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HIVdb: Genotypic Resistance Interpretation Algorithm

SeqID:    Date: 12-May-2006

The Team

The Data

Mutation Scoring
240 380
Sequence Quality Assessment
Gene QA Problem Codons
PR Stop Codons, Frame Shifts:
PR Unusual Residues:
Gene QA Problem Codons
RT Stop Codons, Frame Shifts:
RT Unusual Residues:
    Blue lines indicate differences from consensus B; tall blue lines indicate sites associated with drug resistance.
    Red lines indicate QA problems.

Summary Data
Sequence includes PR: codons: -
Sequence includes RT: codons: -
There are no insertions or deletions
Subtype and % similarity to closest reference isolate:
  1. PR: (%)
  2. RT: (%)
   AA Insertion:  codon      AA:      NA:
  1. Shift of length nucleic acids at codon in

Drug Resistance Interpretation
PI Major Resistance Mutations:
PI Minor Resistance Mutations:
PR Other Mutations:

Protease Inhibitors
PR Comments

Drug Resistance Interpretation
NRTI Resistance Mutations:
NNRTI Resistance Mutations:
RT Other Mutations:

Nucleoside RTI
Non-Nucleoside RTI
RT Comments
There is a reading frame shift! Please examine the sequence carefully. The presence of a reading frame shift (insertions or deletions that are not multiples of 3 NA) suggests the possibility of a sequencing error. Reading frame shifts in this sequence are shown below. A region of the underlying raw alignment text on either side of the reading frame shift is also shown.
  1. Shift of length nucleic acids at codon in

None , % %
Susceptible Potential low-level resistance Low-level resistance Intermediate resistance High-level resistance
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