, 267H
  7881GQ486823TaiwanBNone4124N, 213T, 291A, 336M
  8311GQ486866TurkeyDNone621S, 91I, 117P, 130P, 164M, 213T
Li (2008)28891GQ377602ChinaCNone455Q, 213T, 229F, 256C
Olinger (2008)3991FJ023639LaosCNone79Y, 13H, 124N, 213T, 269L, 278IV, 336M
Meldal (2009)27022M43GQ924625MalaysiaBNone87A, 76D, 134D, 213T, 226H, 267L, 271Q, 332N
AbdouChekaraou (2010)2821bne6FN594748NigerENone3119P, 213T, 257F
  5bne134FN594752NigerENone3213T, 248H, 336M
Liu (2010)27410J1-2FJ560997ChinaCNone3139T, 213T, 229V
  20QS263FJ561007ChinaBNone2124N, 213T
  21QS267FJ561008ChinaCNone455Q, 164M, 199V, 213T
  26S118FJ561013ChinaBNone4124N, 213T, 271I, 337T
  31S17FJ561018ChinaBNone2124N, 213T
  43S69FJ561030ChinaCNone839*, 75T, 126Y, 213T, 221Y, 223A, 256C, 267Q
  62QS133FJ561049ChinaCNone955K, 134A, 135T, 139Q, 142D, 144I, 213T, 267Q, 269L
Nguye (2010)271023P8619763HM173881USABNone5121N, 134D, 213T, 215H, 226H
  024P6139714HM173882USABNone6122N, 134D, 213T, 224IV, 235V, 248HN
  120U4000930HM173914USABNone3134D, 213T, 220I
  155U4621057HM173923USABNone7134D, 139K, 141F, 142AD, 213T, 222T, 233L
  233U7558780HM173943USABNone5134D, 213T, 215HQ, 220V, 228FL
  275U5255361HM173952USABNone3134D, 187IV, 213T
  282P8493044HM173955USACNone3109Q, 213T, 238T
  351U1267177HM173975USABNone4134D, 187V, 213T, 220I
  454P4410581HM173998USABNone2134D, 213T
  489U0556317HM174009USABNone5134D, 135A, 213T, 220I, 233V
  694U5773699HM174073USABNone3124N, 134S, 213T
  829U4000930HM174094USABNone2213T, 220I
Mahgoub (2011)3033S47HQ385229SudanDNone1213T
  10S232HQ385236SudanENone3121N, 122L, 213T
  13S277HQ385239SudanENone429F, 121N, 122L, 213T
  20S396HQ385246SudanENone3121N, 122L, 213T
  24S441HQ385250SudanENone3121N, 122L, 213T
  26S447HQ385252SudanENone3121N, 122L, 213T
  27S448HQ385253SudanENone450C, 121N, 122L, 213T
  28S501HQ385254SudanENone3121N, 122L, 213T
  29S564HQ385255SudanENone3121N, 122L, 213T
  31S597HQ385257SudanENone3121N, 122L, 213T
  38S731HQ385264SudanENone3121N, 122L, 213T
  39S739HQ385265SudanENone61Q, 11T, 47C, 50C, 91I, 213T
  41S793HQ385267SudanENone615T, 34H, 41I, 121N, 122L, 213T
  44S873HQ385270SudanANone52N, 53V, 119A, 143A, 213T
Zhou (2011)31325GSF-1HM750155ChinaDNone6122V, 128S, 129L, 213T, 241Q, 320T